Do Goldendoodles Shed

Goldendoodles also shed not like what we previously believed that they don’t. They are not a hypoallergenic breed, but they do not shed as much as other breeds. You will see them shedding all year round, but some months, they can shed more.

Goldendoodles will also shed more depending on the season, and since this breed has a double coat, you can expect them to shed increasingly during the summer or winter.

Do Goldendoodles Shed?
Do Goldendoodles Shed?

Though they shed less than other dog breeds, it may still be something that bothers some owners and a routine to take care of your dog’s fur is what you should focus on.

How to manage your Goldendoodle’s shedding?

Brushing and Combing

You may need to purchase a comb or brush that is unique for such purpose which is to remove excess hair from your dogs before they fall off and stick on your sofa, carpet, and other furniture.

A bristle brush may be used or a wire-pin brush, since your Goldendoodle will have a bit of curl in their fur, this may also help detangle their coat. Combs will also help remove dead skin, old hair, and dander. Your dog will appreciate the effort with the combing and brushing cause it relaxes them equally well.

Combing after bathing your Goldendoodle is not ideal cause you should let them dry first instead of combing their fur instantly.

Watch their diet

Good nutrition is a big help to ensure that your pet will not have episodes of excessive shedding. When they are fed quality food will get the needed vitamins and nutrients that their body requires. You will see it on their coat, it is stronger and resilient, and not prone to breakage. Omega-3 fatty acids can promote hair growth. Omega-6 fatty acids are found in some dog food as well as other nutrients. You should be wise when purchasing food for your dogs.

Also, do not provide them with foods that they like but are not healthy for them. Sometimes giving them table food can be the culprit that causes them to shed more than usual.

The vet can advise you on a healthy diet for your pet and assist you in providing the best for your dog.

Water Intake

Dehydration can be the reason for hair loss in dogs. If they are not getting enough ration of drinking water, you will notice them shedding than usual. Also, ensure that their water is clean cause it will just negate the benefits they get from drinking water if it is dirty water.

Some dogs do not drink as much and will drink when they are too thirsty. A dog must drink an ounce of water per pound according to their body weight daily.

Provide Daily Exercise

When your dog is relaxed, happy, and doesn’t have too much energy, they are also calm, and their body will have no issue as well. Giving them the needed exercise will ensure every aspect of their needs is met. It is not just the healthy diet they require, but they also need their daily dose of exercise.

When you provide them at least 15 to 30 minutes of activity, they will be perkier, at ease, and content.


Some shampoos may contain ingredients that may not be as fur friendly. Other shampoos can even trigger shedding. Oatmeal shampoo is an excellent choice, especially for your dog’s sensitive skin. Choose a shampoo that will not dry their skin. However, it is not advised to bathe them too often cause the natural oil found on their skin can also deplete and cause some issues later on.

A twice a month bathing is sufficient, particularly during their shedding season. When bathing your Goldendoodle, make sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold, and choose the right shampoo that will be helpful during the shedding season.

Invest in the right De-shedding Products

The advantage of having a de-shedding tool is that it removes dead hair from your dog. These are brushes with stainless steel tines that can easily pull out and clean your dog of unwanted hair. Dead hair, once they fall off your dog can be annoying cause it sticks on your furniture, your clothes, and your bed. Even if you have a comb or a brush, a de-shedding tool can do more for your dog.

Keep their beddings and surroundings clean.

Remove hair shed from their beddings and their surroundings cause it will just stick to your dogs which can even cause matting.

Vacuuming is beneficial when you have dogs cause it catches hair shed and a clump of fur on the sofa, curtain, or carpet. If you are letting your dog sit with you on the sofa, make sure you clean this as often as their beddings.


Your vet will prescribe what supplements your dog should have. A fish oil supplement is ideal, and you can either choose it in liquid, chewable, or pill form. This is depending on how easy to give supplements to your dog.

Some supplements will fit your dogs than other supplements, so observe which supplements keep your dog’s coat healthier.

Supplements can also help in promoting healthy skin for your dog and prevent dryness and irritation.

Vet Visit

It is best to regularly bring your dog to the vet for their health check-up. It is for your peace of mind knowing that they have overall health and nothing to worry about.

When checked up as needed, your vet can also prescribe dog foods and supplements.

A vet visit can also help with grooming and, at the same time, check for skin health if there are bumps or anything suspicious that they need to take note of.

There is also an apparent reason your dog shed more than usual, and below is the list of what you should be aware of.


