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Doberman Puppies

Owning a Doberman puppy can be a very rewarding and wholesome experience. Doberman puppies are intelligent, loyal, and energetic. A Doberman puppy would be a great addition to your family if you are athletic and enjoy getting out. Doberman puppies are athletic, proud, and are always happy to play a good game of fetch. Doberman dogs are often misunderstood. The Doberman dog was originally bred to be a guard dog, so that’s one of the reasons why they get a bad reputation. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Your Doberman puppy will follow your lead and the example you set for him or her. Your Doberman will be a loyal companion to you and your family and will be right there by your side during your highs and lows.

Doberman Puppies
Doberman Puppies

How do I Know if a Doberman is Right for Me?

The first thing to consider whenever deciding to get a Doberman puppy is your lifestyle. Doberman puppies require a lot of time, exercise, and commitment. The Doberman dog breed is perfect for active families who are always looking for a new adventure. If you are the type of person who prefers to stay indoors most of the time, then the Doberman might not be the right fit for you and your family. Doberman puppies are one of the smartest breeds of dogs in the world, so they can be very easily trained if you know what to do. If you are unsure about how to train him or her then you can always consult your vet as well as online animal experts and, as always, doing research of your own. Dobermans are naturally protective and defensive of their families, as they were bred to be guard dogs, so they will always let you know if someone is knocking on the door.

Doberman dogs do not typically get aggressive or bite unless they have been taught to do something like that. Most dog breeds are very gentle if raised correctly. Whenever you get your Doberman puppy make sure you have plenty of time to take him or her to the park often, a bored Doberman usually gets into quite a bit of trouble. If your puppy is displaying any behavioral issues, the easiest way to negate the troublemaker side of your Doberman puppy is to make sure that he or she gets plenty of exercise and playtime. If you take your Doberman puppy out often then he or she will be more likely to be calm while indoors.

Make sure to get your Doberman puppy plenty of toys and treats. Doberman puppies respond well to positive reinforcement. If your Doberman puppy does something that you like, reward him or her with a treat. Make sure to have plenty of chew toys so that your puppy doesn’t chew on things such as your shoes. Young puppies are usually teething and require something to chew on.

Doberman puppies aren’t for everyone. Make sure that you do extensive research, or maybe even spend time with someone else’s Doberman puppies to familiarize yourself with the breed. Doberman puppies are a handful, but most people agree that it is well worth it to have such a loyal companion by your side.

What to Think About When Getting a Doberman Puppy?

There are a few things that you should really think about whenever deciding on whether or not you should add a Doberman puppy to your family. If you want to have a healthy, happy, well-behaved Doberman puppy you will need to have plenty of space for your Doberman to run around. Doberman puppies are high-energy dogs and are very active. They will benefit from regular walks and adventures, in addition to taking your Doberman puppy out often and socializing them well they will benefit from having a nice big yard to run around and play in.

Sometimes we can’t always take our dogs out for an adventure, if you are busy or for some reason can’t go to the park one day, you can always let your Doberman puppy outside in your own yard to channel their energy. Doberman puppies are natural-born leaders and protectors. If your dog senses someone or something is a threat, your dog might jump to your defense. The Doberman dog’s defensive nature is one of the most crucial reasons why it is important to socialize your Doberman dog with neighbors, friends, and family at a very young age. If your Doberman puppy is poorly socialized, he or she might not react well to being around new people or other animals. It is just best to socialize the Doberman puppy whenever they are still young so that they will get along well with others.

As mentioned earlier, since Doberman dogs are so intelligent and natural-born leaders they might learn to take advantage of you if you are not consistent with your training. Oftentimes people have reported being outsmarted by their Doberman dogs. Doberman dogs are confident, courageous, and very independent. They are guard dogs at heart, so that is part of the reason why they are always analyzing their surroundings and actively searching for the best strategy.

Advantages of Owning a Doberman Dog

There are quite a few advantages of owning a Doberman puppy. Your Doberman puppy will look up to you and be a loyal companion through and through.

