Can dogs eat bagels?

Get a piece of bagel and pair it with a cup of coffee and you got yourself a perfect match. Like, who doesn’t love bagels? It is crisp on the outside and crisp on the inside. Have it spread with a bit of cream cheese, butter, or anything you might think of, and for sure, nothing is going to ruin your day. How could you ever not love a piece of this excellent Jewish-Polish treat?

Can dogs eat bagels? Well, you couldn’t just let your dog watch you gulp down a piece of a bagel while your best friend looks at you salivating. And you get another piece, get to sip some hot coffee or choco and everything just went bananas while your dog keeps on begging you to toss a crumb. But it wouldn’t hurt him, right?

Can dogs eat bagels
Can dogs eat bagels?

It’s hard to see your dog begging for scraps. You are about to hand him a large uneaten piece of pure goodness that came straight from the box and then you heard a question that incessantly pops in your head, asking you, “Can dogs eat bagels?”. What is it you are going to do? Let us delve deeper into this subject since bagels are just wonderful treats.

Can dogs eat bagels? How safe is it for them?

Dog owners would sneak out from time to time to get their dogs a bit of a treat. Mixing some goodies for their canines is something that comes naturally for dog owners that love to get their dogs the best they can provide. While there are food items that are alright for dogs to consume, but there are considerably a lot also which is a red flag and should not be within your dog’s reach.

We understand that you have set aside good things for your dog to consume, but it is sometimes hard to ignore that when you take a piece of something good to eat, your dog would run to you and beg you to spare some bits. You would mostly give in to your dog’s demand and you tossed or even feed him with whatever it is you are eating because it just tastes so darn good.

But is it okay for them? A piece of bagel wouldn’t hurt him. Another piece would also be okay as well. In fact, a few pieces of bagels would not technically make your dog sick. But even then, bagels are technically not a dog treat or dog food or a dog food substitute. To get strict and honest to goodness answer to that question “Can dogs eat bagels?”, the answer is no.

If a few bagels wouldn’t hurt my dog, how come they can’t eat it?

No matter how you look at it, flour, which is the primary ingredient in making a piece of bagel, is not a recommended food item for dogs. Any kind of bread or pastry that uses flour as its primary ingredient is not good for your dog. Bagel uses flour, and it also has several ingredients that are not really suitable for your dog’s gut. It even uses toppings that are not recommended to be ingested by your dog.

A bagel contains flour, which is not suitable for your dog. It also contains sugar, which is again not good for dogs. It has yeast, which is not fit for dog consumption, and lastly, it contains salt, which is a big “no, no”, for your dog. Practically every ingredient in a piece of bagel is not a recommended food item for dogs.

Bagel also contains poppy seeds, which cause health issues with your dog. If you are to look at it from a much deeper perspective, there is no good and practical reason you would even think of giving your dog a piece of bagel. Everything which is in a piece of bagel is against your dog’s favor. Your dog won’t be getting anything beneficial when you let it munch on a piece of bagel.

Your dog should not eat white flour

White flour is the key ingredient in making a bagel. There are dogs that are allergic to white flour. If your dog experiences an allergic reaction to white flour, that is enough reason already for not letting your dog take a bite on a piece of bagel. Flour, as we all know, contains a sizeable amount of carbohydrates. When carbohydrates break down into glucose or sugar, it reacts negatively in your dog’s system.

Listen to this, dogs and sugar don’t mix. Having your dog ingest sugar would affect them negatively. Sugar does something bad with your dog’s blood, it can lead to diabetes. If you keep on feeding your dog with food items that are made of white flour, over time, it will make your dog sluggish and would make your dog obese, which is not a good thing.

When flour enters your dog’s intestines, it mixes with water and turns into a sticky paste. A bagel entering your dog’s gut would stick into your dog’s colon walls. Dog’s colon with lots of gluten paste would have a hard time absorbing nutrients it needs to stay healthy. It would not be absorbing the important nutrients as it should. With this information, we hope you are going to consider giving your dog a piece of bagel.

If you notice your dog develops allergies because of sensitivity to white flour, we recommend giving your vet a few calls. When you notice keeps on having very foul and strong odorous flatulence, your dog is suffering from its guts and you need to stop giving him treats that are made from white flour-like your bagel. You need to be diligent with your dog’s health before it results in something you will regret.

What should I do?

By now, you should have realized that a bagel is not a recommended food item for your dog. In the first place, getting your dog to ingest a few crumbs of bagel would only lead to the accumulation of calories and nothing more. Getting your dog to eat some bagels would not make him healthy. As we have covered previously, we have recommended a few treats that are alright for your dog to consume.

We would like to recommend that you read articles we have posted regarding foods that are okay for your dogs. We are happy that we have shared some information on the question “Can dogs eat bagels?” and shed some light on this. Keep on visiting us for more tips and we are happy to be of service to you always.

Can dogs eat bagels?
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