Can dogs eat marshmallows?

Many people ask the question what kinds of common foods for humans can dog eat, this furthermore for the reason of looking for other more practical and simple options to eat. Or simply to give you a snack as a reward and prize

If snacks like marshmallows come to mind, you need to stop and ask yourself. Can my dog eat marshmallows? And you may wonder if your pet accidentally ate a marshmallow that you dropped on the floor or found a bag in an easily accessible place, or maybe sharing a sweet treat with your furry friend has crossed your mind.

Can dogs eat marshmallows
Can dogs eat marshmallows?

Remember that humans can eat any type of food, even eat marshmallows, but just because of that they are a safe food for dogs? Many times when we are eating something, our dog approaches, smells that we are eating, and inevitably begins to look at us with the best face of him so that we give him our food, but is it really good to feed our dog with homemade food?

Can my dog eat marshmallows?

First of all, before entering the subject, we must understand that no matter how much love and appreciation you have for your dog, he is not a human and that is why he should not eat the same type of food that we are used to. to eat, this for the simple reason that their body does not respond in the same way as ours and they are more sensitive to food and substances than we are if we can tolerate it without problems. So, if what you are looking for is to give him love through delicious snacks, you should find out on the web or with your veterinarian what things he can eat and whatnot.

In the case of foods like marshmallows, being favorites for being fluffy and sticky, these may seem somewhat innocent and harmless, but when you ask if dogs can eat them, any veterinarian or expert in pet nutrition will give you a quick and easy direct no, since it is a danger for the dog. If your dog eats the marshmallows with normal sugar, he should be fine, but he remembers that everything in excess with too much sugar is detrimental to your pet’s health. Some presentations and brands of candy, such as mint, marshmallows, especially those that do not contain sugar contain a substance called xylitol, which is dangerous for them

It is for this reason that this time we want to dedicate a few minutes to teach and inform you about everything related to the subject, and what you need to know, from the consequences and potential dangers of your dog eating snacks such as marshmallows, even many Pet owners, opt for this type of treatment as a method to give their dogs medication, which usually this task becomes a nightmare. Although it is a harmless idea, it can be harmful to your pet, so read on about why dogs cannot eat marshmallows.

Why are marshmallows so dangerous for dogs?

The ingredients that are used to create a marshmallow, although very common and common, include corn, water, gelatin, and a lot of sugar. In general, veterinarians and canine nutrition experts will indicate and inform you without any doubt that dogs should stay away from any sugary snack for humans because it should be noted that the systems of dogs are very sensitive to the consumption of sugar in excess and do not process it the same as humans.

In addition, other damages and consequences are that the consumption of sugar is capable of wreaking havoc on the teeth of dogs and in addition to increasing the probability of suffering from diseases such as diabetes and obesity in dogs, which is not the right way to wear a quiet and healthy life

Standard brand marshmallows, of any brand, will predominate ingredients such as sugar even though some marshmallows in their presentation claim to be free of fat or that they are free of processed sugar, they often contain sweetening compounds such as xylitol, this compound is extremely toxic and dangerous for all pets. Even if it is consumed in small amounts, if it contains xylitol, this can cause health problems such as liver failure, some seizures, hypoglycemia, or even in the most serious case the death of dogs if it is not detected in time. Xylitol is much more dangerous and deadly for dogs than theobromine, this is a chemical substance that chocolate bars contain, and at the same time, it is toxic and attentive to the health of dogs.

Unfortunately, it is so serious that you will be able to detect the symptoms if your dog consumes xylitol, since they are very evident and are several problems, they can cause indigestion, jaundice, lethargy, and tremors.

What to do if your pet eats marshmallows?

If you are sure that your pet consumed some quantity of marshmallows, you should check the bag to check if it contains xylitol, even if he only ate one, you should contact your trusted specialist as soon as possible.

As an important fact, just 50 mg of xylitol, for every pound of your dog, is more than enough to cause damage. The greater the amount of consumption, the greater the risk of liver failure or in extreme cases, death.

Depending on the number of marshmallows ingested and how long it has been since your dog ate them, the vet will recommend that you induce vomiting to get it out of his system quickly before his system absorbs it.

If you cannot contact your veterinarian, you can call any pet poison helpline to get assistance, depending on the symptoms that are present, they will give you the recommendation that you take your dog to the emergency room to be treated by specialists

But if in the mildest case, your dog ate conventional sugar marshmallows, it would be good that as a precaution, you call your veterinarian, to ensure the health and well-being of the dog, but in general, if he only ate a small amount per Accident should not cause any problems but if it was a large amount, it is time to call the vet to avoid inconvenience.

With all this, we want to tell you that dogs don’t have to consume carbohydrates in their canine diet, but that this can be quite dangerous and harmful to their health. A small number of carbohydrates, either by accident from time to time can be fine and nothing will happen. But when high carbohydrates are consumed daily in your dog’s diet, it can cause that in the medium term it is more prone to developing delicate pathologies such as cancer, obesity, leaky gut, infections by some types of fungi, and yeasts, diabetes, and pancreatitis.

That is why it is necessary for your pet to eat specialized foods for them and, failing that, healthy foods that are generally consumed by humans that do not harm their health and development as a pet. On the web, you can get a lot of information about this, in addition to getting nutrition tips and important data that you did not know, you can even find homemade recipes to make homemade snacks for your pet, which will help you give them as a sandwich, prize or snack.

Finally, and as a way of recommendation that will help you avoid these problems is to find a way to store the treats, especially if they contain processed sugar or otherwise contain xylitol in a place where your dog cannot access them easily. or by accident, it is always good to keep it in the kitchen, especially in pantries that are at a reasonable height, where you can only access them; y If you tend to drop food on the ground, be more careful with marshmallows and any other food that contains substances like xylitol when your dog is around or very close to you.

Can dogs eat marshmallows?
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