Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

Binge-watching is great with a bagful of Doritos at hand. Munching something while enjoying your favorite show can make you enjoy the show more. Your dog also watches with you and you are tossing a piece of Doritos that your dog enthusiastically catches while wagging its tail in glee. But can dogs eat Doritos or will they get sick?

Can dogs eat Doritos? Doritos are high in salt and fat, so it’s not healthy for dogs to eat. They also contain lactose and corn, that many dogs are allergic to. If your dog eats a bagful of Doritos, it may experience problems in urinating, kidney injury, and, worse, death.

We might think that since it seems okay to us, it would also be okay for our dogs. You can just see your dog’s reaction catching a piece of Doritos flying in the air and it catches the Doritos playfully and you give him more and more because you are enjoying your dog’s newfound skill, catching Doritos with its mouth.

Can dogs eat Doritos
Can I give my dog Doritos?

While we enjoy a few Doritos treat, but is it advisable for our dogs? Won’t a few pieces bring any harm? We have been reading warnings on consuming foods that have high fat and salt content and if we just take in moderation, medical people would say that it is going to be okay, but is it also alright for our dogs? Can dogs eat Doritos?

Will Doritos hurt a dog?

Any food item that is high in salt and fat is a big no, no, for dogs. Doritos and other tortilla corn snack chips contain high salt content and oil that was used in cooking this chip is not suitable for your dog’s guts. If they seasoned the tortillas with both garlic and onion, it is again a health concern for canines.

Dogs and corn don’t mix. Corn is an allergen for most dogs. Doritos is corn-based, it has salt and uses oil in cooking all the three major ingredients are a big no, no for dogs. With that said, Feeding Doritos to your four-legged friend would be such a bad idea and would be tantamount to not showing any form of love for them.

Doritos also contain lactose, which causes stomach upset in dogs if your pet is sensitive to dairy products that are another reason that you should refrain from feeding your dog Doritos. Hot sauce does not settle well with your dog’s gut, so next time if you open a bag of that triangular treat, it would be better to just keep it to yourself.

Sodium or simply salt poses a great danger to our dog’s health. When your dog eats a lot of Doritos, it ingests a lot of salt. Based on a study by The National Academies of Science and Engineering and Medicine, a dog that weighs 33 pounds needs only a daily allowance of 200 mg of salt and 14 g of fat.

If your dog munches on a bag of chips, except for serious consequences. When your dog eats a bagful of Doritos, it may experience problems in urinating, abnormal accumulation of fluids, kidney injury, and, worse, death. Dog’s stomach cannot process salt as we do. When a dog ingested salt in large volumes, it causes toxicity in them.

What can I feed my dog?

You can let your dog taste some treats as long as it is unsalted. If you are giving your dogs some unsalted chips, it would be safer. You won’t have to worry about your dog getting dehydrated because it ingested high-salted snacks. But still, chips can contain fat and oil which is still not good for them.

You can prepare a fruit salad that is composed of strawberry, blueberry, apple, melons, and banana. Just be sure to remove the seeds and your dog would be just fine. Fruits like blueberries and apples are rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for your dog. Rather than giving them chips, it would be wiser to have them munch on those fruits.

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Can Dogs Eat Doritos?
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