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Snickerdoodle Dog – All You Need To Know

Snickerdoodle Dog
Snickerdoodle Dog

What is a Snickerdoodle Dog?

Snickerdoodle dogs, more commonly known as Schnoodles are a mixed breed of dog with genetic and physical features from both the poodle and the schnauzer. This breed of dog is a very popular mixed dog breed. They are said to have the physical looks and beauty of Poodles with traits such as protectiveness from the Schnauzer. Snickerdoodle dogs are very active, energetic, and hyper dogs that require a decent amount of exercise every day.

Snickerdoodle dogs can be found in many different colors such as black,, gray, and silver. Other color patterns on their fur are known to include black and white, Parti-color, and Tan and Black. Their fur is typically curly and needs to be regularly trimmed to keep your pup happy and healthy. While they are typically healthy dogs, which is discussed more in this article, not grooming your Schnoodle could lead to some serious health concerns so please be sure to check with your local groomer and make sure that you are giving your dog the proper attention he or she needs when it comes to grooming and his or her physical health.

Snickerdoodle dogs, like most poodle crossbreeds, are for the most part hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic dogs typically do not shed or shed very little. This means that people who have allergies to dogs are a lot less likely to be allergic to these types of dogs. Some people, however, have still reported that their allergies were being set off by snickerdoodle dogs. So just be aware of this whenever considering owning a snickerdoodle dog if you are allergic to dogs.

As said earlier in the article, Schnauzers have a reputation for being very protective, so it is likely that a snickerdoodle dog will inherit this quality. Protectiveness should not be confused for aggressiveness though. Snickerdoodle dogs make great family dogs because they are very loyal and affectionate. They will usually do great with children, but like any other dog, you should socialize them with children when they are still puppies in order to help them become more comfortable with children. Snickerdoodle dogs will let their owner know if they need something either by whining or by reaching their paw out in a similar fashion as the “shake” dog trick.

Where to Get a Snickerdoodle Dog?

Puppies are indeed very expensive. When it comes to snickerdoodle, the cost increases even more. When making an investment in a puppy, it is necessary we spend at the right place. The most difficult task in getting a dog is to find the right breeder.

To make this incredibly difficult task easier for you, we came up with a list of the best snickerdoodle dog breeders in the town. We went the extra mile to get the right information for you so that you can get a beautiful little companion with which you can spend lazy hours of the day.

Puppy Spot

Puppy spot is a marketplace that gets dogs of various breeds and sizes. The dogs you get from Puppy Spot are well-trained and well-mannered. The dogs are produced in safe environments and thus they provide a 10-year health guarantee for puppies.

You will find all types of doodle puppies on this website. From labradoodle to Maltipoo to Yorkiepoo, you can easily get any of these from Puppy Spot. With their safe delivery service, you can rest assured about the puppy arriving at your home.

For Goldendoodles, the demand has increased a lot. Therefore, people have to wait even for a year for the desired puppy. Nevertheless, you can get puppies of all sizes and generations from Puppy Spot each with a health guarantee.

Snickers Doodles

You will get the sweetest, gentle, and well-raised puppies from Snickers Doodles. The puppies you receive will always be Vet checked and come with a warranty of two years that can be extended to five years.

Snicker Doodles help you raise your puppy in every possible way. You get lifetime support from them and even a lifetime re-home if need be.

The puppies at Snickers Doodles are thoroughly vaccinated. You can also get a record for their vaccinations and worming. The way they care for their dogs is unbelievable. You will be glad to get your little companion from Snickers Doodles.

You can easily find black, chocolate, and other such colored doodles at Snicker Doodles.

Crockett Doodles (not exactly what you were looking for but looks similar)

Crockett doodles have been raising doodles for years. They have developed a good reputation over time, which is evident from the happiness of their customers. At reasonable rates, you will get the puppy of your choice by just going through a simple application process.

They have black doodles with a straight coat. Other than that, you will find red, chocolate, cream, tricolor, and other similar colors with different coats in their shop.

You get a one-year health warranty if you purchase a puppy from Crockett Doodles. The warranty increases up to three years if the dog is fed with the food they recommend. Getting a puppy from Crockett doodles is quite easy. They have partner homes spread across the US. Anyone can pick the dog with great ease. Still, if you want to avoid traveling, Crockett doodles have a delivery option that transports your puppy safe and sound at your doorstep.

In Conclusion

Snickerdoodle is the cutest breed of dogs that are beautiful and prove to be the best family companion. Since they shed less, it is comparatively easier to take care of them. To help you find the best snickerdoodles in the US, we have researched thoroughly and shortlisted the top best snickerdoodle breeders in the US.

The above-listed breeders are the best in terms of customer service and in providing the best quality snickerdoodle puppies. Do consider these breeders if you want a cute little companion for your family. We really hope you find the right puppy of your choice that is equally loving as you.

How Big are Snickerdoodle Dogs Usually?

The majority of snickerdoodle dogs tend to be relatively small. However, poodles come in several sizes such as a toy, miniature, standard, and large. So it is dependent on the parent breeds of your snickerdoodle puppy to determine how big they will be. The toy snickerdoodle dog is a crossbreed between a toy poodle and a miniature schnauzer. Toy snickerdoodle dogs can weigh anywhere from 4-10 pounds. They can grow to be anywhere from 10-14 inches tall when they are finished growing.

