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Why Choose A Goldendoodle As A Buddy?

Why choose a Goldendoodle? If you are looking for an affectionate companion who can make your life more entertaining but is low maintenance Goldendoodle may be a good dog for you.

If your social media feed mostly contains pictures of dogs chances are you have already seen this dog breed. This crossbreed of Golden Retriever and Poodle is guaranteed to steal your heart and make you fall in life at first sight. Although it is completely understandable if upon seeing a Goldendoodle you decide you want five of them, you should ask yourself if you meet the criteria to be a good owner and if a Goldendoodle is a good choice for you.

But what are some important things you should know before getting your own Goldendoodle? 

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Why choose a Goldendoodle?

Why choose a Goldendoodle?

Why would you choose a Goldendoodle? Goldendoodle’s temperament is determined by many factors but mostly by hereditary, training, and social influence. 

To make sure your puppy’s personality matches what you are looking for it may be a good idea to meet the puppy’s parents as they will most likely take after them.

You should also enroll your puppy into a dog training group so you can be sure the puppy is adopting the behavioral patterns you want. Since Goldendoodles are very intelligent and easygoing they are easy to train.

To ensure your puppy is getting enough socialization you should make sure it is getting enough time to hang out with other dogs. This suits their personality as Goldendoodles are known as very social dogs.

Goldendoodles are perfect if you are looking for a dog that will get along with your kids or other pets. 

Since they don’t get jealous easily, Goldendoodles are great if you have other dogs. They are also known to interact well with other animals.

They get along with kids well because they are very affectionate. This trait makes them bond easily, which is important if you want to introduce the dog to a younger child. 

Many people worry that their dog will not react well to people that are not constantly in their life but visit every now and then. With Goldendoodles, you don’t have to worry about that since their easygoing nature makes them friendly towards strangers.

When talking about living arrangements Goldendoodles are very adaptable, however, they are high-energy dogs so need a bit of space. They can stay inside as they are not prone to nipping and chewing, meaning your shoes and furniture will be safe.

However, due to their high levels of energy, they need about 20 or 30 minutes of exercise daily. It can be obtained through simple walks, but Goldendoodles are known to like swimming and other activities in the water.

While they are independent dogs, you should not leave them on their own for a long time because they suffer from separation anxiety which in extreme cases can lead to destructive behavior.

Given that they are not particularly loud and are not prone to barking and howling unless provoked they are perfect for people who live in larger buildings with lots of neighbors.

Since they are low shedding, Goldendoodles are adaptable to different weather conditions. They enjoy warm weather just as much as cold.

Goldendoodles are low maintenance which makes them perfect dogs for people who have a little less free time. Their grooming routines consist of fairly basic things: bathing, nail trimming, brushing their teeth, and checking their ears.

Why choose a Goldendoodle and for whom is Goldendoodle a good fit?

Goldendoodles are perfect for families with children. Their affectionate nature makes them the perfect family dogs. Playfulness makes them an amazing first dog to introduce your children to animals.

They are very friendly and easygoing which makes them a good choice for people who already have one or more dogs. Since they are very prone to socialization they will fit right into your animal family even if it does not contain only dogs.

Goldendoodles are a good fit for active people because of their wanderlust. In addition to this, they are very active and playful which will make your adventures more fun.

Since they don’t require much in terms of maintenance and are pretty apartment-friendly they make great companions for people who live alone in smaller places as long as they are not left alone too much.

Why are Goldendoodles so popular?

Why choose a Goldendoodle? Goldendoodles recently became extremely popular and it’s not hard to understand why. Considering that they are hybrid dogs from two great breeds, many think of them as perfect pets.

Their playful demeanor and affectionate nature make them extremely lovable. The love they show towards their family, other humans, and even animals make it easy to form a close bond with them.

Goldendoodles owners often claim that they have a way of expressing their personality through their eyes. The combination of friendliness and curiosity may be one of the most unique personalities among other dogs.

Another contributing factor is their intelligence. Both poodles and golden retrievers are at the top of The Coren test making Goldendoodles one of the smartest designer breeds.

They make great companions during any kind of physical activity given that they are very athletic and adventurous. Coupled with their love for water and swimming they make the best four-legged travel partners.

Many people chose Goldendoodles because they are social dogs. It comes as no surprise as they were primarily bred as service dogs. This was due to their friendly nature and proneness to training, which is a determining factor for many when choosing a dog breed.

Why are Goldendoodles so expensive?

If you want to buy Goldendoodles expect it will cost you anywhere between 2000 and 3000 dollars. Most dogs acquired from reputable breeders are going to be on the more expensive side but why are Goldendoodles so expensive?  

There are a few factors that raise the price of this dog breed like the breeding expenses, genetic testing, medical expenses, puppy care, and training and expenses that come with running a breeding business.

Since Goldendoodles are a designer breed it is much more complicated to breed it than a purebred dog. It usually takes breeders years to achieve a lineage that produces predictable traits in their offspring such as their curly fur.

Breeders focus on certain traits since many buyers usually want certain traits in their puppy such as their low shed traits. Achieving this takes a long time and therefore is one of the main factors which drive up the price.

To get the best possible puppies breeders must acquire the best dogs to fulfill the role of parents. Acquiring such dogs or breeding rights is usually expensive, therefore adding to the price.

To make sure their puppies are the healthiest they can be, breeders have to visit the vet regularly. Although most people don’t really think about it, this can add up to enormous amounts.

Additionally, breeders have to perform genetic tests for inheritable conditions. This goes without saying but genetic tests are not cheap and breeders are paying for them out of their own pocket.

Puppies can not be separated from their mothers immediately upon birth, and through that time breeders need to take care of them. The mother does most of the work but breeders have a lot of work too. They need to make sure each puppy is fed properly and developing healthily.

Besides that most breeders take care of at least the first round of vaccines and those are also expensive.

During this time breeders also invest a lot of time to socialize the puppies to make sure they don’t have any fears that could arise from improper socialization.

Depending on the buyer breeders may also start simple training to make their house friendly and that takes a lot of time as well.

In addition to early puppy care and breeding expenses, there are also facility maintenance and employee expenses. They work diligently to make sure puppies are growing up in clean space which fulfills all needs the puppies could possibly have.

However, if this may present a problem for you there is always the option of adopting. This way you may not get your puppy from a breeder and thus lose the ability to choose certain traits you want in your puppy. One thing is for sure, even if you adopt your Goldendoodle will love you unconditionally non less.

Why Choose A Goldendoodle As A Buddy?
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