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Bear Coat Shar-Pei

What is a Bear coat Shar-Pei dog?

They are mistakenly identified as another dog breed called Chow-Chow because they have the same appearance. The bear coat Sharpei is another sub-breed and just mistaken for another dog breed since they are ordinarily known to have excessive skin and wrinkly coats. There are two groups of Sharpei, the Chinese and American, with different varieties, including Bone Mouth, Bone Mouth Horse Coat, Meat Mouth Brush Coat, among others.

The bear coat sub-breed of the Sharpei family originated from China. They are popular because of their appearance, resembling a cute teddy bear. Not only are they cute and furry, but they are also friendly. Some other qualities include being protective to their owners, respectful, calm and docile quality, affectionate, faithful.

However, they also tend to become stubborn if not handled correctly by their owners. They can be disobedient during potty training and requires patience during such. Socialization will take some time for this breed, and consistent training is a must.

Where to get a Bear coat Shar-pei dog? (With links and a description about the 10-biggest breeders in the US)

Marbo Kennel

You can trust this breeder since they are AKC certified, and they are also a member of Berkshire Spur Chinese Shar-pei Club, and Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, Inc.

They are located in East Haddam, Connecticut.

The company only breeds Chinese Shar-Pei to ensure the highest quality of the pups. They also follow the standard required by the Sharpei Clubs they are affiliated with.

What this company also ensures is to bring its clients the most healthy, intelligent, and perfectly healthy puppy.

You may reach them via their email if you have any inquiries about their available puppies, and they will surely help you.

B’Lee’s Shar-Pei

This dog breeding company started in 1986 and has been partnering with each pup from their kennel to the most suitable clients. Their kennel produces premium quality puppies that have an outstanding bloodline.

B’Lee company is OFA certified.

Each of the Shar-Pei costs anywhere between $1200 to $1500. They can also ship pups to any part of the US, but the shipping cost will be added to the overall cost of the puppy.

They also provide health certificates with each transaction to guarantee clients they have delivered the dog. Also, there is a discount if you purchase more than one pup.

Martini Shar-Pei

The company has been in the business of breeding this type of dog for over 20 years now. They also have a reputable background hence their growing clientele. They specialize in this dog breed because they find it with good temperament, affectionate, and loyal to their humans.

The company also asks their client to read about the breed before getting one so they will have a background about them and will know what they need beforehand.

Besides having an AKC certification, this kennel provides would-be owners with a litter that is a good fit for them since they are socialized early and raised to the highest standards.

Sandstone Chinese Shar-Pei

This breeder is found in the southeast region of North Dakota, carefully breeding this type of dog for 25 years and ensuring to provide new owners with a healthy and well-tempered dog. The puppies are socialized and trained early, so they are well-behaved and happy once with their new owners.

They also make sure that the pups are at the best of health with a guarantee and will not have any skin problems or health issues as they grow, meaning they will live longer, less the problems brought about by health.

This breeder also makes sure to match the pups with the best owner, considering the dog’s character and personality, before matching them off to their new owners.

Also, they will come home with the required care package to have a perfect start to their new life.

Beaux-Art Chinese Shar-Pei’s

They are listed as one of the Top 10 breeders in the US for Chinese Shar-Pei for this year, and it is not surprising since they have been in the business for 35 years. Their pups are high quality, bred with love, and made sure they have a great temperament as well as a clean bill of health.

When they are given to their new owners, they already have an excellent, loving personality, but still need the socialization and training to ensure they will grow to be the most well-behaved and socialized.

This breeder breeds Shar-pei in various colors promising as many wrinkles to ensure their cuteness. Their dogs, having exceptional health, have a long life expectancy.

Most of their clients call via video chat before purchase to ensure they are given their preferred color, and they will meet their pups before pick-up or delivery.

B & G Shar-Pei

Located in New Jersey, this breeder is an accredited member of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, AKC Certified, and the Bershire Spur Chinese Shar-Pei Club.

Their dogs are grand champions and have acquired various awards for the Shar-Pei shows. They gained experience because of their 15 years of breeding this type of dog. They are very particular with the health, attitude, and overall character of the dog.

Most of their dogs are bought as pets, while others are

therapy dogs with the required training.

This dog breeder has found a new home for their well-behaved pups, who are all adorable, charming, and so lovable.

Blackwitch Farms

Located in Michigan and was established in 1969. This breeder started breeding Shar-Pei in 1982. They are also breeding Shar-pei as well as grooming the said breed.

Blackwitch Farms also accepts boarding for the breed. Training them is also easy for this breeder to wince their dogs participate in championship shows for Shar-pei.

If there are interested clients of Chinese Shar-pei’s, they have dedicated their homepage for photos of various types of the breed, as well as the services they provide.

