Can Dogs eat Pickles?

Can dogs eat pickles? This is one of the questions we often asked as pickles had been part of the human diet. Since dogs are the most domesticated animals. It dated back to 13000 BCE when people started domesticating dogs to help in the hunt and added security.

Since dogs started living with humans it also eats whatever humans eat. From hunting in the wild and eating whatever is available, dogs started to have a mixed diet of plants and meat. It took years and many changes before dogs were able to adapt, but for them to survive they have to eat how their humans eat.

This had greatly affected their physiology but they were able to cope. Even though they are to eat based on what humans eat, there is still food that is toxic to dogs. Artificial flavoring and preservatives, in general, is harmful to dogs, as it is to humans as well, but most of the food nowadays have artificial flavoring and has preservatives to prolong its shelf life. Nowadays, certain groups go back to the primitive way of preserving food by pickling the food.

Can Dogs eat Pickles
Can Dogs eat Pickles?

Pickling the food consist mainly of using salt and water to preserve the food. There is no need to use any other artificial preservatives. Pickles had been part of the diet for most people and they use them as ingredients for salad and sandwiches.

With the rise of organic food and ways of preserving this produce, it is not surprising that most people would use this as part of their diet and in turn, their pets would also be served with this kind of food. While the natural way of preserving food, using salt, is healthy or good for humans, can dogs eat pickles? How will it affect their diet and what nutritional value can they get?

How will Pickles affect the dog’s health?

Sodium is not the ingredient to be wary of when feeding the dogs pickles but the herbs that may be toxic for dogs.

When making pickles, it is important to note that there are other ingredients added aside from salt and water. Some would add herbs and spices to the solution to add more flavor to the pickles. Even if you just look around the grocery store you will see that pickles are no longer the ordinary pickles but the ones with spices.

Adding spices to the pickles is not something new, it had been practiced in earliest date and this is to add flavor to the preserved food. While pickles are always added to salads and sandwiches, not common dog food, pet owners would inevitably feed their dogs some of the food they are eating.

This is one of the reasons why the question can dogs eat pickles or not arise. Since sodium is not an ingredient to be wary of, dogs can be fed pickles but to a certain amount, as too much sodium is not good for the dogs as well. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure and weight gain in dogs.

Pet owners have to make sure that feeding the dogs pickles is only to a bare minimum to ensure that the dogs are safe yet still enjoy a little of the taste of pickles. Also, while feeding the dogs the pickles make sure that you are not feeding them pickles with herbs as this can immediately make the dogs sick.

The challenge is the other ingredients of the pickles which are the herbs. One of the most common ingredients of pickles nowadays is chive. Too many chives can cause vomiting and oral irritation to the dog. Even when dogs would go around the vegetable garden and eat chives it is advisable to immediately bring the dog to a vet when symptoms are seen since it is poisonous to the dogs.

A lot of dog owners are not aware of the effect of some of the plants on the dogs. Can dogs eat pickles despite them being carnivores? Though pet owners now are switching to a vegetarian diet for their dogs, it is important to note that these canines are born to be hunters and meat-eaters. Changing their diet can lead to serious illness in the future since some of the plants are not good for dogs. It is not only chive that is not healthy for the dogs but other plants in its family as well, like the onions, leeks, and green onions. These plants when consumed by dogs, can lead to nausea and vomiting. If the symptoms get worse, it can lead to collapse and rapid heart rate which is extremely dangerous for the dogs.

For most of the pickles that contain only cucumber, vinegar, salt, and dill, it could be good for the dog if they are given a tiny bit since dill is good in making the breath of the dog fresh. It should only be a little bit since dogs being fed with too much cucumber is not good for them too.

It is not only the cucumber that is healthy for the dogs but also kale, carrots, and beets to name a few. Cucumber being the main ingredient of most pickles it is unavoidable to ask whether it is the cucumber that is not healthy to feed to the dogs. Cucumbers are good for dogs, it is the other ingredients that can affect the dogs like herbs and spices. Since vegetables are healthy for dogs, can dogs eat pickles when the main ingredient is not cucumber? Yes, they can, however, some spices like black peppers and chili are not good for the dog. It can cause vomiting, nausea, and rapid heart rate that can lead to serious conditions.

For old dogs, it can cause a heart attack that may lead to death. As pet owners, we have to be responsible for the food that they eat, not only because it can harm them but it can also cause harm to our wallets. A sick dog can cost so much money when brought to the vet. Aside from the financial aspect we also have to look into the emotional aspect. We suffer when our pets are sick so it is something that we always want to avoid. We could not leave a sick pet alone in our apartment when they are sick so that means we might be absent for work or we may miss our classes or other activities because our pets are sick.

Being careful about what our pets eat also benefits the owners greatly as having a sick pet could lead to hassle. Bringing the pet to the vet and taking them back home alone, the transportation, the fuel cost, and all other costs that it may incur aside from the time that we have to spend to do such activities. We know what entails when we took pets in, but we have to take care of our pets as if they are our children so watching what they eat as it may cause sickness is something we always have to understand. Some pets could also have an allergic reaction to vinegar which is one of the ingredients of pickles so it is something owners have to take into consideration when feeding the pets with pickles.

Pickles are delicious, especially the spiced ones but that does not mean that everything we think is delicious can be fed to our pets.

If owners are want to feed the dogs vegetables and want to be careful about what the dogs eat, the owner can instead feed the dog with fresh vegetables as it is safer to feed it to them without the sodium and other ingredients that may harm them.

Celery and kale are a few of the vegetables that are good for them. Also, there are pet owners who would grow their vegetables that can be consumed by the dogs and the owners. Gardening or growing food is good since the household can eat freshly picked vegetables, in return this will be good for pets too, eating fresh vegetables.

This method, however, is quite a challenge in areas with four seasons thus pickling the food is one of the explored methods of preserving food. If the owner grows their food and decides to preserve the food by pickling the vegetables, and since they have to consider the pets to be included in the food as well, it would be good to take note of the herbs and spices to be used for pickling the food. It would be of great advantage for owners to pickle their food than to buy store-bought ones since there is a possibility that some of the ingredients may not be listed and some herbs that are not suitable for pets could be fed to the dogs by the owners and it could lead to more inconveniences.

Can dogs eat pickles?

While pickles could be fed to the dogs, the number of pickles and the ingredients in the pickles need to be put into consideration before they are given to our beloved dogs. Dogs can be pretty sensitive to the kind of food that they eat.

Onions, for instance, are used in flavoring the food of the dogs but it is of very little quantity and it is to ensure that there would only be a hint of the flavor since any extra amount can make our canine friends sick.

Taking care of our dogs is not only about making them presentable and something that we can carry around with us like accessories, it must also be taking care of their health and making sure that they are eating healthy. When our dogs eat healthily they look good and they feel happy and in return, it also makes the owners happy.

Can Dogs eat Pickles?
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