The dog ate bbq sauce

The sweet smell of meat, when cooked on coal and flames, is delectable. Its wonderful smell reaches great distances and would make your mouth water to that aroma and taste of barbecue. Getting it soaked with the good stuff like your marinade just makes it extra delicious and mouth-watering goodness. And the barbecue sauce just makes it something to be remembered for a long time.

Did your dog ate bbq sauce? You need to watch out for these symptoms when your dog ingested too many chili peppers: indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. Give your dog plenty of water when you suspect if your dog has eaten a lot. If your dog shows severe symptoms, give your vet a call.

But wait, can dogs eat barbecue sauce? I mean, surely they are going to love it, you love it, anybody loves it a lot and maybe this time, a little quick lick of that exceptional barbecue sauce wouldn’t hurt our canine, right? We understand that your love for your dog would often make you feel your dog deserves all the best things in life, so you are making him get some of what you are eating.

Can dogs eat barbecue sauce
Can dogs eat barbecue sauce?

Any loving dog owner would want to share all the good stuff with their canine. Come to think of it, your pooch has been with you through thick and thin, and because of that, your dog deserves to taste the things that you have been eating. But sad to say, that is simply not how it works. Their system simply cannot process like we do everything you might think of giving them.

It’s hard to resist my dog’s pleading eyes

Not because your dog plead with you and keeps on rubbing its tail on your legs that you would just simply give in. Remember, your dog’s metabolic rate goes haywire when things like garlic, onion, sugar, salt, spices like pepper, and others are in it. Sadly, barbecue sauce contains all of those things that would make your dog seriously ill.

Dr. Carl Hagen, a veterinarian at Petcetera Animal Clinic in Grand Forks, said that dogs and cats are not little people. This means if you have a chocolate bar, you can just hand your dog a little piece and everything is going to be alright, or you have a pair of cheeseburgers, you’ll get one and your dog can have the other one. If it could be just that simple, then we’ll have no problems.

Barbecue sauce basic ingredients that are harmful to dogs

Do not give your dog meat or chicken if you have put some barbecue sauce on it. It will cause your dog to vomit and get diarrhea. You need to steer your dog away from any food item with barbecue sauce because it contains ingredients that are not fit for dog consumption. It has ketchup, though tomato in small amounts is alright for dogs, sugar, and salt are not. Ketchup uses lots of sugar and salt.

Barbecue sauce contains mustard. Please avoid any mustard-related foods because mustard seeds are toxic to dogs. Mustard seeds contain glucosinolate that is harmful to your dog. A small amount of mustard triggers an upset stomach and vomiting. Brown sugar, another ingredient in barbecue sauce, is simply not a good food item for your dogs and you must not give it to them at any rate.

Another ingredient for barbecue sauce is black pepper. Dogs can tolerate a small amount of black pepper, but it does not mean that your dog likes the spicy taste of black pepper. When your dog smells the scent of black pepper, you’ll notice your dog keeps on sneezing. Black pepper gives an unpleasant sensation to your dog’s nose. Feed nothing to your dog that has black pepper. It is not an ideal food item for them.

The dog ate bbq sauce, what do I do?

Barbecue sauce may contain chili peppers. Chilli peppers may not be toxic to dogs but they contain capsaicin, a compound that irritates dogs. When your dog ingested several pieces of chili peppers, your dog may experience digestive discomfort. Dog enthusiasts do not recommend chili peppers as a food item for your dogs.

You need to watch out for these symptoms when your dog ingested too many chili peppers: indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. Give your dog plenty of water when you suspect if your dog has eaten a lot. If your dog shows severe symptoms, give your vet a call.

Another thing to watch out for is Worcestershire sauce. Most barbecue sauce uses Worcestershire sauce as one of its base ingredients.

Worcestershire sauce, like any other sauce, uses ingredients that are harmful to your dogs. Some of these ingredients are salt, vinegar, molasses, garlic, anchovies, tamarind extract, and chili pepper extract. Several studies show that a garlic level of 15 to 30 grams per kilogram of body weight could bring harm to your dog, but Worcestershire sauce does not contain this much garlic per bottle, but it is no reason to give your dog any of it.

Is there any barbecue sauce substitute I can feed my dog?

How we wish we could answer that question with a simple yes, but we regretfully admit it, that we can’t find any healthy substitute for barbecue sauce for your dogs. We understand you love to have BBQ weekends. Getting friends and loved ones to sit in front of each other while telling a lot of stories while the sweet smell of barbecue would be a wonderful experience.

But it is important that you don’t let your dog eat barbecue food. No matter how tempted you are to share a bite of your sausage or burger but scraps of barbecue can harm your dog if you are not careful. Don’t let your barbecue food be left unattended because your dog might get scraps of it and you’ll be in a world of trouble because you have not been very careful.

Leticia Fidalgo Buron, a vet at Webbox said that aside from the barbecue itself, do not feed your dog other barbecue food items like corn, kebab sticks, ribs and bones, and onions. You know exactly how it gets during barbecue nights, food items and other scraps would just be lying on the ground, on the table and anywhere and your furry friends would just be waiting for that perfect moment to attack and then all hell gets loose.

The dog ate bbq sauce
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