Should I Castrate the Dog or Not?

Castrating pets has drawn a lot of attention ever since the procedure was first introduced. Many people see the benefits of castration and understand that they can keep their pets calmer and collected that way. However, some drawbacks have to be taken into account when deciding whether you’re going to castrate your dog. For that […]

Dog teeth cleaning

Your dog’s teeth cleaning should be included in your dog’s hygiene. It is not just bathing them and cleaning their fur often, but their teeth must be included in their cleansing routine. Odor can develop if you leave your dog’s teeth uncleaned for a long time. With every dog’s meal, there are food particles left […]

Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband?

Do you love your dog enough to let him sleep on top of you? Dogs are known for sleeping with their humans, but they will also snuggle up to any human that allows them. It’s not just the warmth and security of a human body that draws dogs in close – it could be because […]

Why does my dog smell like fish?

Dogs are supposed to smell pleasant if they are well taken care of, and groomed from time to time. A dog’s smell sometimes depends on what they eat and what diets they have. If your dog suddenly smells stinky and you know you are bathing and grooming them, you should investigate why it is so. […]

Why does my dog sit on me?

Dogs have different ways of showing their affection. Other dogs act normal, while some dogs have a weird way of showing their devotion to their humans. They also often act quirky, but no matter what they do, we still love them, weird or not. One familiar thing that your dogs do is follow you around […]

Why do dogs wink?

Have you ever seen your dog winking and wondered what they were communicating with you? Or maybe you believe your dog is winking excessively and is suffering from a health problem? I will address all of your questions regarding your dog winking and what it might signify in my guide to winking dogs. What causes […]

Do dogs get tired of barking

If your dog is a chronic barker, you’ve probably wondered if dogs grow weary of barking. When it comes to dog training and barking, it seems as if there are a thousand different views. It’s as though you’re holding a sobbing infant. Some say you should let it scream it out, some say you should […]

Dog-proof trash can

If your dog is keen on finding things they can chew on inside the trash can, you have no other option but to buy a dog-proof trash can. Your pet can eat whatever they can find in the trash and can even chew on the trash can if they find they can do so. Getting […]

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