Can dogs eat broccoli?

Broccoli is beneficial for the human body. It contains lots of nutrients and the health benefit that humans may gain can’t be denied. But in some other cases, does this type of vegetable also good among dogs? This question is always present, especially among dog owners.

Now, to settle this question and to make things straight, yes, dogs can eat broccoli – and if you try to enumerate the benefits dogs can gain by simply looking at its health benefits, it can be assured that dogs really do need to eat broccoli.

Some of the vitamins contained in these green and leafy vegetables are Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and potassium. These nutrients are good factors to boost your dog’s immune system, bone density, and even heart health.

Can dogs eat broccoli
Can dogs eat broccoli?

Technically speaking, broccoli’s health benefits make it a right choice to be included in your four-legged friend’s diet, aside from other vitamins and supplements he is taking. When it comes to the exquisiteness of feeding this vegetable to dogs, here are some things you, as a pet-owner, need to know: it contains 2.35 grams of protein, zero grams fat, 4.71 grams of carbohydrate, 1.18 grams of sugar, 212 milligrams of potassium, .82 milligrams of iron, and 56.5 milligrams of Vitamin C. Now, these are only some of the nutrition that your dog may get after taking a few bites of this food. And remember, that it should always be taken in moderation because taking too much of this might also bring bad things to your dog’s holistic health.

For both humans and dogs, taking this vegetable makes it a very good choice to be part of your one’s meal. Plenty of vitamins and nutrients are present on every milligram of its content. Generally, the best good thing it can do for your s health is boosting its heart health, which is then very crucial for them to have a worthy, active and lively life to live in. Other benefits that this vegetable can give is improving its bone strength and density, it also helps fight other unavoidable diseases, and most importantly boosting their immune system.

However, as clearly mentioned above that feeding your dog with this is and must only be in moderation. This only means that its intake must be appropriate to your dog’s wellbeing that includes its age, weight, and vegetable tolerance. Aside from those vitamins and nutrients mentioned above, broccoli also contains other minerals that might be the resulting cause of early indigestion problems which almost all pet owners wanted to avoid. If your dog, however, managed to eat plenty of this, always keep an eye on your puppy/dog so they will always be guarded whenever problems arise in relation to much intake of this.

In the following sections, we will be discussing how to prepare broccoli for dogs. So, let’s get started. Now that you have somehow taken the idea that broccoli is actually good for your dogs. This time, let us try to figure out how to prepare this so our dogs can always be exciting whenever a bowl is served.

Cooked or Raw?

Personally, I do own a dog, and I always put some vegetables as a portion of their daily diet, since I own a very picky-eater dog so it is always a test for me. In this context, broccoli can be both served as cooked or raw, but it is always dependent on the proper orientation to your dog. Say for example you have already started feeding your dog a boiled vegetable, it will be a transition of feeding on boiled to raw, and vice versa. So, always bear in mind the preference of your dog when it comes to taking vegetables, either cooked or raw. Generally, some dog owners tend to feed their pets in a very easy way of preparation, steamed vegetables. Aside from its convenience since it takes a small amount of time to prepare, it is also beneficial since it does not lose its nutrients, compared to heavy boiling. Anyway, there are many ways on how to prepare this, but always bear in mind that what you are feeding is your pet, so always give some time and effort trying out different methods of feeding your pet especially if it is this kind of vegetable. Just a very simple tip, if your dog is up for veggies, try to blend it and mix it to its dry food, so it will be easier for them to digest it since it is already torn down to pieces. This way, your pet won’t choke while taking a snack out of it.

Organic or ready-made?

Now, this portion might is already understandable since dogs should not be fed with ready-made food, or so to speak food that contains preservatives and additives like salt and oil. In short, always go for organic vegetables. By this, your pet will get to be familiarized with its taste and texture and for long-term retention of the food, he is taking. More likely, if you choose the organic, the probability of your pet’s exposure to pesticides is very low, thus maintaining its total health without actually harming him, which is also healthier for any dog breed. The organic type of framing is also a much sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of feeding your dog, and of course, it is way cheaper compared to buying some imported type of vegetable where there is the same nutrient intake. So, financially speaking, it is better to feed your dogs in organic ways.

Always wash your broccoli!

Now the next thing to have in mind is to always wash whatever raw food you will give to your pet. One main reason is to avoid contamination from other things that might lead to a minimal problem which may then be leading to some serious matters. Even when it is freshly picked from the garden, it should always be the case, wash your veggies. It goes a lot of process before going to your house, from the garden to storage house, and everything. It gets handled by a number of people, so in order to save your pet for future circumstances, better wash it first. Don’t get excited feeding them new food, always take extra precautions whenever you are going to feed them something.


As a general rule, do not ever put any seasoning to any food that you will be feeding to your dog. Salt, oil, and other seasonings might always affect your pet’s health, especially its liver! So, better boil it or feed it raw to avoid such things. Your dog’s stomach is not the same as humans. Their digestive system is far more non-tolerant to this kind of seasoning. They might face abdominal problems, digestive issues like vomiting and not having enough time to drink or eat some.

These are only some of the things that you have to bear in mind whenever you are feeding your pet broccoli. This goes the same to other foods that you, as owner, will be introducing to your dog. But, always remember to consult your vet in any case that you noticed some unusual things that your dog is experiencing after eating this vegetable or any type of food. It is always best to have a better consultation from those who have the expertise in this field. Anyway, it is what’s best for your dog, their food to eat, and a casual visit to the vet.

Can dogs eat broccoli?
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