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How do I take care of the fur of the Goldendoodle?

One of the features that make Goldendoodles recognizable is their fur. If you are considering getting a Goldendoodle or perhaps you already have a Goldendoodle puppy, you may wonder which steps you should take to maintain its fur soft and looking beautiful.

To properly take care of your Goldendoodle’s fur, make sure you are developing a regular grooming schedule that includes using appropriate products for the curl of your Goldendoodle.

Taking care of Goldendoodles is relatively easy but can become extremely complicated if you don’t know what to do and how to approach certain situations. If you would like some extra help and useful tips, keep reading this article.

How do I take care of the fur of the Goldendoodle?
How do I take care of the fur of the Goldendoodle?

How do I keep my Goldendoodle hair curly? 

Depending on which parent your puppy takes more of its features, it could have different types of fur. There are three distinct types of fur: curly, wavy, and straight fur. They are differentiated by the degree of curl the fur possesses. 

Curly fur has the most exaggerated curls and is the most similar to a poodle’s fur. The curls are very dense and resemble “afro” hairstyles. Usually, the fur is shorter around the face and will eventually stop growing if kept untrimmed.

Straight fur resembles the fur of a Golden retriever. This is the fur type that entails the least amount of maintenance but also causes sheds the most. Besides regular brushing, there is not much you need to do. However, this is the least common type of fur among this breed.

Wavy type is a combination of the curly and wavy type of fur. It has visible curls but is less dense than the curly fur. If kept untrimmed, it will grow up to 7 inches, except for the fur around the face, which is shorter than the rest of the body. The amount of shedding will vary from dog to dog, but, usually, they don’t shed too much. 

When their fur is regularly groomed, it will retain its natural curl and softness. However, if you want to ensure maximum curliness let the fur air dry.

Goldendoodles are mostly low maintenance compared to other dog breeds, but they still require regular grooming. For the most part, you can leave your dog be, but having a regular grooming schedule can do wonders for your dog’s fur. On the other hand, if you leave it unkept for longer periods of time, it may lead to many health problems for your Goldendoodles.

Goldendoodles should be groomed in this order: brushing and de-matting the fur, bathing the dog if necessary, trimming the dog’s face and the rest of the body and their nails. This routine should also include brushing their teeth, removing excess hair from the ears, and cleaning the hair on the downside of their feet. These steps are important to avoid any possible infections which usually come from unkept ears and teeth.

How to wash a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles should be washed once a month at most. However, if you enjoy playing outside and in the water, you should bathe them more often. Bathing regularly is important but overdoing it can cause irritation and increase matting. The cost of grooming your dog at the dog groomer can easily add up, but if you want to, you can groom your dog just as easily at home. While a normal shower or a bath will be just fine, if you plan on doing this frequently, it would be a good idea to invest in a raised tub, as it will make it arguably easier. 

Many shampoos made specifically for dogs can dry out your Goldendoodle’s skin and damage the fur. The best alternatives are mild baby shampoos or other products that include conditioners. You should start by washing the dog’s head, making sure to avoid getting shampoo in their eyes and ears, and work your way down the dog’s body. After the shampoo is massaged well, it should be rinsed several times to avoid itchiness, dryness, and scratching.

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When drying the fur, you may start with a towel to remove dripping water. While doing this, you should avoid rubbing the fur because this may cause tangles in the fur, which are difficult to remove once the fur is dry. From that point further, you can dry the fur using a blow dryer. The setting should be low not to frighten the dog. If you live in places with warm weather, the fur can air dry as well. Just make sure you brushed it out before.

What different types of brushes and combs do I need for my dog?

Depending on the type of fur your Goldendoodles, you will need different types of brushes and combs. Some general qualities you should look for are wooden handles and backs. This is important to absorb natural oils from the dog’s skin and help them absorb well. If your Goldendoodle has longer fur, you should use a bristle brush. These brushes vary in length and spacing between bristles. If you opt to make your Goldendoodle’s fur shorter, softer, shorter, and closely placed together, brushes will be appropriate for your dog. This is most effective for wavy fur.

Wire pin brushes are appropriate for Goldendoodles with longer and curlier fur. Since they have smaller, closely put-together pins that divide the fur neatly, it works for most Goldendoodles. However, since they don’t have any rubber tips on the end of the bristles, you shouldn’t press it hard into the fur as not to damage the skin.

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Slicker brushes are appropriate to use for most Goldendoodles while removing small mats. They are also used right after a bath to brushing through wet fur to make it easier to dry.

How to trim a Goldendoodle? 

Goldendoodles, on average, need a new trim every six to eight weeks. Trimming the hair is not a difficult task, but you should get used to the process to make it easier for yourself. The material also makes for the durability of the brush. You should also make sure the bristles are soft and made of quality materials to avoid damaging the dog’s skin.

The best length to leave your dog’s fur is up to 2 inches as that length shows the curls but is easily maintained at the same time. While you can use ordinary scissors, electric dog clippers will make it much easier to neat up the fur. The dog should always be bathed before you trim its fur, as it will be much easier to get a clean cut. In the end, you should use small sharp scissors to remove any mats. 

How to Tick Check Your Goldendoodle?

Thickness is not only uncomfortable for dogs, but it can also carry serious diseases like Lyme disease. This task may seem daunting since Goldendoodles have dense fur, but it is quite simple once you know what you’re doing.  

If your dog likes to spend time outside and likes to wander around in nature, you should be on the lookout for ticks all year round. Although ticks can embed anywhere on the body, they mostly go to warm secluded places like areas around the ears, genital area, “armpits,” base of the tail, and feet. You should check the entire body but focus on these areas. It would be best if you ran your fingers through the fur, making sure you can feel the skin, feel it out for any bumps on the skin. This will be much easier if your dog is regularly groomed.

Suppose you spend a lot of time outside and didn’t take any preventive measures. You should check for ticks after any venture outside. If you find a tick upon checking, these steps should be taken.

The ticks don’t place themselves fully underneath the skin. In fact, only their mouths latch themselves onto the skin, and the rest of their bodies are on the outside. There is a variety of accessible tick removal tools, but if you cannot find any regular tweezers, you can get the job done easily. Make sure you placed the tweezers as close as possible to the skin without putting too much pressure onto the tick, so you don’t crush it or detach its head from the body. The tick should be pulled out in one swift motion without twisting it.

After removing the tick, clean up the bite with water and soap and apply antibiotic cream to avoid infections and diseases. To protect yourself throughout this process, wear gloves and make sure to dispose of the tick inside a plastic bag.

How do I take care of the fur of the Goldendoodle?
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