Can dogs eat syrup?

The syrup is great for pancakes. Put a piece of pancake-flat on a plate, pour your favorite syrup on it and it’s going to be fantastic. Mornings are just perfect when a cup of hot steaming coffee, a small piece of butter, your pancake, and a swirl of your favorite syrup can definitely come a long way. A bottle of syrup is just nice to have with.

Can dogs eat syrup
Can dogs eat syrup

Can dogs eat syrup? If it’s nice to be nice for humans, probably it would also be nice for dogs. Well, I am almost tempted to say yes to that question but, I just simply can’t without verifying and looking at all angles and facets of it. Like you, sometimes I would love to throw something at my dog, but when a snap of reason comes to me, I hold it back.

Getting your dog to ingest a piece of food item that we are also consuming would just come naturally to us. We love it when our dog also takes a piece of good things that we are enjoying. But we need to be responsible for our every action because a slight mistake on our part can be disastrous for our dog.

Can dogs eat syrup?

One of our concerns, when we give something to our dog, is the ingredients. If it has a high sugar content, we usually frown on it and select another treat. We always have that instinct that it tastes sweet, it is not good for our dogs. We have the belief that sugar and dogs do not mix well.

Syrup, for one, contains a considerable amount of sweeteners. Sugar would make your dog unhealthy and obese. Such medical issues often lead dog owners to be fearful of dogs having a bit of sugar intake because dogs would be susceptible to diabetes and dental problems with sugar consumption.

Once a dog has diabetes, your dog’s life would never be the same. Dogs with diabetes experience an incessant thirst, frequent urination, tremendous weight loss, and lots of weight issues. Your vet is your trusted adviser when you developed diabetes. It is always a sad thing when your dog experienced something that is incurable.

An artificial man-made syrup contains an ingredient called xylitol. It is something that is found in artificial maple syrups and when ingested by dogs, can be harmful and life-threatening. Ingesting xylitol would induce hypoglycemia. They used xylitol in toothpaste and other household items. This is one artificial sweetener you need to be wary of because it is not suitable for dog consumption.

Artificial maple syrup also contains other ingredients aside from xylitol that is not suitable for dogs. Things like dyes, preservatives, and other chemicals which are not fit for dog consumption must not be near them. Please make it a habit of reading labels of food items before letting your dog try it.

Natural maple syrup

A lot of research shows promising results regarding maple syrup to be safe for dog consumption when given in small to moderate amounts. Natural maple syrup contains manganese, a nutrient that helps your dog use protein and carbohydrates more effectively. It also contains zinc that helps strengthen their immunity and vitamin B2.

Several veterinarians even recommend the consumption of natural maple syrup in curing cancer in both felines and canines. Vitamin B2 helps your dog in the production of red blood cells, which is a good thing, and they observe natural maple syrup to contain traces of anti-microbial properties which are beneficial to your dog’s health.

There is more to natural maple syrup than a mere topping for pancake. Researchers are showing results that tell positive results of consumption of natural maple syrup on dogs. There was a time when maple syrup was just known as a sugar substitute. But we have no proof that natural maple syrup has beneficial nutritional properties for dogs.

They harvested natural maple syrup from the sap of maple trees, making it an organic product. A sugar maple tree grows to a height of 45 meters and needs several natural conditions to have that sap where growers collect maple syrup. It would have to take several warm sunny days and several chilly nights for that sap to flow.

The sap collectors would have to collect 10 liters of sap from the sugar maple tree to produce a bottle of maple syrup. That small bottle is where all the good stuff came from, which is good both for you and for your dog. That sticky liquid contains compounds that help promote good health, immunity boost, and help in treating cancer.

Jim Kelmun and his luck with maple syrup

During the 1970s, Jim Kelmun discovered that heating a mixture of aluminum-free baking soda and Grade-B maple syrup helps shrink tumors. Kelmun Protocol was born. An excerpt of the Kelmun Protocol states that his concoction attracts cancer cells. They used Kelmun Protocol in the treatment of cancer in dogs and cats.

They lured the cancer cells into attracting into the mixture of maple syrup and give an application of sodium bicarbonate to destroy them. The Kelmun Protocol is a natural way of treatment for animal cancer, which is done with other procedures which are also effective in cancer treatment in both felines and canines.

Minerals and nutrients in maple syrup that are beneficial to dogs

Aside from natural maple syrup, anti-cancer properties, it contains other important nutrients that can help your dog keep healthy and free from a serious illness. It has fewer calories compared to other artificial sweeteners used in some food items. It also has anti-diabetes and anti-microbial properties in some later researches.

  • Manganese – Natural maple syrup has manganese that helps dog use proteins and carbohydrates more effectively. It helps them boost their reproductive system’s health. It assists your dog’s system to produce enzymes to use their energy and fatty acids to the fullest.
  • Zinc – Natural maple syrup contains zinc that works closely with manganese in keeping your dog’s immune system in tip-top shape. Zinc also helps your dog lower or reduce any inflammation.
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) – An important mineral that aids in the production of red blood cells that effectively transport oxygen and nutrients all throughout your dog’s body. It is also the nutrient that converts your dog’s fats and carbohydrates into energy for a more active lifestyle.

So, can dogs eat maple syrup?

Maple syrup is most of the time a natural food. Of course, there are occasions when preservatives and colors have been added, but in general, maple syrup is totally natural.

Does that mean dogs can eat maple syrup? When you are new to dog ownership, it is not easy to know what your new furry friend can eat and can’t eat. If you are asking yourself the question “can dogs eat maple syrup?” the answer may disappoint you.

The truth is that maple syrup is too high in sugar to be good for dogs. Pets, especially dogs, are even more sensitive to insulin resistance than us humans. Yes, it is disappointing. As we humans know, maple syrup tastes so good. Your four-legged friend would probably think that it tastes good as well, but it is not good for him or her.

In Conclusion

If you are still asking yourself can dogs eat male syrup, remember that the answer is no. Start spreading the word and make sure that other dog owners know that maple syrup is not meant for dogs.

We humans can eat it in small amounts, but it is very sweet. If you are watching your diet, you need to know that maple syrup is really just another sugar.

Can dogs eat syrup?
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