Can dogs have mustard?

Mustard goes well with hotdogs, when you’re out in the field and enjoy a game or two and someone selling hotdogs passes by, it’s easy to get one and enjoy a big bite on a piece of mustard-swirled hotdog on buns. You could just see yourself enjoying bite after bite of that classic treat. While your dog watches you slide down that enormous piece nice and easy, you’re caught in between. What are you going to do?

To give or not to give, that is the question! Can dogs have mustard? You are on the verge of giving your dog a delightful piece of that hot dog that is swirled with a good amount of mustard. A bit won’t hurt him, right? You can just see your dog’s eyes asking you to be merciful and spare him some bit of goodies. Can dogs have mustard? Just keeps on repeating on your head and it’s getting louder every minute.

Can dogs have mustard
Can dogs have mustard?

Can dogs have mustard?

We can enjoy mustard, can our dogs too? No, dogs can never have mustard. It will not happen now, not tomorrow, and not in a million years. Mustard contains seeds that are unsafe for dogs. Mustard seeds contain toxic compounds that lead to your dog getting gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of your dog’s stomach or the inflammation of its intestinal tract. It can make your dog uncomfortable.

Licking a small amount of mustard may not give trouble to your dog, but consuming a sizeable amount of mustard spells a lot of trouble for your dog. When your dog shows symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pains, and you suspect your dog ingested unsafe amounts of mustard, please call your vet. Your fast response may help you save your dog’s life.

It is sometimes easy to give in to our dogs’ wishes and just give them what they want and make them happy. Though it may apply to some treats, to just give in and make them happy, giving in to your dog’s incessant pleas with something that has lots of mustard in it is just plain irresponsible. It is very unlikely that there is love in that act when what you do will be harmful to your dog and would cause him to suffer much.

But it would take a lot of mustard for your dog to experience severe gastrointestinal upsets, but small and minute amounts can still lead to it. Don’t even think for a second of giving some to your dog and worry about a thing later. Don’t give any food item that contains any mustard on it and you’ll never have to feel guilty about anything, anytime.

What is in mustard that would make your dog’s guts to go haywire?

Mustard seeds are toxic to dogs, period. Mustard seeds contain a chemical called isothiocyanate which gives the mustard its distinctive pungent taste that humans love so much for their hotdogs and burgers. But sadly, your dogs cannot digest isothiocyanate. When your dog ingested a lot, it can make your dog suffer diarrhea and can make him vomit.

Mustard that you swirl in your burger and hotdogs on buns contains other ingredients that are not safe for your dogs. It contains salt, and they had proven that consumption of salt proves to have a negative impact on dogs’ health. That is another reason for dogs to not consume mustard. Dog’s sodium tolerance levels are very delicate.

When your dog experiences gastroenteritis, it would be advisable to seek call immediately your vet and seek immediate medical attention.

What is exactly gastroenteritis?

To give an honest and short answer to what gastroenteritis is, it is the inflammation of your dog’s bowel and stomach. When your dog suffers from it, your dog would have to do anything to get it out of its system. It is both dangerous and painful for your dog, it’s even horrible to watch him wringing in pain when we do not exercise due diligence that resulted in our dogs having to be on that compromise.

While your dog is wringing in pain, he is also experiencing diarrhea and vomits a lot. It is going to be very messy to deal with and not seeking immediate medical attention can ultimately lead to a more severe infection that is deadly and serious. If the serious condition continues to persist and the delay in medical attention continues, your dog could suffer severe consequences and would cause things you might regret.

What to do if a dog ingested mustard?

You need to be calm, don’t panic, and you must remain in control of the situation. What you need is to monitor for signs of gastrointestinal upsets. Let your dog have plenty of water to drink. Mustard is salty, so your dog would have to be thirsty and would love to wash off the mustard out of its tongue.

Watch over your dog until medical help arrives. Get ready to bring your dog to a medical facility for treatment when your vet gives you the instructions. If you can get all the exact details, it would be better than it would be helpful for the vet to get the best solution for the medical issue. Keep everything listed so you’ll have accurate information to give the vet when he asks questions about what are the things your dog ingested.

Don’t give your dog honey even if you read across the internet that honey has “healing” properties. Water would be fine and just proceed to the nearest medical facility and do not leave your dog’s fate to chance. Your dog’s size may be a factor in the condition’s severity. A smaller dog could get damaged seriously while larger breeds could be more tolerant.

In conclusion,

We have laid out predicates on the question “Can dogs have mustard?”, we hope it shed a lot of light on you and would make you a much better dog owner. You have seen the ill effects of mustard when ingested by dogs. Mustard is not a food item for dogs because it could lead them to have gastroenteritis. It is painful and will be a horrible experience for both you and your dog.

Get your dog other alternatives. We have articles are written that can you read and can give you a much clearer picture of what is best suited for your dogs. We are thanking you for making us part of your dog handling education. Please read also other articles that will make you a much better dog owner. Thank you for finding the time to visit us and sparing a moment in getting yourself informed.

Can dogs have mustard?
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