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How Do You House-Train A Puppy?

How do you house-train a puppy? Rest the puppy often in the beginning. Take it out when it has slept, played, or eaten. When the puppy has done what it is supposed to, you give it praise. Should the puppy accidentally pee or poop inside, take it quickly and run out.

Once you have acquired a small puppy, you probably want to get that room clean as quickly as possible to avoid having to clean as much.

Our puppy is 15 weeks now and it has been room clean for two weeks now. I’ll tell you how we did.

How do you house-train a puppy?

Preparations before we got the puppy home

Before we brought the puppy home, we rolled up and carried out all the carpets. It is known even before that there will be many accidents with a puppy. Then it isn’t easy to have to wash the carpets all the time. We also bought compost grids to turn off rooms and parts of the house where we were not at the moment. If you have the puppy under supervision at all times, you will prevent many accidents.

If you want to, there are also dog courses to house-train a puppy.

Go outside often when you house-train a puppy

The key to getting a puppy house-trained is to go out a lot. In the beginning, when we got our puppy home, we ran out with it almost all the time. We live in a townhouse with a small little lawn at the back. It is enough for the puppy to be able to pee and poop there. We took it out into the garden when it woke up when it had eaten and after it had played. Of course, there were lots of runs. But it might be worth it if you quickly get your puppy room clean. If you see that the puppy is about to start peeing or pooping on the floor, you can lift it and carry it out. It will hopefully stop with what it is doing and do it in the right place.

Praise the puppy when it successes

When the puppy manages to pee or poop outside, you give it lots of praise and maybe a small treat.

Here I can take the opportunity to come up with a little tip. To begin with, we had some toys out in the garden that the puppy could play with. He had also brought lots of sticks home from the walks. So when we got out in the garden, there were lots of exciting things to play with. This made it a little difficult for him to urinate. So I removed toys and sticks, then it was easier to pee and poop.

What do you do when the puppy pee or pops inside?

When you house-train a puppy, stuff happens indoors. But what do you do when the accident occurs? Just wipe it up. You should not yell at it the puppy or be me1n towards it if it fails. And it will fail many times before you will get it house-trained.

We noticed that the puppy had special places in the house that he liked to pee in. The rooms we did not use could close, so he did not get in there.

There are special Urin-off sprays that you can buy and spray where the dog has peed to avoid it peeing there again. You spray the place regularly until the habit of urinating right there has disappeared. It neutralizes the urine and breaks down the odor. This is not something I tried myself. It works well if we have him in the same room as we are and observe his behavior. But I want to mention that in case your puppy has a hard time being house-trained.

Rest the puppy during the night too

As long as the puppy is small, it will also need to be walked during the night to avoid poop and pee indoors. It can be nice to go out with it just before you go to bed, not to be woken up so early during the night by a puppy who wants to go out.

It is perhaps extra important that it is not so fun to go out at night. When we had toys outside, Cléo could wake us up maybe three times each night to go out. But when I made the garden more boring, I was woken up fewer times.

Tell the puppy to pee

When we picked up our puppy, the breeder suggested that we say pee or go and pee to the puppy every time it did and praise it for it. Eventually, it commands the go-and-pee command to urinate and can do so when prompted. It can be convenient if you are going away or maybe at night when you most of all want to go in and go to bed again.

We have told our dog to go and pee every time he needs to. I’m not sure if he understands it all because sometimes you can tell him to go and pee and other times not. But it’s worth a try anyway because it would be so easy if you could make it work.

How do I know if the puppy needs to go out and pee and poop?

It would help if you got to know your puppy and see how it reacts. Puppies work a little differently here, so it is difficult to say how your puppy acts. Our puppy goes to the door, comes back to us, buffs us, and maybe jumps a little.

If you don´t read your puppy, accidents will, of course, happen. A puppy also does not have the ability to wait that long before the accident happens. So even if you are very busy with something, you will need to interrupt it to take your puppy out in the garden.

Remove the water in the evning

To reduce the need for the puppy to get up and pee at night, you can if you want to remove the water bowl on the bench so that it can not drink anymore when you go to bed.

Related issues

How often does a puppy pee? Puppies need to pee more often than adult dogs, and you can count on the puppy needing to pee or poop 8 times a day. When you house-train a puppy you need to go outdoor very often.

Can I let the puppy pee on a newspaper inside? Of course, you can, and there are special plastic pads that you can let the puppy pee on as well. But letting it pee indoors will make it take longer to get it completely room clean. We chose not to let it pee indoors at all.

How Do You House-Train A Puppy?
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