Can dogs eat sesame seeds?

People have been cultivating sesame seeds for food for over 3,000 years. It is native to Africa and contains the highest oil content of any seeds. It has a rich and nutty flavor that is used for most cuisines all over the world. Like any food item, sesame seeds can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. It is a survivor crop; it thrives in environments where other crops could simply not.

Would it be safe to allow the canine to have a few sesame seeds treats? Will it not cause any toxicity in them and leave dog owners devastated and depressed?

Can dogs eat sesame seeds? Sesame seeds are safe for dogs to eat. But not in so much. Too much sesame seed can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. And also, take into account that it contains many calories, so don’t overfeed your dog for that reason!

Can dogs eat sesame seeds
Can dogs eat sesame seeds?

We will uncover and discuss in detail and find out the answers to the question: “Can dogs eat sesame seeds?” We hope you stick with us and add some information to your knowledge database.

You can use sesame seeds in a variety of recipes. It is available in different colors like brown, red, black, yellow, and even ivory. They say that the darker the color of the seed, the more flavorful it would be. Sesame seeds are used to garnish pieces of bread and other pastries. Asian, South American, and African cuisine use sesame seeds in different savory tasting dishes.

Do sesame seeds hurt dogs?

You can feed your dogs sesame seeds, which is okay for them when given in moderate and controlled amounts. Sesame seeds are non-toxic to dogs, and a few treats would be enjoyable for canines. It has phosphorous, manganese, calcium, and selenium that help your dog soothe their dry and cracked paw pads.

You can see that sesame seeds have all the good stuff, but you still need to exercise caution and feed your dogs a moderate and controlled amount of it. Do not go overboard with it even if you know it contains essential and valuable nutrients for their health and vitality.

Your ability to restrain yourself would go a long way in keeping your dog safe. It is not because that something is not toxic and safe for consumption that we’ll be careless with it and go with the flow. Sesame seeds are just a few food items that are safe for human and canine consumption when given in moderate amounts.

Sesame seeds benefits

When dogs consume and ingest sesame seeds, it can help them ease constipation. Its calcium content helps dogs develop strong bones, and copper helps them fight joint pain. With just a few intakes of sesame seeds, it helps correct your dog’s iron deficiency issues. The antioxidants in it help dogs fight off cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Overconsumption of sesame seeds would make your dog experience gastrointestinal upsets. Over-indulging in sesame seeds would cause your dog to vomit and experience loose bowels. You must be attentive to your dog’s behavior when feeding them with sesame seeds. If they show signs of allergic reactions, you need to stop.

Some seeds that are toxic to dogs

Aside from sesame seeds, a few unshelled sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds are healthy options for dogs. Some nuts, shells, and apple seeds are risky for dogs and must not be near them. There are also cherries and other fruits that show high toxicity levels in dogs.

Macadamia nuts are not safe for dogs. When a dog ingests some, it can make your dog vomit and make him weak. It can be scary, but your dog will recover in a few days. Some nuts that fall from trees, like pecans and acorns, can get molds, and dogs ingesting them would be scary.

We need to consider that nuts and seeds are high in oil, which is unsuitable for dogs. When dogs ingest too much fat, it causes vomiting and diarrhea, leading to pancreatitis. Giving our dogs a few seeds and treats would need a lot of vigilance and patience. Don’t go overboard, and everything is going to be okay.

Can we feed dog bagels with sesame seeds?

Sesame seeds are good for dogs. Bagels are another story. Most pastries are not ideal food items for dogs. We should not give dogs anything that uses white flour as its primary ingredient. White flour is not suitable for a dog’s stomach. When it enters your dog’s gut, it becomes a sticky paste and sticks to your dog’s colon wall.

A lot of carbohydrates in your dog’s system are not advisable for them. It causes bloating and other digestive problems. Some dogs react negatively to high carbs, which can cause allergies. The thing is, sesame seeds are an ideal food item, but pastry is not. You can always choose to feed your dog other food items other than bread and pastry.

A safe amount of sesame seeds for dogs

Most dog health experts recommend that your dog’s seed intake not exceed 10% of your dog’s caloric intake. Sesame seeds are high in calcium. Too much calcium affects nutrient absorption like phosphorus and can go your dog’s system haywire.

If it is the first time you feed your dog sesame seeds, you need to start small. Half a teaspoon for a medium-sized dog is an ideal seed intake. You need to wait for a couple of hours to see if your dog is allergic to it. If your dog does, then you need to stop feeding it to your dog.

Here are some symptoms you need to watch out for:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • stomach pain
  • abnormal behavior

Giving your dog a few sesame seeds treats must be part of the dietary allowance you give to them. When you give them seeds, you need to include them in your computation of their caloric intake. Half a teaspoon of sesame seeds contains about 50 calories. It may not sound much, but it still calories.

We hope we can shed some light on this matter. Keep on visiting us, and we hope we have added some information to your information database.

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Can dogs eat sesame seeds?
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