Yes, you read it right, dogs can feel stress too. You will notice your dog shedding excessively if you move to a new house, introduced another pet or another person is added to the household. They will see these changes as unnerving, like in people when met with unusual situations. They also become stressed and anxious. It is the same with dogs cause their usual routine is disrupted.

They can also lose appetite at times, but the common occurrence is excessive shedding.

Just make sure you are there for them during these times and make them realize that nothing changed. They are still your favorite pet.

Dietary Deficiency

A well-balanced diet is often beneficial to your dog and Goldendoodle, who shed more than they are supposed to. There may be some nutrients lacking.

Mineral deficiency can also be an issue in your dog and which you can pinpoint once you ask the help of the vet to determine via blood tests.

Topical Irritants

Your dog cannot say it, but they just itch to get that blanket or that bed away from them. Sometimes your dogs are exposed to topical irritants daily, such as household cleaners, sprays, and even their clothing,

This can easily irritate their skin, and eventually, this will also cause shedding.

Since dogs cannot speak about their preference, you should be the one to observe and see their overall health and check what they need.


You will notice your dog scratching excessively, and even at night, you will see them vigorously scratching instead of being in a deep sleep. There may be some fleas and ticks lurking on their skin. It causes inflammation and skin infection as well and can be serious if left untreated.

Fleas can also cause anemia, and ticks can bring about so many other diseases. It is best to treat this the soonest time.

Once your dog scratches too much, it will lose fur the next. Some severe infestations can even cause bald spots on the dogs, and worse is when their skin gets infected.

Underlying Reasons

It may also be a hormonal imbalance that causes your dog to shed excessively. You may also notice shedding after giving birth in most dogs. This is because of hormonal changes, and there is also another effect in female dogs besides shedding.

Other reasons may be a fungal or bacterial infection, thyroid imbalance, allergies, even tumors.

Once you have tried every grooming trick and have given your pet nutritious food and supplements and yet there is still excessive shedding, better to have them checked by the vet so further tests will be done and treatment will be determined.

What are alarming signs during shedding in your Goldendoodle?

Dry and Brittle Fur

This type of hair loss may have an underlying health issue and which you should check out immediately. It may not just be the shampoo you are using or the food you are feeding your pet.

Their fur, when healthy, should have a light spring to it, and when you comb their coat, the comb should glide through without difficulty. Brittle fur is not normal and must be explored further.

Clumps or Bald Patches

This may be a sign of allergies, and your dog may not be as happy with what you are feeding them. It can also mean fleas and ticks that are in their coat and which you should check out immediately.

These clumps or bald patches may be where your dog keeps chewing or maybe the area where they bite trying to remove the fleas, mites, or ticks. Scabies or mange may cause such bald spots.

Hair Loss

It is also called canine alopecia, where your loveable pet loses its fur. You may think your pet is just shedding excessively but may already losing its hair.

Causes may include ringworm, parasites, or bacterial infection. The fur may fall off without the dog scratching it. They may lose their fur at an alarming rate. Hair loss can be partial or complete, and this affects not only Goldendoodles but also other dog breeds.

Alopecia in dogs is treatable, and a visit to the vet will give you some answers about your pet’s condition.

Dog does not want to be touched in areas of hair loss

The spot may be inflamed or irritated, and they don’t want their owner or anyone else touching it. You will see some bald spots on your dog, at the same time, they are not welcoming anyone to touch them.

The spot may be so sore, or it may be your dog’s favorite chewing or licking spot. You may need to refrain from touching it unless you are treating it, otherwise, stay away from them until it completely heals.

Inflammation, presence of crust, or red patches around the area of hair loss.

This is another alarming sign while your dog is shedding. When you notice your dog’s skin with crusting, red patches, and the appearance of inflammation on some areas. It may be a sign of Demodex mite, canine scabies, or lice. When you notice your Goldendoodle shedding too much of their fur and then their skin is ladled with the signs above, you should immediately take them to the vet.

Treatment will depend on what your dog has. It will be screened first and will need to undergo some tests. When symptoms are present, it is crucial to bring your dog to the vet immediately cause it can quickly worsen.

Demodex in dogs is such discomfort and will make your dog scratch excessively.

Open sores

Another alarming sign that you should be wary of when you have a dog. It may indicate an underlying medical condition. If it is supposed to be just a shedding season for your dog and you suddenly see the appearance of open sores or lesions. It may be due to your dog biting, scratching, and licking in that area.

Usually, it is found on the hip, head, and chest. It can appear during hot weather. You should help ease the discomfort that your pet feels during these times.

The vet will prescribe some ointments or topical medicine for your dogs and may also require you to change their diet. You will also need to clean your pet’s beddings, remove the old blanket and replace them with new ones.

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