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FurHaven dog bed

If you are planning of getting your dog a comfortable piece of cloud-like comfort, FurHeaven dog bed is an ideal choice for you. Once your dog landed on it nicely, there is simply no getting up. Your dog can instantly lay on it for hours and would not mind having extra time laying perfectly still because of its feel and comfort.

We would love to offer you an excellent piece of FurHaven dog bed that is best at giving your dog the superior comfort that they deserve. A lot of buzzes have been on it lately and dog owners were just amazed at how well FurHaven dog bed provides. Your dog could sleep on its sides or anyway it feels comfortable and can wake up with vigor and energy. Your dog would surely love FurHeaven dog bed nicely.

What is FurHaven dog bed?

FurHaven offers the best cushioning and support for your dog. Old dogs and arthritic dogs deserve the comfort of FurHaven dog beds. Made from medical-grade orthopedic foam base, it is ideal for dogs looking for a comfortable place to spend a good night’s sleep. FurHaven dog bed feels snuggly soft and can put any dog to sleep within minutes because of its excellent feel and comfort.

FurHaven dog bed is like having a high-end dog sofa and bed and everything in between. They cushion FurHaven dog bed with bolsters that leave the front open which your dog can access easily. If you think of it, FurHaven dog bed is like a lounge where your dog can just lie and chill all day long. They couldn’t get anything better than that.

The bolsters are durable and sturdy that give your dog steady neck support that corrects the alignment of their spines while they are lying deep in slumber. The orthopedic foam base makes your dog feel it is being cradled. Its design is just excellent as it supports your dog’s contour and allowing airflow while your dog lies on it for hours.

The FurHaven dog bed is not meant to withstand clawing and biting. We recommend FurHaven for older and much calmer dogs. Young dogs are just fond of biting and chewing on their bed. FurHaven uses faux fur fabric and its super-soft design could not bear the ground and pound of your dog’s teeth and claw when it playfully chews its bed because it feels happy and exciting.

Is it really that comfortable?

If your dog could just talk, it would tell you it’s like sleeping comfortably on clouds. When the fabrics and materials used in constructing a FurHaven dog bed are comfortable, the bed would obviously result in a night of comfortable all-night sleep. It uses a suede fabric for its surface cover which, when touched, just feels so soft. It also contains 100 percent recycled filling that when your dog’s head touches it, it’s an instant lights-out.

Your dog put its tired body lazily is on FurHaven dog bed sleep surface is faux fur, which hides dirt and loose hair effectively. The manufacturers of FurHaven dog bed assure us they are not using any harmful materials or chemicals with their product. They also assure us it contains nothing that irritates your dog and the entire bed supports delicate and pressure-sensitive dog skins and fur.

Imagine an egg crate. An egg crate’s design allows a perfect condition for eggs to stay fit so it won’t move and break. They embedded the egg crate concept in every FurHaven dog bed. The egg crate concept design allows air to flow naturally for your dog to stay comfortable all night. Some FurHaven models incorporate a cooling gel foam and memory foam for a more comfortable sleep all night long.

Are there any recommended sizes for FurHaven dog beds for different dogs?

FurHaven has different sizing options to fit all sizes of dogs. Here are the dimensions of FurHaven dog beds that can fit any size of dog. Please note that the dimensions are in inches.

  • Small -20″ x 15″ x 5.5″ (Ideal size for Chihuahua and other small-sized dogs)
  • Large – 36″ x 27″ x 6.5″
  • Jumbo – 44″ x 35″ x 8″
  • Jumbo Plus – 53″ x 42″ X 9.5″ (A size that can fit Great Danes)

FurHaven recommends that if you are unsure what size you should choose, go for the bigger size so that your dog can have plenty of wiggle space. FurHaven dog bed comes in different colors that can match your home and your dog’s sleeping space. Cleaning your FurHaven dog bed’s faux fur is removable and can slide down the washer nicely and easily for effective cleaning.

Calmer and older large breeds would surely love the comfortable feel of FurHaven dog bed as it gently takes the contour of their body and makes them feel they are being gently cradled. The plush materials used on the sleep surface do not get uncomfortable and provide a suitable temperature that keeps a dog in perfect condition for an all-night sleep.

You have seen the different sizes with specific dimensions to cater to every dog breed. We have a FurHaven dog bed for a small dog like a Chihuahua and other lapdogs to that of Great Dane and other large hunting dogs. You can always have an option for getting the best size FurHaven dog bed for every breed, size is not an issue in choosing which FurHaven dog bed would fit your dog because we got you covered.

German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and other large breeds fit perfectly and sleep soundly with FurHaven dog bed. You are sure that they wake up energized and invigorated each time. You’ll notice they have fewer tantrums and can’t seem to get enough of the feel and comfort that a FurHaven dog bed can only bring. We would like to pick up your phone and order the perfect size for your dog.

We are happy that you have chosen us to be your partner for all of your dog-related concerns. Always visit us and stay tuned for more tips on different ways to how to get the best effective treatment that your dog deserves.

FurHaven dog bed
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