  • Family-friendly- If raised well as a puppy your Doberman puppy will grow into a great family dog who will protect you and the family at all costs. Doberman puppies are good with children and other pets if they are raised around them and properly socialized. Whenever deciding to get a Doberman puppy you can rest assured that they will fit right in and be the perfect addition to the family because of their friendly, protective, and caring nature.
  • Obedient- As mentioned, Dobermans are highly intelligent dog breeds and easily trained. Doberman puppies will listen to you and be very obedient and devoted to you. If you show your doberman dog respect, in turn your Doberman dog will show your respect. With Doberman puppies it is a two way street, you have to earn their respect and vice versa. They are very easily trained and get along well with the right people.
  • Energetic: If you and your family are full of life and energy, then the Doberman puppy will be the greatest decision you have ever made. Doberman puppies are lively and energetic, if you have children then your Doberman puppy and the kids will love to spend time together. Doberman puppies never seem to run out of energy and are always down to play.
  • Protective over their family- Doberman dogs as mentioned earlier were bred in Germany to be guard dogs. They take this role very seriously and will always protect the people they care about most. It is especially comforting knowing that your Doberman dog will keep you safe in the middle of the night if something were to ever happen. Doberman puppies are loyal and compassionate towards their family and would do anything to keep them safe and happy.
  • Loyal- Your Doberman puppy will be loyal to you from the start to the end. Your Doberman puppy will want nothing more than to make you happy. If you are happy, your Doberman puppy will be happy too. You can always count on your Doberman to be there.

Disadvantages of Owning a Doberman?

There are not many disadvantages as far as behavior goes, but unfortunately, Dobermans are especially susceptible to certain health issues. It is important whenever you decide to get a Doberman puppy that you make sure your finances are in order and ready to take your Doberman puppy to the vet for their vaccines and regular checkups. Some of the common health issues with Doberman dogs include:

  • Hip dysplasia- Hip dysplasia is one of the most common health issues you may have to worry about as your Doberman puppy grows into an adult. Hip dysplasia is whenever the hip joints do not function as they are supposed to, rather than working smoothly the joint muscles rub together. Oftentimes this is painful and very uncomfortable. Feeding your dog a proper diet and making sure they are at a healthy weight can decrease the possibility of the development of hip dysplasia.
  • Von Willebrand Disease- Von Willebrand disease is another common health issue your Doberman puppy may face in later life. Von Willebrand disease is usually inherited, and Doberman dogs are one of the highest affected breeds. Von Willebrand disease occurs whenever your dog experiences a lot of blood clots. Symptoms include a lot of bruising, bleeding gums and bleeding easily and often. This can be very concerning and if you notice any symptoms of Van Willebrand disease it is important that you take your dog to get checked out as soon as possible. Treatment can help keep this disease in check and ensure your Doberman dog is safe and healthy.
  • Wobbler Syndrome- Wobbler Syndrome is common in Doberman dogs as well as other bigger dog breeds. Wobbler syndrome, scientifically known as “cervical spondylomyelopathy”, is a condition affecting the cervical spine, your dog’s neck. A dog with wobbler syndrome has to deal with compression of his or her spinal cords. It is a very painful and unpleasant experience. If your Doberman dog is exhibiting syndromes of painful muscles spasms in their neck area take your Doberman to be checked out as soon as you can. Most Doberman dogs who have been diagnosed with wobbler syndrome were diagnosed before they turned three years old. Unfortunately, this disease is hereditary and may not be preventable but catching it early makes it definitely treatable.
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy- Doberman dogs are very susceptible to a life-threatening heart condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy. This heart disease is most commonly found in Doberman pinscher dogs. Whenever your dog has dilated cardiomyopathy there are several things that your dog may experience such as fainting, collapsing, being short of breath, and rapid heartbeat. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms you need to take your Doberman dog to the vet immediately. In severe cases of dilated cardiomyopathy sudden death has been reported.
  • Narcolepsy- Sometimes Doberman dogs can develop narcolepsy. While many tend to associate Narcolepsy with the brain, it is actually a nervous system disorder. Narcolepsy happens whenever your Doberman dog is excessively tired throughout the day Oftimetimes dogs with narcolepsy will experience low energy, and in severe circumstances, your Doberman may even lose consciousness, usually, these episodes are brief. If your usually high energy, always ready-to-play Doberman puppy begins to display any of these symptoms it is cause for concern and you should take your Doberman to the vet as soon as you can.

