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Wash the dog

Sometimes the dog gets dirty, and other times it just smells too much dog. What to do when washing the dog? The first few times, the dog will surely struggle. But soak the dog thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use shampoo, especially for dogs. Then rinse thoroughly so that there is no shampoo left in the coat after the shower. Then dry the dog. But let me tell you more, washing the dog here is not easy!

How do you wash the dog?

Preparations for washing the dog

Now there can be a lot of beeping and whining from a puppy when it showers for the first time. The dog will try to sneak out of the shower. Both you and the bathroom will be very wet. It can be good to be prepared for. For the first time, the dog may scream and beep. But try to stay calm. It can also be convenient if you connect the dog in the shower. It prevents the dog from slipping, and you have both hands free.

It can be uncomfortable to stand on a slippery surface, so a non-slip mat can be good to have.

It would help if you also had bought special shampoo for dogs.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är hundschampo.jpg

Some types of golden doodles may need to be brushed through before showering your dog. If the coat is matted before the shower, you risk aggravating the problem when washing the dog. The coat can then become a thick, felt mat when you wash the dog. But you get to see a little how your dog’s fur reacts to washing. Our puppy did not have that problem with the coat.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är borste-till-hundens-pals.jpg

It can also be good to have some form of reward in readiness when the dog is finished showering, or in the meantime, to become a positive experience for the dog.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är hundgodis-kyckling.jpg

Of course, a towel is also good to have within reach when it has finished showering. It is usually nicest if the dog has its own towel, as the towel can smell bad afterward.


Now small puppies usually roll, dig, step on things, etc. so that they get dirty often. They love forest walks and rolling in the mud. Other times they have found soil and are completely black around the mouth. In other words, they need to be washed quite often.

You wash your dog when it is dirty and needs it. Sometimes it may be enough to wash your stomach and paws when it has been out. Other times, you need to run a more thorough wash of the dog.

If your dog is one of the few who does not get dirty, it is enough to wash it once a month.

You will see how much sand and dirt flows from the dog in the shower, even though it looked quite clean.

The dog has a natural layer of fat in the coat. It protects against dirt and insulates against the cold, so you should not wash your dog unnecessarily much either. It takes a few days after washing before the grease layer is restored.


When you are going to buy shampoo for your dog, it may seem unnecessary because it costs so much more than your own hair shampoo. But there is actually a reason why you should buy dog ​​shampoo.

Unlike shampoo for humans, dog shampoo has the right pH value for dogs and will minimally irritate the skin.

There are also special shampoos if the dog has got vermin in the coat.


It is usually easiest to shower the dog, even if you have a bathtub. If you have a bathtub, you need a non-slip mat so that the dog is not scared when it slips. Then you shower the dog in the bathtub.

If the dog bathes in the sea, it can be good to wash it when you get home to get rid of saltwater and dirt.


When the dog has become dirty, it can be nice to get rid of the dirt. It is also the case that the dog, after a while, smells very strong dog or how should I say. A dirty dog ​​is not so cozy to pet, and it draws in the dirt. Being dirty is uncomfortable for the dog.

If the water is gray when you then rinse the dog, it needed to be washed. If the water is not dirty, you may have to wait a little longer before showering the dog next time.


Be careful when washing his ears and eyes, so that the dog does not get shampoo in them.. Some dogs get fungus easily there. You can buy special means to wash out and drip in the ears so that the problem does not occur.


After the shower, it is good to get the dog to shake off the water inside the shower cabin. I have not managed to do this yet, but the shaking should obviously be triggered by blowing a little on the dog’s ear.

Also, remember to be extra careful with your eyes, ears, and mouth.


I may be comfortable with myself, but the thought of having to blow-dry the dog after every shower felt very awkward. I do not even blow dry my own hair when it is wet. So drying a dog with thick fur actually felt very difficult.

But it is not at all necessary to blow dry the dog after showering it. But the dog should, of course, still be able to dry relatively quickly after the shower. It is not fun to take out when it is damp. If it rolls in the sand, it will look like a fish stick, and all work was in vain. So make sure the dog has time to dry before the next walk.

If you choose to blow-dry your dog, keep in mind that it can get very hot, so do not blow-dry for that long in every place.

Right now, our puppy is only 16 weeks old, and I have given him a summer hairstyle that is 6 mm. We did not have to blow-dry him after the shower, but we’ll see what happens in the winter. Then maybe we need to buy a hairdryer.

When he came out of the shower, I have dried him as much as I can with a regular towel. Then he shook himself off, and when you looked at the results, the whole upstairs had damp floors. So this is something you should be prepared for so that your puppy does not ruin the floor at home.

I have also been advised to use a miracle cloth to dry the dog. The miracle rags are known to be able to absorb a lot of water. So I’m thinking of buying one. It would be nice not to have to wipe the floor after I washed the dog.

After the shower and when the dog is dry again, it is good to brush through the fur on it to prevent tangles.


Can you wash the dog with soap? No, absolutely not! Soap is dehydrating on the dog’s face and has the wrong pH value. Washing the dog with soap can irritate the dog’s skin.

Can you use Yes to wash the dog? If the dog has really oily fur, it can work, but it is often irritating to its skin. Use as a mild shampoo as possible.

My dog ​​has rolled in poop, how do I get rid of the smell? We end up in a catastrophic situation where you choose between washing the dog or having it chained outdoors for a few days. When the disaster is a fact, try with both Soap and Yes. Rinse the coat very carefully and then wash it with regular dog shampoo.

Wash the dog
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