Why does my dog sit on me?

Dogs have different ways of showing their affection. Other dogs act normal, while some dogs have a weird way of showing their devotion to their humans. They also often act quirky, but no matter what they do, we still love them, weird or not. One familiar thing that your dogs do is follow you around the house. You will see them following you in the kitchen, bedroom, or even inside the bathroom.

When they see you lounging on the sofa, they are quick to sit beside you and do what you love doing, which is to relax and feel comfortable. However, not all dogs will sit beside you on the sofa but sit on you instead as if there is no more space for them to sit on anywhere else.

Why does my dog sit on me?
Why does my dog sit on me?

More often than not, your dog will sit on your feet, on your lap, and even on your chest.

It may be from puppyhood and a pack behavior where they are allowed to sleep on top of their canine siblings, beside or on top of their mother’s belly, and even be squished in between their littermates. This is a natural behavior for them, and since they see you as a part of the pack, you can expect that they will also want to be near you.

Some other reasons your dog sits on you are the following.

To show affection

Your dogs will show their affection, especially when they don’t see you the entire day. They will also want to be close to you from the time you arrived home. You think that sitting on you is weird behavior, but it is just how some dogs show their love for their owners.

Your pet will always take the opportunity, and as much as they can be close to you, they will not pass off the chance to do so.

It also shows that you are their favorite human. When there are other people in the house, and they are only sitting on you, it means you are his favorite person, and they feel more secure with you – and happy.

They love your body temperature

When your dog is still a puppy, they get warmth by cuddling with their siblings, and this is where they get the comfort they need. It is the same when they sit on you cause your body temperature is what they need to feel comfortable.

They love that they have a warming system. Your dog may also feel that the floor or bed is too chilly for their body and would rather snuggle with you to get the warmth and comfort they need.

They want to play with their human

Your dog may have been waiting to do it the entire day, and by the time you sit on the sofa, that is the chance they have been waiting for.

This is when you can play with your pet as well cause when they sit on you, they are just getting your attention, so you will play with them. You should be able to understand the signs and your pet’s actions and what it means.

It is up to you if you will let your dog sit on you and just let them be close or play with them as they hope you would do.

Wanting and giving security

It is like a sense of security for your dog. Not only are you close to them, but also know when you are about to move. Your dog will also not let you leave easily as long as they are sitting on you.

This will ease their anxiety cause they see you, and you are not missing from their sight.

Other dogs, however, want to make sure that you are safe, and it is for your benefit that they are sitting on you. They want to check your every movement and know that you are not away from them. You will see them feeling proud of themselves while sitting on you.

Rubbing his scent on you

It is also another way for your pet to mark its territory. They are rubbing their scent on you by sitting. They are also showing ownership, especially if there are other dogs around.

They are not trying to dominate you, but they want others to see that you are bonded or close. Dogs also do this when they smell other animal’s scents on you, will feel threatened, at the same time, curious where you get that scent.

Asserting dominance

This is when you should correct their behavior. When your dog is sitting on you to show its dominance, it should be a cause for concern. They need to be trained not to sit on you and show aggression when someone else get near you.

Some dogs may also do this to other people and not just their owners, as if showing that they own you. When you notice your dog sitting on your feet or your lap and they suddenly growl when you try to move, then this should be corrected immediately.

Remove him from where he is sitting every time he acts this way, so he will relate his behavior to not being allowed to sit on you or other people.

Breed Behavior

It is common for the smaller breeds to sit on their humans just because it is easy for them to do so. Though, it is also not unheard of to learn about large dogs sitting on their owner’s lap or their feet. If they can also sit on the chest of their humans, they will probably do so.

More common dogs that sit on your lap or your chest are Maltese, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu’s, and other small dog breeds. They are called lap dogs and fit right into the description.

These lap dogs feel safe and loved in their favorite spot, so when they sit on your lap, feet, or on your chest, know that they are feeling safe and cared for.

