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Toys for Dogs That Are Heavy Chewers

Dogs are a human’s best friend. This is a fact. One can bond just as well with cats and other animals, but dogs will always be reserved a special place in most people’s hearts. Though dogs of all sizes can be fluffy, sleek, smart, kind, cute, elegant, and a bunch of other great things, they can also be absolute destroyers. This instinct or activity comes in all shapes and sizes of dogs. Leave a Chihuahua at home for an hour alone, and you will likely see something chewed on, ripped apart, or full of saliva at the attempts of the Chihuahua to destroy it. However, the situation is a bit more severe with large dogs like American Pitbulls or Cane Corsos. If they happen to get an urge for biting and chewing on things, they can literally chew their way out of a weakly built house. 

Toys for Dogs That Are Heavy Chewers
Toys for Dogs That Are Heavy Chewers

One of the best ways to combat such behavior is by getting these dogs toys that they can chew on. However, as not all toys are made equal, there are some that could be easily torn apart by creatures as small as a Pomeranian, let alone a Caucasian Sheperd or something in that tier. In this article, I have collected a list of toys that are perfect for dogs that are heavy chewers. They will be able to exert a bunch of energy on these items without the toys breaking, tearing, or falling apart, and this way you can protect your house from absolute demolition. Let’s jump right in! 

Best Toys for Dogs That Are Heavy Chewers

Here are our picks for the best chew toys you can order now from Amazon, all geared towards dogs that are heavy or even extreme chewers. Keep in mind that if you really have problems with your dog’s chewing and destructive habits, consider exercising and training them more to drain them each day, and work on handling separation anxiety issues. 

If you can’t manage on your own, feel free to contact a professional in your area who will gladly help, since solving overly destructive chewing and behaviors will make both your and your pup’s life more stress-free. However, if you are just looking for something to capture your dog’s attention and to be the victim of heavy chewing instead of your chairs, for example, this list will contain a bunch of great options for you! 

Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

One of my personal favorites, the Benebone Real Bacon Chew Toy is a toy and a treat in one, making it one of the best products for heavy chewers. In fact, this is the only product on this list that can be eaten completely by dogs. Don’t let it fool you, though, it will keep your pup busy for weeks. 

There are several different tastes available, including Real Bacon, Real Chicken, and Real Peanut Butter. The great thing about these flavors is that they are made of 100% real ingredients, hence their name. Give one to your dog and you will see this is the case!

The most interesting part of this product, as mentioned earlier, is its dual nature. It is a very, very hard treat, which is actually harder than real bone. This way, it can provide a tasty alternative for regular chew toys. 

The problem with regular chew toys is that after some time, they just become boring for your dog. They probably won’t care all that much about a week of chewing on it, and they might go on to something else, like your desk or couch. 

This product solves this issue in a genius way by combining the attractiveness of a treat with the hardness and toughness of a chew toy or bone. There are different sizes available for different sizes of dogs, and generally, when bought the right size, a dog can easily chew one of these treats for weeks. Also, there are 4 designs, all of which are playful but practical designs, allowing the dog to get a satisfying and comfortable grip on it when chewing. 

What you can do is only give this treat to your dog as you are leaving home. This way, they will connect the act of you going away with getting an awesome and tasty treat, which is a great way to eliminate separation anxiety as well as frantic chewing. 

If you are interested in getting one of these treats, which are also quite cheap compared to how long they last, check out this link to Amazon and make your furry friend the happiest dog today!

NOUGAT Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers, 100% Natural Rubber

My second favorite item from this list also deserves the second placement on the list. This is a 100% natural rubber chewing toy, which is in the “nearly indestructible” category and is meant for medium to large dogs. There are smaller versions of it available on Amazon, though, if you want to get one for your smaller pups, though they might be somewhat different in design. 

This toy is available in red and green colors and is shaped like a somewhat weird crocodile head, almost as if the crocodile’s head was forcefully shaped in a cylinder-like way. What this allows for is a strong and even surface for the dog to chew on, and also for the dog to play with it, since the toy can roll around.

Where the crocodile’s mouth is, there are teeth-like pieces of rubber sticking out within a mouth-shaped opening, which resembles a crocodile’s mouth but is actually designed that way on purpose. You can either fit some sorts of treats in there, or press some dog toothpaste all around it, and your dog will have a fun time licking it all out, all while cleaning their teeth on their own!

This toy is thus not only great for releasing stress and reducing the damage done to your house or furniture, but it also provides somewhat of a puzzle for your dog, since it has to figure out a way to get the treat out of the toy or a way to lick out all of the toothpaste.  This way, not only is their chewing directed in a safe direction, but they also get a brain-training exercise and also a tooth-brushing!

If you are interested in this product for your medium to a large pup, click on this link to Amazon and purchase it now!

Pet Lavu Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers with Milk-Flavored Natural Rubber

Another great option when it comes to chewing toys for your dogs is this Pet Lavu Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers in Milk Flavor. It is shaped like a Viking helmet, which makes it fun and unevenly shaped toy, which can cause it to roll around in unexpected ways. 

