Can Dogs Eat Skittles Or Will It Get Sick?

Can dogs eat skittles or will they get sick? Dogs can be curious and nosy at times. They chew things they shouldn’t and eat things they may not eat. But sometimes, out of curiosity, your dog feeds on what they can find in your house, whether or not it is their dog food. They may taste bread, fruits, veggies, and even the leftover pack of candies on your kitchen counter, particularly skittles.

When you see your dog eating your leftover skittles, don’t panic. Cause it is not poisonous or toxic to them. Skittles are sweet candies with a reasonable quantity of sugar in them so that a few skittles wouldn’t hurt your adorable pet.

Can Dogs Eat Skittles?
Can Dogs Eat Skittles?

Can dogs eat skittles?

Dogs can eat skittles. The sweet type of skittles does not have xylitol as an ingredient to making this candy. As we all know, xylitol is the ingredient in some candies that humans consume, which for a dog is deadly.

Although skittles is a sugary product, it will not be bad for your pet in small quantities. They will surely love eating skittles from time to time.

Sugar can add to your dog’s hyperactivity, and you don’t need them being too active and running inside the house for no apparent reason. Some candies have an excessive amount of sugar, and this is not good for your pets. It can be harmful to your dog instead of being beneficial.

Before giving your dog any treats, such as candies or even biscuits, confirm that the ingredients are all safe. Some candies contain xylitol that can kill your dog and are deadly, like chocolate.

What to remember when feeding skittles to your dog

Feed-in Moderation

Any candies you feed your dog should be in moderation. Even if it says that it is safe for them, it is still not a signal for you to keep feeding it to them. Any candies have a varying portion of sugar, and we all know that it is unhealthy.

Watch out for any symptoms of increased blood sugar

If your dog vomits, drinks excessively, urinate frequently and starts to show weakness or lethargy, then his blood sugar might have spiked because of the candies he consumed.

Do not give the sour type of skittles

Can Dogs Eat sour Skittles? The sour skittles may contain xylitol as it is added in exchange for sugar in some candies. Although manufacturers don’t have it listed in the packaging, keep this off your dog’s plate to be sure.

Do not give skittles in exchange for dog treats

It should not be your substitute for your dog’s biscuit or treats cause skittles should be given in moderation and not offered to them frequently. It is doubly true if you are still training your dog to do some tricks and you need to have some treats ready. Do not provide them skittles every time they learn to jump, stay, or sit.

Skip giving him skittles if he has been diagnosed with diabetes

Since his sugar will surely spike, avoid giving him any candies that have sugar or sweets that will cause increased blood sugar. We all know that you want him to be happy, enjoy life, and you want to spoil him, but if you want to be with your dog for years, skip this treat.

If you feed your dog skittles, do not exceed 10 grams

Since it is a sugary candy and, as a rule, you can only give your healthy dog 10 grams of candies. If it is skittles, then you can only give them 10-pieces and nothing more. A piece of skittles weighs a gram each.

Never give your dog any skittles if they are hyperactive

Since sugar can cause dogs to have a high level of energy, and if your dog has a penchant for running like crazy indoors or outdoors even without eating sugar, then imagine what giving him sugary candies will do. He will have unending zoomies that will leave him exhausted and worst if he hurts himself in the process.

If your dog has issues with his weight, avoid giving him skittles

Your dog may already be obese, or he may have issues with his weight, and giving him skittles will not help him with his problem. It can exacerbate the problem that can further lead to him gaining more weight. Leave the skittles inside the fridge or the snack cabinet if you want to help your dog reach the pinnacle of health.

If your dog doesn’t like having his teeth cleaned, refrain from giving him skittles

Since your dog doesn’t want to have his teeth maintained, and it takes the vet to keep his pearls shiny and clean, then giving him candies of any sort will lead to dental health issues in the long run. If he lets his teeth be brushed daily or if he loves getting his teeth polished and clean, then he can enjoy a few skittles, but in this case, he should avoid it altogether.

Can dogs eat skittles if their health is compromised?

There is no reason to give him skittles!

Skittles contain sugar, and there is no nutritional benefit for your dog to eat it. He should be given a healthy snack instead of candies, particularly if there is an existing health issue. Also, if he reacts to candies or treats given to him by vomiting or even has bloating concerns, then better not let your dog see even a piece of this candy.

Avoid having a pack of skittles lying around

Your dog may have taken a liking for this candy, and he has tasted the sweetness of this treat. Make sure that you do not leave a pack or two of skittles around cause your dog will surely get to it if they have the chance. The problem starts when they ingest the packaging, which can cause blockage on their throat and even in their stomach. It can become a medical emergency, and such a situation can be life-threatening.

Can Dogs Eat Skittles and will my dog die from eating skittles?

Your dog will not die from eating skittles as long as they only eat a few. It is a different story if they ate loads of skittles and has a concerning reaction to the excessive sugar intake.

Skittles have no other ingredients that can be dangerous to your dog’s health, so they can enjoy eating a few now and then as long as you ensure that it does not exceed 10-grams every serving.

It would be best to refrain from giving it to them daily as it should be given occasionally and not as a daily treat.

What treats to offer your dog instead?

Dog biscuits

Although this is not as sweet as skittles, it will do without harming your dog in any way. There is no high sugar content, and your dog will surely love nibbling on it.

A grain-free dog biscuit will be a healthy alternative, or you can make your own dog biscuit.

There are recipes for homemade peanut butter dog treats available online that you can use as a guide.

These are fun to do and is affordable, and at the same time, it is safe.

Diced vegetables and fruits

These are healthy treats you can prepare for your dogs, and you need not spend too much on them. Cubed carrots, sliced watermelon, apple in small portions, sliced bananas, broccoli, and cooked sweet potatoes.

There are other vegetables and fruits that your dog will surely enjoy, and you can ask the vet for some input as well.

Please give them a small portion at first and see how they like the taste. You’ll know when they love the treat if you see them staring at you adoringly, hoping you’ll give them some more.

Homemade cookies

You can source recipes from the internet, such as cranberry cookies, easy dog cookie recipes, and pumpkin cookies. These are just samples of easy yet tasty treats for your dog. It will take just a few ingredients to make, and you can keep the rest of the unused ingredients in your cupboard for your next cookie-making.

Oat and Apple Pretzel

You may find gluten-free flour you can use for this hearty and healthy treat. You can find recipes that are available online, and this will not cost you an arm and a leg to make.

Frozen Watermelon Dog Treats

Seedless watermelon is the ingredient to use for this dog treat. It will help your dog have a hearty treat and enjoy cold and healthy puppy treats.


Carrot cupcakes, peanut butter cupcakes, or even a combination of the two will do for a healthy puppy cupcake treat for your dog. It is easy to make. You can even measure the ingredients according to your liking to make it doubly healthy.


You can use a healthy serving of pumpkin for this dog treat. There is no caffeine, so your dog will surely enjoy this treat without you worrying if it will be dangerous for your pooch. There are loads of health benefits you can get from pumpkin, and your dog will benefit from drinking such a wonderful puppuccino with gusto.

If you do not know what else to give your loveable pet, you can also ask the help of his vet so he can advise you on substitute and replacement for dog treats. He may have more up his sleeves.

Can Dogs Eat Skittles Or Will It Get Sick?
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