What is the least effective way to retrieve a dog off its leash?

What is the least effective way to retrieve a dog off its leash? Dogs can be playful and mischievous. You may have your bonding moment, exercising together, taking a walk in the neighborhood, they are just walking beside you doing their thing, and suddenly they are running off after another animal just because they have gotten off-leash. They quickly became deaf and will not listen to your calling.

You will see them running off like crazy at 20 to 30 miles per hour even. They seem to have their best day cause they don’t have the leash, and they can run to who knows where but this is dangerous for your dog.

What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash?
What is the least effective way to retrieve a dog off its leash?

But what should you remember when this happens and what is the least effective way to retrieve a dog off its leash?


Your dog can sense your energy, and panicking will not help in this situation. You may think of all the horrors that can happen to your pooch, while he’s off-leash, but doing so will not be beneficial at all. Being calm while thinking of the solution is the best thing to do. Remember that your dog will follow your command, so use your commanding voice or that voice that calms him whenever you call him. Panicking is one of the least effective ways to retrieve a dog off its leash.

Running after your dog

Although this is your first instinct, as you feel your heart racing and you are about to get agitated. You should not chase after your dog cause your dog will run so fast that it will be impossible for you to reach him. He will also think that the chase is on and that it must be fun that you are running after him.

It will also be dangerous for you to run after your dog cause your dog will run twice as fast and may get into an accident.

Shouting and Yelling

Shouting at your dog and showing your frustration can be detected by your dog, and he’ll think that you are angry with him. Our voice and how we talk to them is how our dog understands what we are feeling in the moment. When you talk to him while you are calm, they also felt such comfort but when you raise your voice, they know you are frustrated, so that is one of the least effective ways to retrieve a dog off its leash.

When you yell their name, sometimes dogs think of playtime and will add to their excitement. You should call their name calmly instead of shouting or yelling for them to come back.

Being Angry are a no-effective way to retrieve a dog off its leash

If your dog is just about to run and he’s still thinking if he would do so, once he sees your body language, they can easily sense your anger. Their flight response will be triggered and will run away from you instead of staying. You should keep your cool when your dog got off leash and do not show your anger cause they will get the message that they have done something wrong and will do what they think is best, which is to run and enjoy being off-leash.

Asking someone to help you corner your dog

When your dog suddenly runs away after getting off-leash, some people may ask another to help them corner the dog so they will not run off, but this is not a smart idea as well cause your dog will try to escape and do the same thing- run away.

They may also feel threatened if the other person you ask to run after them is not familiar to them and will also not follow their command.

Having an off-leash dog might cause problems and exidents

Having a dog that is running like crazy as if there is no tomorrow can be dangerous, and some of the dangers that a dog who has gone off-leash may experience include:

Being hit by an oncoming vehicle

There is a rise in the number of dogs getting hit by cars. Not all drivers are aware of running dogs, and they may not hit the break on time. It may be too late to see your dog, and it is going to be a life-threatening situation.

Dogs running at high speed cannot stop when they see incoming vehicles. This is often the reason they get hit.

Remember, dogs are like children cause they are not good at anticipating and knowing when anything is unsafe.

Chasing after other animals to the point of killing them

Uncontrolled dogs can quickly grab another animal, and because of excitement, may even kill them. It can be a kitten, another puppy, or other small animals they can get their paws on. Your dog can quickly become a predator even if you think they can’t do so it is possible.

This is also true for hunting dog breeds who have the instinct to hunt ducks, chickens, and other furry animals. They may think that these are animals they can play with and worse, they can kill.

Getting into a fight with other aggressive dogs

Some dogs have high aggression in them, and when they see another dog running towards them, they can lunge and bite at your dog. It can become out of control, and your dog can get hurt, particularly if your dog is of a smaller breed.

It can escalate fast and can have a negative outcome. You can even find your dog fighting for his life just because he got off the leash. You cannot blame the other dog who is aggressive cause it is their instinct to protect their humans and themselves.

Risk of getting poisoned

Your dog may wander away from you, and he will probably see things on the ground that he will be curious about. He may even taste such items which can be poisonous or toxic to them. There are poisonous plants, and contaminated items found everywhere, and it is not unlikely that your dog can see such things and take a whiff or a taste.

There are also fecal matters from other animals that may contain bacteria and predispose your dog to some infectious diseases.

Possibility of hurting humans

Some people may not welcome seeing a dog running in haste and may think of it as dangerous and cause them to get something to hit or hurt your dog. It can also force your dog to fight back. A child who may just be walking innocently may get knocked down by a fast-running dog, or if your dog has aggressive behavior, he can bite humans as well.

When people are fearful of dogs, they can harm your pet and this can traumatize your dog for the rest of his life.

Your dog pooping on other people’s property

This can be an issue, especially if you have a neighbor who is not that understanding with dogs and animals. They might take this as offensive and can affect your relationship with them.

But if you were in their shoe, imagine how you would feel if the situation is reversed.

Risk of getting fined because of keeping your dog off-leash

In some cities, keeping your dog off-leash can get you fined, particularly in public areas, and it can put a dent in your pocket cause it is not cheap.

You can avoid such fines if you prevent your dog from getting off the leash. Do the preventive measurements so it will not give you headaches later on.