Also, your dog can chew at it from any angle, since its playful design doesn’t get boring for them quickly. Also, there is a hole at the bottom, where treats can fall out one-by-one whenever the toy is turned in a vertical position, so once in a while, while playing, the dog will also get a treat which will make them focus more on the toy. 

Another feature of this chewing toy that will make your dog fixated on it as long as you are gone is the hollow design with a bunch of holes and slits in all directions. This allows your dog to smell the snacks you have put in there, and they will chew on the toy and play with it until they don’t get the treat out. 

Even if you don’t put treats into this toy, you can still rest assured your dog will most probably chew this toy instead of something they shouldn’t, since the 100% natural rubber that it is made of is milk-flavored. 

The rubber is strong enough to withstand the bite and chewing of larger dogs like  German shepherds or American Pitbulls, or perhaps even Dogo Argentino-sized beasts. This is great because these are some of the dogs with the most powerful of bites (together with Kangals, Mastiffs, and Rottweilers), and having a toy that can withstand the pressure of their powerful jaws is a true sensation. 

If you are interested in this uniquely designed toy that will keep your dog occupied for any number of hours that you are away, check out this link to Amazon and purchase it today!

LECHONG Durable Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers Medium and Large Dogs

Another great option, this bone-shaped toy will definitely withstand the test of time and will provide a great amount of joy and chewing action for your dog. It is made out of high-quality synthetic materials that are completely non-toxic for dogs. 

This toy is available in three colors (blue, green, and orange), and is suitable for dogs under 40 or 45 lbs. Larger dogs will probably chew through it really fast since the toy is meant for the somewhat weaker bite force of medium to large-sized dogs, not extra-large ones. 

One of the main benefits of this toy is that it is great for playing tug-of-war with your dog. Since it is shaped somewhat like a bone, with two handles at either end, you can engage your dog in fun physical activity and bonding time when you are home, use it to play fetch when you are outdoors since it is sturdy enough to take a beating from all the throws, and also use it to fixate your dog’s attention when your away so they turn all their energy on the toy instead of on some other object that isn’t meant for it. 

Also, there are small rubber “spikes” on this toy, which can help clean the teeth of your dog while they are chewing it, so aside from this toy only being a great way for your dog to exert a ton of built-up energy, it is also great for their dental health, jaw strength and tooth stability. 

As with most dog toys like this one (and the other ones on the list), it is best if you only give this toy to your dog when you are going away, so they associate you leaving with the positive experience of receiving a reward and toy to play with. In this case, this toy doesn’t have a snack chamber or any place one could place treats in, but it can still be a great tool for controlling your pup’s destructive impulses. 

If you are interested in this simple yet effective dog toy, check out this link to Amazon and make your away-from-home time more relaxed!

VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toy for Large Dogs with Non-Toxic Natural Rubber

This toy is an Amazon’s Choice product in the heavy-duty dog toy category, which just reassured buyers that it is what the ad says it is: a nearly indestructible dog chewing toy. What is great about this toy is its simplicity. It can be ordered in a traditional red color only, but in two shapes: cylinder and cube (rectangular prism to be exact). Both of these shapes have their advantages. While the cylinder might be more resistant to constant chewing than the protruded edges of the cube design, it also might not provide such a satisfying chewing experience for the pup. 

One of the most awesome features of this product is the beef taste that the chew toy has. Though this toy cannot fit any treats or toothpaste, its rough surface and interesting shape will provide an awesome chewing sensation for any dog, and the flavor dimension is also added by the integrated beef flavor of the rubber. This might wear off a little bit over time, however, since the rubber itself is the object with the beef flavor and smell, it will retain it for a long time, even with constant licking and chewing. 

Dogs love interesting, high-pitched noises, and that is why they love squeaky toys. This toy also squeaks, so aside from the taste experience and the mouthfeel of this product, there is an added benefit from the auditory experience of the squeaking. This will capture the dog’s attention even more and will have them focus on the toy for longer periods of time. 

If you are interested in getting this simple yet amazing toy for your pet, which also tastes like beef, make sure to check out this link, which will take you to the product’s Amazon page!

M.C.works Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer

One of the most fun designs on this list aside from the Viking helmet toy, this toy comes in a variety of sizes to suit every type of pup, from small Chihuahuas to large Great Danes, and in the shape of a pineapple. The great thing about that is that the uneven surface and shape of the pineapple makes it roll around, often in quite unpredictable manners, which is likely to root your dog’s attention. 

Also, there are a bunch of holes in the side of this rubber pineapple, which make it possible for you to put a lot of treats in there, or perhaps even dog toothpaste (though the tongue of your furry friend might not reach it properly). This is great for two reasons: firstly, it makes the toy smell great for the pup. Whatever kind of dog you have, if you take a couple of cubes of cheese, small bits of cooked meat, or some other, manufactured dog treat or kibble, and place it in the holes in the pineapple, your dog will be excited to eat those treats, and will not stop trying to get them out until it feels the scent. Secondly, it can provide some extra nutrition for your dog in small portions throughout the time you are gone. 

