Can dogs eat caramel?

Can dogs eat caramel? Sometimes dogs steal food or candy they are not supposed to be eating. Is it harmful to them?

Can dogs eat caramel? Caramel is safe to eat by dogs, unlike chocolate, which can be toxic to them. Dogs can digest and process caramel, so you need not panic when you see your dog tasting some caramel that drips on the table or the floor. However, this doesn’t mean you can feed them caramel anytime you feel like it or give it to your dog as a treat.

If you don’t like your dog showing symptoms such as hyperactivity, restlessness, irritability, or loss of concentration, you will not give them caramel.

Caramel contains raw sugar and is considered just empty calories, and has no health benefits for your pet.

Can dogs eat caramel?
Can dogs eat caramel?

Sugar gives dogs the rush and can turn into restless, hyperactive dogs before you know it. You may not even recognize your hyperactive dog when you always have a gentle-mannered dog.

You will see a dog who has eaten caramel running around the house as if they are going after something. They can have the zoomie effect where they frantically run as if crazy. They can also topple the furniture, appliances, or other things you have inside your home while they are doing their zoomies. They can do this for minutes or even hours, depending on how much caramel they ingest. Once the sugar high wears off, you will see your dog suddenly appearing tired and crashing, wanting only one thing: sleep.

It is good if you are around and nothing in the environment is a danger to him, and you keep an eye on him, ensuring he’s always safe.

If a dog ingests a hefty amount of caramel, mainly if it is just a small dog, there is a different outcome, such as vomiting or even diarrhea.

A small dog that ingests extensive sugar can vomit significantly and may not keep a portion of food down. It can be a situation where you need to call the vet and have your dog checked.

Can My Dog Consume an Appropriate Amount of caramel?

Can dogs eat caramel? Caramel contains too much sugar, which can hurt your dog. Your dog can take a small amount, perhaps during his lifetime, but not as a treat.

Although caramel is not considered toxic compared to garlic, chocolate, grapes, or onion, if you love your dog, you should find something else to give as a treat when he’s a good boy. Some of the samples treat to include below.

Better treats for your dog


Carrots cut in small squares, or bite-size are perfect for your dog when they need something to chew on. Carrots have a natural sweetness, and the crunch will surely be something your dog will love and look forward to having every time.

It has high fiber content and is rich in Vitamin A, which will benefit your dog. Also, it is easily digestible by your dog. Make sure you cut it into small pieces as if you give them small dog treats, but you give them small carrots instead.


Once seeds are removed, you can cut them into bite-size pieces, it can be an excellent replacement for a dog treat. It is rich in Vitamin C and A and high in fiber, which can help your dog’s digestion. It has a sweet taste that is safe for your dog.

Apples are easy to chew on, and your dog will find their crunch satisfying.

Dog biscuit with peanut butter

You can prepare a doggy biscuit with unsalted peanut butter for your dog. Peanut butter is safe if it does not contain Xylitol, a sweetener considered toxic to dogs.

Peanut butter has vitamins B and E, fats, proteins, and niacin, which is beneficial for your dog.


Another low-calorie, no-sweet snack for dogs. It is crunchy and has a pleasant taste that your pet will love. It contains vitamin K, minerals, and other vitamins.


It is high in vitamins and minerals and is considered an antioxidant not just for humans, but dogs can also benefit. It is a snack that is best for large or small dogs, although smaller dogs may eat an appropriate number of blueberries. It should be cut in two, so it will not be a choking hazard to your lovable pooch.

Can Caramel Be Harmful to Dogs?

The high sugar content of caramel causes the risk. It can be eaten in small portions but is not healthy for dogs.

Some dog owners may think that just because their dogs are acting funny and running so actively around the house, giving them caramel may be a good thing for them, not knowing there are health consequences in the long run. Health issues that dogs may encounter later on if they eat with high sugar food, including caramel, are

Weight Gain or Obesity

Once your dog gains weight, you may think they look cuddly and huggable, but you didn’t know that uncontrolled weight gain can lead to obesity. Unlike humans, dogs cannot control or do something about their weight. They need their owners’ help to shave off that excess weight. They will require exercising regularly, and a controlled diet or some foods may not be a great choice.

Anything that has high sugar content is obviously off the list.

Dental problems

Later on, as your dog is fed caramel, often they will have dental issues. Although brushing will help remove plaques, excessive sugar will create problems. They may start to have gum problems which can loosen their teeth, and then extraction will be next.


It does not just happen to humans but to dogs as well. As your dog can no longer process sugar and insulin is not enough, it may be prescribed some medications to help them with its ailment. Some effects of diabetes in dogs include cataracts, urinary problems, liver issues, leg weakness due to neuropathy, ketoacidosis, and even death.


Dogs also have a sweet tooth, even if they have fewer buds. They are also attracted to sweet foods, which can even lead to dogs being addicted to sugar. Once dogs crave sugar, and when fed sugar, this can cause a high that makes them hyper, unfocused, and restless. They are also uncooperative and will not easily follow commands. You may also find them irritating once they get the high sugar cause they can get ill-mannered, and their behavior may not be as pleasing.

Sugar Overdose

Xylitol is used to sweeten candy, baked goods/cookies, or even peanut butter. You may unknowingly feed your dog some Xylitol treats, making it lethal to dogs. You may give your dog biscuits thinking it is harmless, but you must ensure that such threats are not laden with Xylitol. Although Xylitol is often mixed with toothpaste, mouthwash, ice cream, and breath mints, there is no harm in double-checking everything you are feeding your dog.

Suggestions on better treats for the dog

Oven-Baked Healthy Dog Treats by Buddy Biscuits Store

Healthy yet satisfying treats for your dogs. It is baked and paired with natural peanut butter that dogs love. With no ingredients that will be toxic to your dogs, such as yeast, sugar, fillers, additives, or artificial flavorings.

Your dog will not just have their fill but will also have fun chewing on these treats. It has a crunch that most dogs will love and crave. Puppies or adult dogs can enjoy this treat.

Read more and order

Crunchy Natural Biscuit Dog Treats by Nutro

Rich in nutrients and flavorful treats that your dog will love. Low in calories and have no by-products, no preservatives, and not even artificial flavor mixed in making this treat. There is also no corn, soy protein, or wheat. It is best for small or large dog breeds and has real apples and crunchiness that dogs will enjoy.

It is high in protein and made using only the finest ingredients to ensure that it is non-toxic and safe for your dogs.

Read more and order

Crunchy Dog Biscuits Made with Pumpkin Healthy Dog Treats by Fruitables

When you only want the best for your dog, it does not stop with their meal, but you also make sure you provide them with healthy treats.

This healthy biscuit is made of pumpkin, peanut butter, potatoes, and bananas and is also oven-baked.

A treat that will satisfy your dog’s cravings and will surely enjoy munching on each piece. It is packed with flavor to make it more mouth-watering for your dog.

It is free from corn, soy protein, or any harmful ingredients.

Read more and order

They will surely follow your command and will all be nice in or out of training.

Can dogs eat caramel? Instead of taking its chances and feeding your dog caramel as a treat now and then, find more dog-friendly, safe, and healthy treats. There is also no need to buy those treats offered in the market, but you can find something else that you may already have in your kitchen. It just takes some improvising and some research.

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Can dogs eat caramel?
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