Where Can I Get a Doberman Puppy From and How Much Do They Cost?

The first place you should look whenever you have made your mind up about getting a Doberman puppy is the animal shelters. Animal shelters often have puppies for sale at discounted rates. Usually, puppies and dogs at animal shelters can cost anywhere from 30-60 dollars. Most animal shelters have the dogs’ health, safety, and happiness in mind whenever considering potential candidates for adoption. You may be asked to go through a background check. Animal shelters doing background checks on potential candidates for adoption ensures the safety of the dogs.

Once you have checked at all the animal shelters in your travel range, you should consider getting your Doberman puppy from a breeder. If you decide to go through a breeder you need to make sure that the breeder you choose is reputable, responsible, and treats their puppies well. Make sure that you do extensive research whenever it comes to choosing a Doberman breeder. A good Doberman breeder will have no problem with answering any and all questions. The breeder will have the puppy’s health, safety, and happiness in mind and will likely be expecting questions so they can be sure that they are selling to a responsible dog owner.

Doberman breeders’ prices tend to be a lot higher than you would find at an animal shelter. Prices can range anywhere from 1,000 dollars to 2,5000 dollars. This may seem pricy, but overall you should consider the health of the Doberman puppy you will be getting. Whenever you have decided to go through a Doberman breeder for your puppy make sure to schedule an appointment to see the facility where the Doberman puppies are raised. A good, responsible, reputable Doberman dog breeder will have no problem with showing you around and explaining how they do things. If the breeder refuses once you have asked to see the facilities then do not trust that breeder.

What Are Some Reputable Doberman Breeders in the United States?

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a breeder, there are several good ones in the United States that you might consider going through. All of these Doberman puppy breeders are registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club), so you can rest assured that the Doberman puppy you will be getting is healthy, safe, and happy.

  • Shelian’s Dobermans- This breeder has had Doberman pinscher puppies since before 1970, they are very responsible and care deeply for their dogs. Sheilan’s Doberman is located in South Carolina.
  • Emerald Eire Dobermanns- The owner of this company, Julie Westphal is great with the Doberman puppies and very responsible. She like all the others is registered with the AKC, she is also a veterinary technician and knows how to provide basic medical care for the doberman puppies. Puppies are usually read to be rehomed at around 10 weeks old. She is located in Decatur Illinois.
  • Quartet Doberman’s- Quartet Doberman’s is another great Doberman breeder to consider. Wendy, the owner of this company has been working with the breed for many years. She feeds her Doberman puppies an all-natural diet and ensures their health. Quartet Doberman’s is located in Gardnerville Nevada.

What Differentiates the Doberman From Other Dogs?

The main thing that differentiates a Doberman puppy from other puppies is the unique look. All dogs are unique in their own way, but Doberman dogs tend to be lean, strong, confident, and natural-born leaders. Doberman dogs are very independent and take on the role of the leader if not properly trained. Doberman dogs are unique and very strong-willed. The Doberman dog has a majestic, independent look that they carry with them wherever they go. Doberman dogs are by far one of the best dogs you could get if you want a guard dog who will protect you, your family, and even the children. Your Doberman dog will take their job as the protector of your family very seriously. Your Doberman will want to protect you and your family at any cost. If you do not like excessive barking, the Doberman dog might be a handful for you. However, since Doberman dogs are so smart, they can definitely be trained not to bark as much or to only bark during certain occasions.

Doberman Puppies
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