The miniature snickerdoodle dog is slightly bigger than the toy snickerdoodle dog. The miniature snickerdoodle dog is the breeding between a miniature schnauzer and a miniature poodle. Typically miniature snickerdoodle dogs grow to be 14-15 inches tall, and they can weigh anywhere from 10-20 pounds when fully grown.

The standard snickerdoodle dog is a crossbreed between the standard schnauzer and the standard poodle. Standard snickerdoodle dogs can grow to be 15-19 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 35-60 pounds. The final and largest breed of the snickerdoodle dog is the giant snickerdoodle. Giant snickerdoodle dogs are the result of breeding a standard poodle, and a giant schnauzer. Giant snickerdoodles typically weigh anywhere between 40-85 pounds and can grow to be anywhere between 15-27 inches tall.

There is also a slightly more rare mix of Snickerdoodle known as the giant Schnoodle. These breeds are bred by crossing a Standard Poodle with a Giant Schnauzer. Giant Schnoodles generally tend to grow to be about 28 inches tall and can weigh between 50-110 pounds.

How Much Do Snickerdoodle Dogs Usually Cost?

Snickerdoodles are normally a pretty expensive breed of dog. Typically when buying a snickerdoodle dog prices range from 2,000-3,000 dollars if a breeder is the one selling the dog. However, if you are rescuing a snickerdoodle the price is considerably less, and you can expect to pay anywhere from 300-500 dollars depending on the animal shelter or rescue organization.

When buying your dog, it is very important to also include the overall cost of caring for your Snickerdoodle dog in your budget. This includes dog food, dog treats, medical expenses, microchipping, and getting your Snickerdoodle dog fixed. Prices for getting your snickerdoodle dog fixed can range from 45-400 dollars depending on the veterinarian clinic you choose. Getting your snickerdoodle dog microchipped is also a very smart idea, in case your dog were to ever run away or get lost. Microchipping typically costs anywhere from 30-45 dollars.

It is also important to include toys in the budget for owning your Snickerdoodle dog. Snickerdoodle dogs are very playful and highly active, they get bored easily. If you don’t acknowledge their need for chew toys and playtime, they might fulfill their needs such as chewing on things they are not supposed to. To avoid any behavior issues such as unwanted chewing, make sure to offer your Snickerdoodle dog plenty of chew toys and treats.

Are There Any Health Issues to Be Aware of When Owning a Snickerdoodle Dog?

Fortunately, Snickerdoodle dogs tend to be fairly healthy dogs overall. Sometimes, however, Snickerdoodle dogs can grow large amounts of fur in their ears, this can sometimes lead to them developing ear infections. Something to be aware of is health problems common for the parent breeds.

Schnauzers are known to develop health problems such as pancreatitis and diabetes. It is important to schedule regular veterinarian appointments to ensure your dog remains healthy and happy. Common health problems for poodles may be progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, thyroid issues, and collapsed trachea. These are just a few things to be aware of when it comes to snickerdoodle dogs. It is very important to take your dog to the veterinarian regularly to ensure their health.

What about a Snickerdoodle’s Mental Health?

While Snickerdoodle dogs are typically pretty healthy on the physical side of things, there are some mental health concerns that you should be aware of. One common mental health disorder that many Schnoodle dogs are known to have.

Separation anxiety is actually very common in many different animals. Our furry friends get very sad when we leave them. Some people have installed cameras inside of their homes to see what their animals are doing while they are gone. Most of them find that their animal has been sitting at the door all day, waiting for them to get home.

This is a very common occurrence in some dogs. This kind of mental health concern can often lead to destructive behaviors such as unwanted chewing and excessive barking. If you are going to be gone for long periods of time you should perhaps consider hiring a dog-sitter to make sure that your furry little companion is always happy and content.

What Kind of Diet Should My Snickerdoodle Dog Be On?

It is recommended to feed your snickerdoodle dog 3/4 to 1 cup of high-quality dry dog food. This is also dependent on the type of snickerdoodle dog you have. If your pup is smaller they will need less food, if your dog is bigger they will need more food. If you are able to, you might consider raw dog food as a part of a healthy and nutritious diet for your snickerdoodle. Most dogs tend to like raw dog food more than standard kibble.

You also should ask the breeder or animal shelter you got your snickerdoodle from what type of diet they were kept on. When choosing any type of dog food it is important to do your research and reviews. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new foods with your dog. However, if your dog starts to show any gastrointestinal health-related issues visit your vet and the vet will be able you make a decision that will benefit your snickerdoodle dog.

What Human Foods Are Dangerous for my Snickerdoodle Dog?

Dogs have a different metabolism than humans do, so some foods are not safe for your dog. If you decide to feed your dog human food as an occasional treat here are certain foods you should always avoid. Human foods that are known to be made with ingredients that are toxic to our furry friends are raisins, chocolate, grapes, garlic, and onions. If you suspect your snickerdoodle dog has eaten something toxic contact your veterinarian immediately and set up an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

What Human Foods Are Safe For My Snickerdoodle Dog?

