Dog chains, our canine friend’s bling bling

Man’s best friend had been our companion for several millennia Dog (Canis familiaris or Canis lupus familiaris) had been tagged as Man’s best friend had been with us through ups and downs and through thick and thin. Dogs have seen our shares of our low and very low moments. They were present to comfort us when nobody seems to be around. Their loyalty is unquestioned, and their dedication to being with us is second to none until the end.

But despite those good qualities that a dog might have, they are known to exhibit fierce and aggressive behavior. They might not respond to our call and needed something to restraint them. It is harsh and cruel to some to have a choke collar on the dog’s neck. But I know that some dog owners do that as a way of protecting others from any unprovoked attack that a dog may do in the future.

 Are chains bad for dogs?
Are chains bad for dogs?

What is a dog chain and what it is for?

A dog collar is a material put around a dog’s neck. A dog chain or collar is used for

  • restraint
  • identification
  • fashion

An identification tag is hung on the dog’s chain. The tags contain some information regarding the dog. Collars for chains are used with a leash for controlling and restraining a dog. Collars often caused injury on the dog’s neck if the dog pulls hard against it. Some use a harness instead of a collar because it provides a safer option than a chain or collar. One drawback of a harness is that dogs sometimes slip out of it.

Are chains bad for dogs?

If something is placed on a dog’s neck that prevents it from free movement, technically, it isn’t good. A chain or collar could leave serious damage on the dog’s neck. It is known to cause serious thyroid damage that greatly affects a dog’s health. For safer dog handling, experts recommend a dog harness. You can safely control your dog without hurting it much compared to a collar, and it is also much comfortable compared to a chain or collar.

Our list of safer dog collars can make you worry less if your dog is not comfortable with its restraint. Choose from this list of safe and fashionable collars that would make dogs stand out among the crowd.

Gold Chain Dog Collar


This bling-bling is lighter than the average metal collar that would seriously hurt your dog. It is 1/3 lighter than a stainless steel collar. It opens and closes easily by simply clicking it, is flexible and convenient to use, and has less stress on your dog’s neck. It also goes well with dog apparel makes your dog adorable and cuter. Perfect gift for a fellow dog lover. Doesn’t rust and doesn’t tarnish.

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Dog Necklace Collar Puppy Fashion Pitbull Dog Gold Chain Necklace


Make your dog the ultimate boss of bosses with this stunning dog necklace. The ultimate dog fashion is perfect for dog photoshoots, which are thick and light for dogs and cats. Your canine friend deserves all the best in life. Please don’t settle for anything less. Would you please put this on your pet and make him the ultimate star that he is?

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PetsHome Dog Collar

Bling Rhinestones $16.59

Fashion is not a crime. Level up your dog’s overall appearance with this premium leather dog and cat collar. Since it’s made of leather, it is soft but yet durable. It is of excellent craftsmanship and quality with 5 adjustment holes. Fitting it comfortably is never a problem. It has a soft fur inside the collar giving your pet the ultimate comfort. Designed with bling rhinestones and with a crystal pendant, your pet will be going to be the star of the show. Wear this to your dog, and both of you will be ready for any occasion, be it a party, a wedding, or just an ordinary lazy day. An ideal gift for your pet lover friend and will surely fit any dog size.

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PRADOG Chain Dog Collar

With Zirconia Locking – $21.99

Being elegant and fabulous will always be in style. Fortune always favors the bold. If being beautiful is your way of life, your dog should also reflect your values. Introducing the Pradog Chain Dog Collar, it Fits perfectly with different dog sizes from petite to large breeds. If you have a Prada, why not give your dog a Pradog. Adorned 18K gold, it is durable, rustproof, and easy to lock and unlock. Whether you’re walking or training your dog, he’s going to be fabulous and is going to be a certified head-turner.

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Dog leash

There are regulations regarding the use of dog leashes. An attachment to our dog’s chain or collar allows us to control our dog while we are them for a walk or training them in public places like parks, playgrounds, or even at the beach. The right leash choice could spell comfort to our dogs, while the wrong choices would lead to injury. Here is some safe leash that is comfortable and stylish for our canine friends.

Retractable Dog Leash 16ft

Strong Durable Walking Leash – $12.99

Who doesn’t like the great outdoors? Who is not excited for a stroll? Pair your dog’s collar with this retractable leash capable of extending up to 16 ft. in length. It comes in different cool and attractive colors. It is unique and stylish and is equipped with a hand brake and locking system giving you maximum control over your dog. You can release, brake and lock using only one of your hands. With a press of a button, you can easily lock and unlock it. Suitable for dogs and cats. Your dog can roam around freely, and with a longer range, the freedom of movement it can offer your dog is a major plus and advantage. Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless materials, your dog is never much safer with this retractable dog leash.

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Pezakf Dog Leash

Long Dogs Training Leashes with Soft Padded Handle – $13.99

Are you living a healthy lifestyle? Do you manage to squeeze running into your busy schedule? Get the ultimate leash control while running with your dog with this training leash. Available in 5ft, 6ft, 15ft, and even up to 50ft in length. Run as fast as you can without worrying if your dog can keep. This extended training leash is made from high-quality material that provides maximum control and security. Perfect for all sizes of dogs, it even fits a rabbit. Very durable, and the buckle is capable of 3600 rotation preventing rope knotting. It also has soft foam padded handles for a more comfortable grip protecting your hand from rope burns. Enjoy long hours of bonding, walking, strolling, or running with your dog. That is a safe way to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, both for you and your dog.

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EC.TEAK Retractable Dog Leash


Walking with your dog and spending time with her are few priceless moments that both of you must share all the time. Make the best effort by providing your pet the best and most comfortable retractable leash you can find. This leash can extend up to 26ft, uses the same materials used in making set belts, making it strong, durable, but comfortable for both owner and dog. Great for small, medium breeds dog sizes. With one click of a button using only.

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Hi Kiss Agility lead

Dog/Puppy Obedience Recall Training Agility Lead – $9.97

Having some fun time in the woods or the wilderness is your ultimate camping moment with your dog. Be in total control in some unknown places with this extremely long leash. With 30ft in length and available colors, the outback is a frontier waiting to be conquered. Play catch and fetch, or stroll and appreciate nature’s beauty. You never have to worry that your dog is out of sight. Made of long durable nylon, you can be sure that it is durable and will not be easily cut with sharp edges. Training is more fun and fulfilling, knowing you are in total control of every situation. Equipped with a swivel-style bolt snap, you don’t have to worry about twisting, a safe way of ensuring effective training.

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We understand the amount of care and respect you have for your dog. That is why we would like to provide you with the best and safest set of collars and leashes that would rid you of your fear and worry of hurting your precious love one. Our choices of dog care product will help you plan the best bonding experience you and your dog greatly deserves.  We assure you that what we have in store for you is both beautiful and functional. What are you waiting for? Go and get yours now.

Dog chains, our canine friend’s bling bling
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