Can Dogs Eat Sausage

Our furry friends are our best friends period. Their loyalty is unquestionable they have proven since the dawn of time that we can depend on them in different situations. They simply deserve our care and love. It’s not easy to love a dog how could you not show some love affection to something that is happy to see you when you return from somewhere. The moment a dog imprints on you, he will be forever at your side and would never leave no matter what. A dog will stay with you even at the end of the line.

But can dogs eat sausages? Pork sausage is not recommended for dogs as their source of protein. It has a high-fat content and salt and is seasoned with something that is not advisable for dogs. But that doesn’t say you can’t use it is as a treat!

It’s very tempting not to give in to their every demand. If they want their belly to be touched and scratch they would just roll over and stubbornly lay down until you do what it asks, if they want to walk with you, they would just sniff and incessantly do something to catch your attention, they are just too cute and too adorable to be ignored.

Can Dogs Eat Sausage?
Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

Throw a ball, and they would run like hell to get it back for you, just throw anything even if they have to swim just to get it back they would gladly do it no questions asked. That would leave us to the next question. . .



Can we just let him eat the sausage, it wouldn’t hurt him right, it’s probably meat that’s stuffed inside the sausage right?


You eat the sausage and spare the dog the trouble. According to “Pork sausage is not recommended for dogs as their source of protein. It has a high-fat content and salt and is seasoned with something that is not advisable for dogs. If the sausage is contaminated that would leave your dog ill.” They at added that garlic which is an ingredient for most sausages is also not safe for your dog and they run a risk of anemia in case they do consume garlic or onions.

These are some of the symptoms if a dog consumes a sausage, please watch out and take note of the following things:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy

Another disturbing article from confirmed that dogs are getting sick with fatty foods. After some cases of dogs admitted to animal clinics a Brisbane-based veterinarian Dr. Naomi Lessels on her Facebook post sternly warn others not to let dogs consume ham and other foods that are high in fat content. Sausages for example are food that has a high-fat content. In her post, Dr. Lessels wrote that a dog was admitted to her clinic critically ill and passed away because of Pancreatitis caused by eating ham.

We have the tendency sometimes to assume that since it’s the meat we can just let our dog gobble it up without worrying about anything. But news and post on the internet were showing deep concerns about the ill effects of sausages and other meat products when consumed by dogs.

Elle Di Jensen of wrote that “breakfast sausages isn’t a healthy choice we could feed our dog.” A tiny bite might be ok for a bit but it doesn’t really have any nutritional value that is beneficial to a dog’s overall health. If it cannot be helped that you can’t resist giving your dog sausages, make sure that the sausage is thoroughly cooked because a raw one may contain E. coli and salmonella, and we know exactly how destructive these two things can be to our dog’s health. We just simply can’t let our dogs be part of a statistic that says “a dog died because its the owner is too stubborn to adhere to sound advice“.

What makes sausage not a wise choice for dogs?

Aside from having no nutritional value on the dog’s overall well-being, sausages have a high-fat factor. A typical breakfast sausage can contain up to 50% fat. It’s not a general recommendation for keeping your dog’s weight in check and at the same time, it is bad for your dog’s health.

The ingredients that make sausage a delectable treat because it has ingredients that are not tolerated well by the dog’s system. High sodium content is definitely not good for your dog. Sausages are reported to have around 349 milligrams of sodium in one cooked sausage it’s enough to figure that will mess up your dog’s kidney and heart. The spices like onion and garlic cause your dog’s stomach to be upset and cause your dog’s red blood cells to behave insanely abnormal.

Another warning is not to pour sausage grease into your dog’s feeding bowl. Maybe you would be thinking that after cooking some sausages and you find the grease at the bottom of your skillet or pan you will be said to yourself that “those (referring to the grease)” are the good stuff and it won’t go to waste. And you suddenly formed this idea in your head that “good stuff” might add some flavor to your dog’s food. It might add “flavor” because the sausage grease has higher salt and fat content than the sausage itself. Grease according to “will shorten your dog’s life”.

And finally, after everything has been said, the bottom line is all processed foods are considered terrible feeding options for your dog. Any processed food that contains pork, high salt content, and fat is not good and should not be in any way be given to your dog as a source of protein or other nutrients that you think that your dog needs. You can readily buy any available dog food that is formulated to suit your dog’s system. It is best to consult with your vet what is the best feeding choice for your dog. Visiting the dog clinic is such a hard pill to swallow if your dog is about to meet its untimely demise because the owner does not do the needed care and attention that the dog deserves.

Remember, it doesn’t mean that is meat that it is already a treat.

Can Dogs Eat Sausage
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