There are several human foods that are safe for your snickerdoodle dog to enjoy as a treat every now and then. Dogs can eat carrots either cooked or raw. Dogs eating carrots provides an excellent source of fiber and minerals for your dog. In fact, carrots are a common ingredient in most dog food brands. When feeding your dog fresh carrots you should finely slice them so that your dog will not choke.

Peanut butter is another safe and even healthy choice to feed your snickerdoodle dog occasionally. Peanut butter is very high in fat though, so it is best to give your dog peanut butter in moderation. Your dog can also enjoy fresh meats such as salmon, chicken, or turkey. When feeding your snickerdoodle dog chicken though, make sure to remove any and all bones to prevent choking. If you are ever in doubt there are plenty of resources on the internet about what is safe and what is not safe for a dog.

What Do I Need To Know About Dog Breeders?

When choosing a dog breeder it is very important to do a lot of research. Some dog breeders can be incredibly irresponsible and choosing an irresponsible dog breeder could lead to your snickerdoodle dog having an abundance of health issues and possibly a very difficult life. The first step to finding a responsible snickerdoodle dog breeder is speaking to your trusted veterinarian and asking for his or her professional opinion. Your veterinarian will likely give you a referral for a dog breeder in your area.

There are some red flags to be cautious of when choosing a snickerdoodle dog breeder. If the breeder refuses to let you see the mother dog, that is a huge red flag. Also, be wary of how many breeds are being produced by this breeder. If the breeder does not react or respond well to questions, that is another huge red flag. These are serious things that should never be ignored or overlooked when choosing a dog breeder.

When you have found a breeder you might be interested in going through, please try to remember that it is very important to meet and discuss things with the dog breeder in person. A responsible dog breeder will not agree to sell his or her dog without first meeting the family and determining if they are a good fit. Do not be afraid to ask the breeder questions. There are absolutely no wrong questions when it comes to finding a responsible, and reputable dog breeder. If the dog breeder is responsible he or she will have no problem answering questions no matter how big or small they may be.

It would, however, be much more helpful to adopt one from a shelter if you have that option. Adoption is cheaper and has a much lesser chance of coming from an abusive breeding situation. Supporting adoption is a much more preferable option to breeding, though it can be very difficult to find snickerdoodle dogs in shelters at times due to their unfortunate “designer breed” status.

How Do I Know if a Snickerdoodle Dog is the Right Dog for Me?

As mentioned earlier, snickerdoodle dogs make great family pets. Snickerdoodle dogs love to play and be the center of attention. Snickerdoodle dogs love to play with kids. If you are a very laid-back, and relaxed person, the snickerdoodle dog may not be the right breed for you. If you are an energetic person, and always ready for an adventure the snickerdoodle dog will be a great addition to your family.

Snickerdoodles are not just balls of energy though, they are super empathetic, affectionate, and caring towards their families. Snickerdoodle dogs, like most dogs, are very intuitive and know when something is wrong. They always want to help their owner during emotional times, during stressful times, or just after a rough day. Snickerdoodle dogs make great therapy dogs.

When getting a Snickerdoodle dog, or any dog for that matter, remember that it is a 10-15 year-long commitment. Make sure that you are up for the task when deciding to get a furry friend. Dogs are companions and should be treated as a member of your family. This dog may only be a part of your life for a short time, but to them, you are their entire life.

What is the Best Way to Train My Snickerdoodle Puppy?

Snickerdoodle dogs are known for being incredibly intelligent. Snickerdoodles as puppies can pick up on new tricks usually within the first few days if you are very persistent with your dog training. Like most dogs, snickerdoodles are food-driven. One of the best ways to train a snickerdoodle dog is to offer treats, they are likely to respond very well when presented with positive reinforcement. Studies suggest that dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement.

When training your new snickerdoodle dog it is important to remember to never get visibly angry or frustrated when training your snickerdoodle dog. You should never strike or talk to your snickerdoodle dog in a way that induces fear or anxiety. If you are struggling to train your snickerdoodle dog at home, consider investing in a personal dog trainer. Dog trainers specialize in canine behavioral studies, so this is definitely a solid option for you and your snickerdoodle dog.

What are some fun activities my Snickerdoodle and I can enjoy together?

As mentioned earlier snickerdoodle dogs are very active and energetic dogs. Snickerdoodle dogs love to play and exercise. They especially love to play with children and their owners. Taking your snickerdoodle dog to the park can be a rewarding bonding experience for the entire family.

If you enjoy jogging, your snickerdoodle dog depending on his or her size might make a great running partner. Make sure when jogging with your dog to always have him or her on a leash. Your snickerdoodle dog will also enjoy activities such as fetch, tug of war, and maybe even hide and seek. Snickerdoodle dogs are full of energy and will always keep you on your toes.

Overall, Snickerdoodles are a very special breed with a lot of quirks. They might seem like high maintenance, but it is all worth it to have such a loyal companion. If you are good to your snickerdoodle dog, your snickerdoodle dog will be good to you.

Snickerdoodle Dog – All You Need To Know
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