Can dogs eat poppy seeds?

Poppy seeds are good for you. It has protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that include magnesium and calcium to keep you healthy. The black and kidney-shaped seeds have been a part of ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food items for several thousand years. Today, people eat use poppy seeds and eat them as an ingredient for bagels and muffins, some people even consumed them raw.

Can dogs eat poppy seeds? That is the million-dollar question. Drugs such as heroin, morphine, and oxycodone resulted from the poppy plant. Poppy seeds contain traces of opiate compounds. And that can give you second thoughts and ask yourself, can dogs eat poppy seeds? It’s hard to imagine that canines are used to smell dangerous drugs are being fed with poppy seeds, a raw material for making such a substance.

Can dogs eat poppy seeds
Can dogs eat poppy seeds?

Let us dissect carefully every information regarding poppy seeds, it’s content, and how safe it is for our dog’s consumption. It is better to exercise due diligence in finding out whether poppy seeds are good or bad for our dog’s overall health. We hope in this question, can dogs eat poppy seeds? Will help us shed some light and get rid of any hesitations in giving your dog poppy seed treats.

Can dogs eat poppy seeds?

Everything about the poppy plant, its seeds, its flowers, its roots, and everything is toxic for canines. The poppy plant contains a narcotic substance called opioids. The number of opioids can vary from species to species, but still, everything about the poppy plant is quite harmful to our dogs. Dog’s size may play a factor in the poppy’s severity like a smaller dog would only need a lesser dose that can harm them.

A piece of advice, if you take your dog for a walk and there are flowers and other plants that you are not so familiar with, please be very careful. It is better safe than sorry. You don’t want your dog to be consuming things that are devastating for them. It goes the same with other species or breeds of plants and flowers that are in your home. Avoid anything that is toxic to dogs.

But what happens when a dog ingested some? If you suspect that your dog accidentally ingested some poppy seeds, it would be wise to seek immediate medical attention. Call your vet and tell him everything you recall. Dogs that have ingested poppy seeds may exhibit some symptoms like depression, sedation, coma, or worse, death.

Your dog may experience these symptoms depending on the number of poppy seeds it has eaten:

  • Appetite loss or lack thereof
  • A feeling of weakness
  • Trembling
  • Watery eyes
  • Unexplained sudden energy burst
  • Pinpoint pupils (abnormal small pupil)
  • Slurred sound, stumbling, falling and lack of coordination and motor skills
  • Sedation
  • A feeling of depression
  • Slow breathing
  • Heart rate slows down
  • Seizure
  • Coma, and;
  • Death

We would like to reiterate again and again that your dog’s safety depends on how diligent you are in doing your responsibility as a dog owner. Even if you think you are overreacting as long as your dog is safe, you can never be too careful. If you are not familiar with varieties of plants that your dog might sniff and later ingest, it is better to keep them away from it. You should always be proactive rather than reactive.

In case you take your dog to a vet because of a suspected poppy seed poisoning, the vet may induce vomiting to get rid of any poppy seeds that are still in your dog’s stomach. If vomiting proves unsuccessful, the vet may administer a dose of activated charcoal to help bind any toxin before your dog’s bloodstream absorbed it further and your dog will feel a much greater inconvenience.

What are the worst scenarios that might happen with my dog ingesting poppy seeds?

We don’t want you to experience such things. When you feel sad, we also feel sorry. Getting to hear the news that something bad has happened would also cause us pain. That is the reason we are extensively discussing this matter with you, seriously, because this is a very serious matter that needs your serious attention.

When your dog experiences difficulty in breathing, your vet may opt to give your dog oxygen and put him in an oxygen cage. If the breathing difficulty is severe and there is swelling, your vet may need to intubate your dog and keep administering oxygen thru intubation until your dog’s condition stabilized.

If your dog is lethargic, depressed, and is showing his pupils being dilated, you need to keep him in a quiet, dark place until your dog calms down. Your vet may flush down the toxin with fluids. If your dog is having some heart issues, your vet will put heart monitoring equipment on him and will track your dog’s pulse and vitals. Hopefully, your dog’s heart rate steadies and would not drop to alarming levels.

If worse comes to worst, your dog’s heart rate goes down. Your vet may intervene by giving your dog additional medications that will keep your dog steady and prevent any complications that resulted from ingesting poppy seeds. The key is diligence. Please exercise due care and don’t let your dog eat something that you are not sure if it is toxic or not. Your dog’s safety rest in your hands.

How many grams of poppy seeds are dangerous levels for dogs?

Expert studies show that 0.5-10 micrograms of morphine are present in each edible poppy seed. For humans, this is not really an issue because it would have to eat a lot of these goodies before you feel any kind of “effect”. But dogs, they are not as tolerant as you. Any amount of poppy seeds is harmful to them.

According to an article by Pet Poison Helpline, alkaloids that are found in poppies can affect the central nervous system of dogs. Any part that is ingested can sedate or make your dog overly excited. If you plan on eating poppy seeds, do your pet a favor, eat far from them. Accidents can happen, but this one is something you do not want to happen.

I know my dog ingested some poppy seeds. Can I make my dog vomit?

Never attempt to let your dog induce vomiting by yourself unless your vet instructed you to do so. Your vet would advise you to take your dog to a medical facility or clinic. But if your vet is giving you specific instructions on what to do, then do it, but if not. Seek the help of a medical expert. The more you need to bring your dog to a vet if an hour or two have passed since your dog ate a bunch of poppy seeds.

Dogs are smart animals, but accidents can happen. Your immediate response to your dog’s condition spells a lot of difference between life and death. We hope we have shed some light on this matter. Remember that poppy seeds are not for dogs, period. For your dog’s safety, do not bring home some treats that contain poppy seeds. Better give your dog something nice, like an apple or cucumber, because they love to eat those.

Can dogs eat poppy seeds?
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