They are also open to inquiries, questions a new owner may have about the breed and what they need to further learn to ensure a smooth flow of their purchase and dog’s upbringing.

Catren’s Shar-Pei

Breeding this type of dog for the past 28 years, making sure they only provide the best dog for new owners and a dog that is sound and healthy. Their dogs are also perfect for dog shows because of their highly intelligent nature.

The breeder ensures they are tested for different health issues beforehand, which guarantees their owners will have no problem later on.

They are unlike some breeders who may not have any consideration about the health of the pups they sell cause it will be in the hands of the new owners after the purchase, but then this is not the way to breed this dog or any dog in particular.

Also, it is favorable to those who will purchase from a reputable breeder cause they are guaranteed to have a premium quality Shar-pei.

Tuck’n Roll Acres

This breeder has been breeding Shar-pei for over 38 years and has many satisfied clients. The 38 years of experience helps in mastering and perfecting the steps of breeding to ensure only high-quality pups are produced.

The parents are selected to check longevity, temperament, and health. It will guarantee offspring that are all sound and well-behaved as well.

The health of the pups is of utmost importance so that once they are shipped off to their new owners, there will be no issues later on.

This breeder also looks after their training and care for the first few weeks. They are provided with all the requirements before they are handed over to their new family.

Ricketts Hill Kennel

Located in Arizona with decades of experience under their belt, this breeder provides Shar-pei lovers with improved pups. Their breeding process is painstaking and ensured only premium quality puppies as a result.

They also focus on health, temperament, and training. They are also after socializing the pups at an early age, so their new family can focus on other training. Potty training is also an important aspect of breeding, so they are also provided potty training before they are handed over to their new family.

They are open for email inquiries for any interested clients so you can have more information about the breed and what you have to look forward to once you decided to have this breed.

There is also another way to locate this dog breed which is via

  • AKC or American Kennel Club Marketplace
  • Baggins Sharpei
  • PuppyFind

From Rescue Websites

  • California Shar-Pei Rescue – A great website for Shar-Pei rescues.
  • Shar-Pei Rescue – They help in finding new homes for rescued Shar-Pei
  • Petfinder – With various puppy breeds, not just Sharpeis.
  • Pei Land Rescue – Looking for a foster family for Shar-Pei
  • Adopt-a-Pet – If you want to adopt different dog breeds and include a Shar-Pei.

How is it to own a Bear coat Shar-Pei dog?

It is a unique experience to have a Bear Coat Shar-Pei not just because of their gorgeous look but their adorable appearance.

Most owners swear they are just happy to have this breed with all their quirkiness but will shower you with affection every time.

They are like baby bears according to other owners and believe that owning this breed has its pros and cons and one must be aware of both.

How big are Bear coat Shar-Pei dogs usually?

They are a medium-sized dog breed for all the variations, they have the usual size of 46-56cm and weighs between 16 – 30 kg. Sometimes due to gender, the size may vary.

They tend to get overweight with excessive feeding so it is a must to have a controlled diet for this dog breed.

How much do Bear coat Shar-Pei dogs usually cost?

Bear Coat Shar-Pei costs less than the usual Shar-Pei dog and may cost between $800 to less than $2000. The price may also vary if they are show-quality which can zoom the price to over $3000.

Although the bear-coat cost less, they are also rare.

Are there any health issues to be aware of when owning a Bear coat Shar-Pei dog?

In the ideal world, how we all wish that dogs won’t have any issues and will always be playful, energetic, and spirited but just like other dog breeds, the Bear Coat Shar-Pei have their health issues such as Entropion, Patellar Luxation, Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, Allergies, Hypothyroidism, Swollen Hock Syndrome, Skin Fold Infections, Pododermatitis, Diabetes and more.

Do they shed?

Just like any other dog breed, this breed is no exception when it comes to shedding. They do shed, but only in a minimal portion. This breed requires grooming and maintenance so their coats will not be prone to mats and tangles. Bear Coat Shar-Pei are more prone to it, so brushing once or twice a week is needed. They will shed more if this is not done as required.

They also need maintenance since their hair can get in between their skin folds and cause debris and smell in the long run. Their folds are also prone to infection if not dried after bathing.

What about Bear coat Shar-Pei dogs mental health?

You need to find something to keep them busy cause they tend to get bored and anxious. They also require training at an early age, so there will be no behavioral issues that you will stress about later on. Some behavioral issues common to this breed are anxiety, depression, fear, with aggressive tendencies.

Their training is crucial, as well as socialization as early as possible. It will also ensure you won’t have problems with their upbringing.

Socialization helps them in being gentle and friendly around different people. They should also experience different sights and sounds, so they will not be innocent and fearful if exposed to them. They require exposure from time to time, so bringing them to places where they can exercise will be helpful.