Small dog breeds may be allowed to sit on you, however, for larger breeds, you may want them to sit beside you instead.

They are jealous

Your dog can also feel jealousy. They will show this by sitting on your lap and getting your attention. This happens when you are giving your attention to another dog more than what you are giving to them. Sometimes, they will also tap or poke you with their paws so they can get your attention.

They also don’t like it when you give too much attention to other dogs and have little time for them.

They want you to pet them

When you see your dog sitting on your feet, and they are also making a soft whining sound, this means they want you to pet them. You may not be bonding with them so much, let alone have the time to pet them, and this is their way of letting you know they are looking forward to it.

Also, it is their way of getting noticed, and once you do, they will show their belly so they can get some belly rubs. It is just how they are.

They see you needing comfort

Your pet knows when you are feeling blue, and the only way they know how to make you feel better is by sitting on you. They make sure that you know they are not going anywhere. Dogs have a keen sense of what is going on around them and this is doubly true when it comes to their humans.

Dogs are the first to sense when their humans are feeling low or even heartbroken. Sometimes they will get close to their humans when they are crying or discouraged.

Your dog wants to cuddle

Our dogs also want to cuddle cause this is what makes them happy. They can feel special, and they feel so much joy in your presence. Physical contact is important to canines cause this satisfies them, and it is also like a bonding moment for them with their humans.

They want to please their owners, and cuddling also makes them doubly gratified. Your pet looks forward to their bonding moments with their humans, and it is the highlight of their day.

To get your attention

When you are too busy and have no time to snuggle with your lovable dog, they will also feel neglected and feel their humans have no more time for them. They are like a child that also shows how much they missed their humans. Their way of getting your attention is by sitting on your chest or your lap. Most dogs love to sit on their owner’s lap, and this is how they make sure that you notice them. Sometimes you will see your pet bringing their favorite toy to you while they snuggle on your lap.

They cannot say how much they love you verbally, so that is how they display their affection.

When you are too busy

Your dog will act weird and unusual when they are not getting the attention or the affection they want from their owners. Sometimes they will even pee or poop on spots they shouldn’t and when they are already potty trained.

This is your dog telling you that they want you to notice them or at least find the time for them.

They are probably missing your bonding moments. When they sit on you or even sit on your feet, that is their way of saying for you to see them.

Your pet cannot say what they feel verbal, and that is the only way they know how to make you feel their presence and their yearning for their best friend.

The question is if you like your dog to sit on you and if you will allow it? If it is alright to have them sit on you, then it should happen on your terms. There are some tips on how you can train them when they can only sit on you.

Standing Up

When your dog sits on your chest or even on your feet, you should stand up immediately so they will not feel at ease and will notice that you are not allowing them to stay seated. Your dog will attempt to sit on you many times when they want to, but you should correct this and stop them from doing so.

Stay a Few Distance Away

Once you stand up and you have stopped them from sitting on you, do not immediately go back to sitting but stay a few feet away from your dog and let them wait where they are. It is also asserting and showing your dog to follow your order.

Telling them When

When your dog learns not to jump on you whenever they want, and you have stopped them from sitting on your feet or in any part of your body, it is time to train them when you want them to sit on you.

You can pat on your chest while you lie down and command your dog to jump on your chest. Your pet will connect the chest and the command and follow you. Once your dog has learned to sit on your chest or lap, it is time to teach them when they should stay off. Just give the command and point to the floor while telling them off. When your dog follows the command, pat and praises him for exemplary behavior.

This may not be easy to do and may need a few tries before your dog gets the command and associates the right time they are allowed to sit on you and when they should stay off.

Dogs are wonderful and intelligent creatures. Just give them a cue word, and they can follow it with repetition.

Teaching your dog when you want them to stay sitting on you and when you like them to stay away from is the best way to ensure that they will not jump on you anytime they feel like it.

Why does my dog sit on me?
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