Bear Coat Shar-Pei

What is a Bear coat Shar-Pei dog? They are mistakenly identified as another dog breed called Chow-Chow because they have the same appearance. The bear coat Sharpei is another sub-breed and just mistaken for another dog breed since they are ordinarily known to have excessive skin and wrinkly coats. There are two groups of Sharpei, […]

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that puppies are the world’s favorite pet. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend after all so of course, these cuties are truly no different. However, just the same puppies are different from normal people. They have very different life cycles and a very different start to […]

Corgi puppies

Are you thinking about getting a pet dog? Before you go ahead and get a pet dog, it is important to find out what breed suits your family. Corgi is a popular dog breed that is in decline. They are not very high-maintenance dogs, but they do shed a lot. If you are thinking about […]

Doberman Puppies

Owning a Doberman puppy can be a very rewarding and wholesome experience. Doberman puppies are intelligent, loyal, and energetic. A Doberman puppy would be a great addition to your family if you are athletic and enjoy getting out. Doberman puppies are athletic, proud, and are always happy to play a good game of fetch. Doberman […]

Dapple Dachsund Puppies

Getting a dapple dachshund puppy would be a great addition to your family. A dapple refers to spotting the dachshund puppy’s coat. These marking patterns are gorgeous on dogs. Even one mark on your dachshund puppy’s coat makes them a dapple dachshund! These dogs are a product of breeding. Keep in mind. Breeding dogs can […]

Pitbull Puppies

A Pitbull is considered one of the most loyal dog breeds. Treat them well, and they will grow to become one of the most loving, affectionate, and protective dog you can have. They are not just easy to care for, but their happy disposition makes them a perfect family dog. But you have to make […]

Yorkie Puppies for Sale

When we think of Yorkie puppies, what do we envision? What do we see? The adorable big brown eyes against the yellow and black fur mixed coat. We might also think of short golden ears that stand straight up like a German Shepherd’s ears. We might envision their cute high pitched bark and their feisty […]

Where To Get German Shepherd Puppies?

German Shepherd puppies are really cute and German shepherds are a very popular dog breed because of their high intellect and their easy-to-train character. They commonly train this breed to assist police officers cause they aid in search and rescue missions. They are also great as herding dogs or police dogs, or even assistance dogs. […]

What to Think About When Buying a Puppy?

Planning on getting a dog for the first time? Well, it might be time for you to get a puppy so that you will learn to grow together while you also get to learn how to become a more responsible person. But getting your first puppy might not be as easy as you think it […]

What to Name the Dog and How Do You Choose a Good Name for It?

Planning on getting a new dog? Well, then you just made the best decision of your life because you will be welcoming a new friend and member of your family into your life. But, just like any family member, your new dog needs a name of its own, especially because that will be your furry […]

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