Exercise will help in making sure they get their energies spent. It will not help them if you keep them inside with nothing to do but stare at the wall. They should have their mental, as well as physical exercise, cause this guarantees a well-behaved and non-aggressive dog that you will love to bring with you anywhere.

What kind of diet should my Bear coat Shar-pei dog be on?

Although some health issues of dogs are brought about by genetics, there are health issues caused by feeding them an improper diet.

The Bear Coat Shar-Peis will enjoy quality dog food specified for medium dog breeds. Check with the vet on what you can feed your dog if he has sensitive skin since there are ingredients in some dog food that may not be good for him.

Dog foods with real meat protein like liver or salmon are beneficial to this breed but not dog food with chicken on it as it may cause skin allergy. Stay away from food additives such as soy, gluten, corn, wheat, or other byproducts.

Good meat choices include Beef, Turkey, Lamb, and Venison.

Owners should feed them food with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin.

What do you need to know about Bear coat Shar Pei dogs before getting one?

Bear Coat Shar-Peis are intelligent and loyal. They are calm and confident in the hands of the rightful owner. They are not for the novice owner though, because they can be rugged and challenging if their owner does not know how to handle and train them.

They require training at an early age, and as they age, they will need someone who can handle them. This breed can be headstrong, meaning they can outthink their owners, and if they are not raised correctly, they tend to be strong-minded and problematic.

Since they are intelligent, they can baffle their owners cause they are natural problem solvers, which can be an issue later on. If they are not easily controlled, their owner will find it stressful to handle them since this dog will be doing their own thing.

Someone who has the time and patience should own this breed.

How do I know the Bear coat Shar-Pei dog is the right dog for me?

If your family includes small children, this may not be the best breed for you. Although they are known as devoted and protective of their family, they can be wary when small children are involved. For older children, this may be fine.

If you are also patient and have the time to train them not just once you bring them home, but throughout their younger years, then you are free to have this breed. They should be trained to know their place in the family pecking order, so they will not show aggression or wonder who should head the pack.

Since they need mental stimulation and plenty of exercise, someone who has the same outlook will be beneficial to this dog. An owner who sees exercise as a daily practice should get this dog. Someone who sees walking, running, and having a run around the neighborhood is also fine for this dog.

If you are to get this dog, consistency is the key to ensuring they will stay well-behaved and well-mannered whether they are indoors or outdoors. Even with their family or not.

A dog lover who has experience owning various dogs will see another great adventure to have this dog and enjoy their many years together.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Bear coat Shar-pei dog?


  • Calm and Confident nature
  • Loving disposition
  • Affectionate
  • Quiet and mannerly with his family.
  • Protective and alert
  • Easy to housebreak and naturally clean
  • Has an independent character
  • Great companion outdoors or indoors
  • Requires moderate exercise such as brisk walking
  • With a strong hunting instinct
  • Does not bark too much
  • Highly loyal to their humans


  • Tend to be too independent and strong-willed
  • Shows aggression if not socialized at an early age
  • Can be aggressive to other animals, particularly cats
  • Snores loudly and may often produce snorting sounds
  • Quite expensive
  • Chronic health issues
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Requires daily brushing and maintenance to avoid matting and tangling

What differentiates a Bear coat Shar Pei from other dogs?

This dog breed is a different cause of their coat and character that makes them look like miniature bears. You will have a dog and a bear at the same time.

Their wrinkly coat makes them stand out, and their trademark makes them unique from other dog breeds.

Although they are medium-sized dogs, they can be overly protective of their humans and they can fight off animals that are bigger than them.

What also makes them differ from other dog breeds is their fondness of being active cause they want mental stimulation and behavioral issues stop once they get the stimulation they require.

This breed also loves to have some games and entertainment as this involves problem-solving, which they love. Such a task excites them, and you will find a dog with undivided attention.

The Bear Coat Shar-Pei has 4 various colors which are brilliant gold, lilac, black and white which can give you a different appearance of Shar-Pei as they grow older.

This is a breed that not just only has facial wrinkles but have adorable wrinkles all over. It makes them look cuddly and cute for their humans.

Although they are often mistaken as another dog breed called Chow-Chow, they have a vast difference, particularly with the wrinkly coat.

There is a belief that there is a link between their coat and character, although it is not well established, some swear that the puppy’s character is affected by their coat color. Their health is believed to be affected by the same. But still, it is inconclusive as of this writing.

Many owners of this dog breed swear they have a wonderful time owning this dog not just because they have a teddy-bear like appearance but because they are very affectionate and loving. Also, they shared that the color of their dog varies as they grow older.

Bear Coat Shar-Pei
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