Again, this also has the benefit of turning the time when you are away into a time of happiness and playing, instead of the depressed, stressed, and frustrating situation that most dogs feel they are in when their owners leave. 

This toy is also made out of 100% natural, non-toxic rubber, which will be great at letting the teeth of your dog sink into it without them ripping or puncturing the toy. This will make it last very long, and add to that the great value you get for your money, and you will immediately see that this pineapple-shaped toy is a great investment for your pup’s enjoyment and your home’s safety.  

If you are interested in purchasing this unique and durable toy for your dog so it can have something fun to chew on, click on this link to Amazon and buy yours today!

Oneisall Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Indestructible Pet Chew Toys Bone for Puppy Dogs

This is a product meant mostly for smaller pups. Though there is a large version of this toy, you might be better off buying some of the other options on this list mentioned earlier if you have a large dog, since this might not take the pressure of their jaws as easily. However, if you have a small to medium-sized dog, this simple toy will definitely be one of their favorites. 

This toy is made out of food-grade nylon, not rubber, which makes it extra tough. After all the different flavors of the previous toys and the options of placing treats inside them, you might think there is nothing new to be added to the game, but how about a very tough and durable, bone-shaped toy which also tastes like bacon? I mean, if my dog had to choose between beef or bacon, I know what he would choose…

This toy is said to only wear out after about six months of use, which proves that it is highly durable. The fact that it smells and tastes like bacon just makes it all the more appealing for your dog, and this way it will keep your dog much more occupied and for a much longer time than it would otherwise be with a neutrally-scented toy. 

This toy is for people who don’t like unique designs. It has one of the most simple designs on this list, with a simple, sleek-surfaced bone shape being an adequate description of the product. There are no holes for treats or squeaky elements in it. It is just a simple chewing toy, which does what it does excellently, and that is let dogs get all their frustration out on them. 

If you are looking for a simple yet effective toy for a heavy chewer dog, look no further than this bone-shaped, bacon-tasting toy, which is also one of the best budget options on this list. Click on this link to Amazon and buy yours now!

BMAG Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Now, here is a dog toy that can be found in most households with almost any size of the dog: the rope with knots. These large ropes (though you can get them anywhere in smaller sizes too) are sturdy, durable, everlasting, and also provide a great chewing experience for your dog. These can easily become the favorite toys of your dogs, so definitely consider getting one, even if you already have another chewing toy. 

There is nothing really special about these toys since they are simple ropes with knots tied onto them, however, they are some of the most notoriously durable toys any dog can get. Also, if you think getting a dog a piece of rope is just not enough, you can buy a bacon-flavored spray like this one at a very low price, and just spray these ropes a little bit. This will ensure that even though the ropes themselves might not be stimulating enough for your dog to be chewing on them for hours at a time, they will definitely be busy cleaning off the bacon flavor, I can assure you that. 

These ropes and similar rope products for ropes offer a great mouth-feel for dogs, since they are soft enough to be chewed almost like flesh, but are durable and tough enough to not rip for a long tie, except if you get a thinner rope for a large dog and soak it in a bacon-flavored spray. In that case, you can count on the rope being absolutely demolished in about 15 minutes. 

If you are looking for a classical toy that isn’t made of rubber or plastic but can still easily hold its ground against the constant chewing of dogs, even large ones, you don’t have to look any further than this 5-knot rope for larger dogs, which will quickly grow to be your dog’s teddybear. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of these rope toys, you can do so by clicking on this link to Amazon and then ordering one for your beloved pup!

How to Make Toys for Dogs That Are Heavy Chewers?

If you are not the type to purchase a dog toy but rather take one, there are some awesome ideas for dog toys all over the internet that can be made from a lot of household-available items. However, most of these are not really durable. So, how can one make durable ones? The key is choosing the proper ingredients. 

Using rubber is probably the best choice for making any sort of dog toy that is meant to be durable, however, the problem with that is that rubber toys are hard to make at home since most people don’t have the tools needed to melt or shape rubber. If you do, that is great, and you can create virtually anything out of rubber, so the sky is the limit with your creativity!

If like most people, you don’t have any tools to shape rubber at home, you can use one of the most commonly found items in households: different types of fabric. Deni, towels, and other thick materials work best for durable toys, however, if you have a smaller dog that doesn’t have such a strong bite force, making a toy out of shredded shirts, trainers, sweaters or virtually any type of cloth will be great for them. 

After choosing the material, which will probably be some sort of durable fabric if you are looking at making DIY durable dog toys with strong m materials, it is time to weave and tie the shirts and fabrics together in whichever pattern you like. You can create knots, replicate toy animals, or make fabric rings which are great for tug of war with larger dogs, seeing as you have a better grip when holding the cloth ring. 

All you need for making great dog toys at home is some patience and creativity. Once you have that, you just need some materials that would otherwise end up in your trash bin. Adding all that up, you can create awesome dog toys for even the badest heavy chewers in dogdom!

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Toys for Dogs That Are Heavy Chewers
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