Can dogs eat Cheetos?

Binge-watching and binge eating are two activities that go hand-in-hand and in perfect unity. You can just imagine the amount of joy you would have felt when you watch your favorite tv program with a large pack of hot Cheetos at hand. It’s the ultimate movie and Cheetos treat for the weekend.

Can dogs eat hot Cheetos? While you are so engrossed with your binge-watching and binge eating, your dog would give you that look where it wants to have a bite of your hot Cheetos snack. Nobody has to know that you tossed some of it to Fido. But would it be alright?

Can dogs eat Cheetos?
Can dogs eat Cheetos?

Can dogs eat hot Cheetos?

One of the so many mistakes people commit against dogs is when they try to feed their dogs with a food item that they thought is okay for them but actually are not. Sometimes, reading a food label and taking time to understand the contents would be time-consuming and people would just toss a few treats and proceed with their day.

And when you munch a bagful of flaming hot Cheetos, the urge of wanting to give some to your dog is quite strong that you would throw all reasons out of the window and just give in to your dog’s whims. It may look like a very noble act at first glance, but looking at it from a much deeper perspective would make it an irresponsible act.

Dogs can tolerate a few bits of flaming hot Cheetos. But giving them several amounts of it and constantly is very alarming. Corn snacks are not an ideal food item for dogs. It is also not a very healthy food option for you either. Anything that is not nutritious for you is most likely not nutritious for your dog as well.

What does hot Cheetos contain?

Cheetos started way back in the 1940s. It comprises oven-dried cornmeal that is deep-fried until it gets its “puff” shape. They coated the original batch in cheesy season, spicy chili powder covers the flaming hot variety. You need to remind yourself that we do not recommend spicy foods for your dog.

Hot chili peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin which is not toxic for dogs, but ingesting plenty of it leads to gastrointestinal upsets. Cheetos contain seasonings like garlic and onion, which are also not a recommended food items for your dogs. It has sodium, fat, and oil, which are another set of food items not recommended for dogs.

On the lighter side, your dog can handle well a few pieces of dropped Cheetos. But accidental ingestion of a bagful of hot Cheetos is an alarming note. Kidding aside, you need to be careful that your dog won’t be ingesting Cheetos because it is simply not good for them.

How bad is hot Cheetos for dogs?

We have already resolved that giving dogs hot Cheetos is not good for your dog. It does not contain any nutritional value that your dog can benefit from. If your dog eats a lot, it will cause obesity and a lot of illnesses associated with a wrong choice of food would follow suit.

Cheetos contain a lot of ingredients that are not good for dogs. It has lots of onion and garlic that leads to anemia. It has a high content of fat and salt, which when ingested by dogs, would cause severe gastrointestinal upsets. Excessive consumption of sodium caused pancreatitis. An illness you need to be worried about.

The spices that Cheetos uses are also not ideal for dogs. Your dog’s gut could simply not handle spices as we do. Let us not be hasty with our actions that we would put our dog’s safety in jeopardy. Not giving your dog some Cheetos is actually an excellent thing and can help you and your dog in the long run.

If my dog consumes Cheetos, what should I do?

Do not panic when you notice your dog has consumed Cheetos. Remember, your dog’s system can handle well a few pieces. But consuming a lot is something that you need to be alarmed about and seek medical advice from your vet. When you have noticed that Fido consumed a lot more than it should have, you better get your vet to look at your dog.

Observe your dog if it shows any symptoms of toxicity. Since Cheetos has lots of sodium, try giving your dog plenty of water to drink and wash off traces of Cheetos that might still be in their mouth. Do not induce vomiting. You may do more harm than good if you are going to do something you know nothing about.

Side effects of ingesting too much Cheetos

Hot Cheetos would cause problems like a case of diarrhea with your dog. Your dog may want to throw up. You need to give a steady supply of water just in case your dog needs something to get rid of that unpleasant after taste after throwing up. Call your vet and tell them everything that had happened so your vet can get the best solution for your dog.

If your dog is showing signs, it is getting tired or lethargic. Please follow your vets’ advice to the tee and try to be calm and do not deviate from any instructions. Your presence of mind and your attentiveness may help you lessen the impact of the discomfort your dog is experiencing. Let your dog feel you are there and are standing on his side.

What should I give my dog?

Definitely not Cheetos, you can give some treats to your dog that are suitable and can be well-taken by your dog’s stomach. You can give a spoon of peanut butter to your dog. It is better than a bagful of hot Cheetos and it has nutrients that are beneficial for your dog’s health.

An apple with seeds taken can also be a viable option as a dog treat. It can help your dog to have a much fresher breath and get rid of food residue from their teeth and gums. A few slices of uncooked and unseasoned chicken are an excellent source of protein. There are lots of alternatives that are more beneficial than a bag of hot Cheetos.

Can dogs eat Cheetos?
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