So what should a dog owner do in this situation?

Prevention is the key

It is the most effective way to ensure that such things will not happen to you and your dog. You can double-check their leash before you walk your dog outside. Make sure that the leash is durable and will not break when your dog tries to run after some animal or other dogs.

In the same way, you should also secure their collar, and it should be well adjusted and not too tight nor loose that they can get out of it.

Forego taking your dog outside if you are not sure

If you think their leash is not working perfectly or you see some fraying or loose clasp or lock, refrain from taking your dog outside. It is to avoid any untoward incident such as your dog getting off-leash.

You can do the walking the next day once you have secured a new leash and collar.

Do not attempt to take your dog out if you are not feeling well or under the weather

Sometimes your dog can be overly enthusiastic as they will try to keep on pulling on their leash when they see things or animals they are curious about.

When you are not feeling your best, then it is alright to take them out another day once you are better. This way you are avoiding any untoward incident such as your dog getting off-leash or running away. You cannot do anything about it cause you are not feeling yourself or feeling weak.

You may not also be prepared to find your dog and exhaust yourself in finding them when they run away.

Do not keep your attention away from your dog

It is ideal to watch your dog’s activity while you are outside. You should not let your eyes or your mind wander while you are walking your dog. There are a lot of things that can happen in between, such as your dog getting away from you, and you may not notice it immediately, especially if you are on the phone talking to someone.

While you are walking your dog, it is also like your bonding time with them, so it is just right to give them all the attention instead of just half of it.

Secure their identification tag

It is better to be prepared so that if anything happens, you can expect your dog to be returned to you with the help of identifying tags. There should be information on how they can contact you and where they can safely return the dog.

Another way you can assure the identification of your dog is by letting him get a microchip that can be inserted under their skin. These microchips will contain all the dog’s information, such as their health and vaccination, breed, age, owner’s name, and other crucial information.

With a microchip, they can scan your dog in every shelter and vet office, and this will make it easier for you to find them just in case they run off somewhere while off-leash.

Be Prepared

You can either bring his favorite dog treats or you can also bring a favorite toy of his. Something that will get his attention if he gets distracted.

When your dog goes off-leash, and you have treated with you, it is easier to call them and let them know you have something for them.

It will pique their curiosity or, if they take a whiff of the treats, it is highly possible that they will come to you instead of runaway.

Do not run after your dog once he gets away but rides in your car and check the neighborhood

If your dog has a head start and has been away for a few minutes, it is best to take your car and drive around so you can spot him. Once you see him, you can invite him inside the car and let him jump inside. Do not use your threatening voice, or your dog will just run off again.

Let your neighbors know if your dog runs away or got off-leash

If you don’t have a tag on your dog and they don’t have a microchip yet it is best to let the neighbors in on the info that you have a dog on the loose. Just in case any of your neighbors see your dog then they can inform you of your dog’s whereabouts. They can even help you find your dog or drive around the neighborhood and assist you in scanning the area. A few pairs of eyes are better than one.

Post his pictures in the neighborhood or use the social media

The classic way of finding lost dogs is by pasting their pictures. If anyone sees your dog, they can get your contact number and provide the information. Social media is another medium where you can ask the help of other people to find your dog. Posting on social media is faster to circulate and can reach countless people.

Contact Animal Control

The animal control unit is an expert in finding lost dogs. If you are nearly losing hope of finding your dog maybe this unit can help you find your pet fast. There may be nearby shelters where rescue animals are placed, check with them as well. It is better if you check each place personally instead of waiting for a call from the shelters cause they may also be too busy taking care of other animals.

Keep the dog’s entryway open just in case

Canines have a keen sense of smell, and some dogs are good at finding their way back home by using their noses. Other dogs will run away and explore other territory but when they want to feel secure, they will look for their home.

Your dog will feel welcome when they see their entryway open.

How to get your dog back fast in just a few minutes after getting off-leash?

Call him as calmly as possible

Do not let him sense you are nearing panic cause he might run off and might get lost. You should use the voice where he usually feels the most comfortable. Do not let him hear the panic in your voice or fearful cause that will trigger him to explore instead of finding out if you are angry with him or not.

Use a treat or a toy

Call your dog when he’s still contemplating whether he will run away or stay. Use the treat to entice him to stay instead. They will get the smell that they love and come closer to you to get a taste.

You can let him see the treat you are holding and motion him to run towards you. When he comes to you, make sure that you praise him for his obedience. You can also give him the toy to chew on or keep it for later when you are already home.

Before he runs away, quickly lay down and let him see you in that position

This may not be what you will think of at first when your dog gets off-leash, but to dogs, it will pique their curiosity and come near you to check why you are lying down.

They may even think that you want to play with them, and they will welcome it instead of running away.

You will also know if your dog loves you enough to check on you cause some dogs will worry thinking something happened to their human.

Run in the opposite direction instead of running after him

It will get your dog’s attention thinking that he’s in pursuit of you and that you two are playing. They likened it to using reverse psychology on your dog instead of making him feel threatened and run away from you.

I hope I answered your question what is the least effective way to retrieve a dog off its leash, so you can retrieve your dog in a smart way the next time it happens!

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