Can dogs eat raw bacon?

Egg, toast, bacon, and a cup of coffee are just great during the mornings. Waking up at the smell of newly cooked bacon and freshly brewed coffee can give you a quick jolt and help you start the day right. And your dog would love to have a big bite of your bacon also! But, can dogs eat raw bacon?

Can dogs eat raw bacon? Raw products have the potential of having parasites and bacteria on them, so it is not good for your dog to eat them. If some scraps of raw pork are accidentally falling on the floor, your dog will probably be fine. But it is better to feed your dog cooked turkey, chicken, or steak.

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and having few slices of bacon before the morning rush begins can get you the calories you need to face the busy day.

can dogs eat raw bacon
Can dogs eat raw bacon?

When we wake up in the morning, and our dog senses it would immediately jolt out of bed and would join us with our daily activities. As we rise and shine and get ourselves ready for another set of grind, the smell of the newly cooked bacon will get us fired up. Can we get some piece of raw bacon and toss it up to our dogs? Can dogs eat raw bacon? Would there be any repercussion if we let our dogs get a few treats of raw bacon?

Can dogs eat raw bacon?

NO! Don’t let your dog eat raw bacon. Raw pork products may have the potential of having parasites and bacteria on them and letting your dog ingest some could make your dog get ill. A few scraps that might have “fallen” on the floor because you may have “accidentally” drop some and by chance your dog might have licked and ingested some, they’ll probably just be fine.

But a word of advice, don’t let the bacon “fall” on the floor, and please be careful to not “accidentally” drop pieces of raw bacon daily that your dog would do it “habitually“. Being responsible for what our dogs ingest and consume is a big thing to consider and do with diligence because our dog’s safety would depend on how responsible we are with them eat. Having a dog to give us company entails a lot of responsibility.

Bacon is not toxic to dogs. The bacon’s fat makes dog health experts worry about dogs consuming and ingesting bacon fat that leads to suffering pancreatitis. A parasitic infection known as trichinosis is present in raw pork and can make your dog at risk of suffering from it. Bacon contains high salt content, so even if you cook your bacon, it is not good for your dog. There are raw meats that are fine for your dog to consume, while bacon would remain not okay.

What happens if my dog consumes raw bacon?

Both humans and dogs once tasted bacon would succumb to it. As we have to repeat it a few times, Can dogs eat raw bacon? The answer would be a big fat NO. But what happens if a dog consumed or ingested raw bacon? What should we do? Do we need to press that red panic button and start doomsday?

When you suspect that your dog has eaten a few pieces of raw bacon, you need to watch out for the following symptoms like abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and inflammation of the muscles. Dogs love to scavenge and would use their smell to get the good stuff.

When they stumble on a piece of sweet-smelling bacon and you are not looking, they would gobble out that bacon. Whether it’s raw or cooked, they are going to get their paws on it. If the raw bacon had gone bad or stale, the high bacterial content can cause health trouble for your dog and would add mental and emotional stress to the owner.

Dog owners need to be wary of Trichinella spiralis. It is a parasitic worm that affects both humans and canines. It is present on undercooked pork products like bacon. The worm’s larva hatches into the raw meat and, when ingested, can make your dog’s immune system weak.

When you notice your dog is vomiting and is having diarrhea because of consuming raw bacon in large amounts, first you need to be calm and you must stay in control of the situation. Assess the situation while you are calling your vet for medical attention. You can give your clean water to wash out the excess salt because bacon is salty.

Dogs developing a serious case of pancreatitis when consuming a sizeable amount of raw bacon is possible. When a dog’s pancreas gets inflamed because of bacon’s high sodium content, your dog will feel a lot of discomforts associated with it. Seeing your dog drooling and lethargic and experience diarrhea is heartbreaking.

Your dog’s irritated gut because of high salt content can cause bloating, vomiting, and diarrhea. The gravity and seriousness of the ailment depend on how much they have ingested that caused the inconvenience. Water can help them hydrated and your immediate response can help ease the situation.

It is hard to diagnose if your dog is just feeling tired or having serious health issues. Most of the time, dogs would show no signs of being ill. You might think that it is just a simple case of gas and bloating. But when your dog changes its appetite behavior and is having fever and muscle weakness, try not to give them meat products and better consult a vet.

What meat products should I give my dog?

Your dog obviously likes meat and other meat products, but what should we give them? But you need to remember that when you give your dog meat, we advise you to cook your meat well. Please do not serve your dog raw meat, even if you are playing with that idea in mind. It is better safe than sorry.

Avoid fatty cuts like bacon. When you feed your dog meat, please cut it into bite-size so your dog would have to eat and chew it easily. Dogs need meat to grow strong and healthy and animal-based protein can help get that nutrient for your dog.

Your dog would be okay with a few pieces of properly cut chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, and chuck or roasted steak. Just stay away from preserved meat products that are high in fat in salt like bacon.

Can dogs eat raw bacon?
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