Can Dogs Eat Oreos? Risks and Safety Concerns

Is It Safe For My Dog to Eat Oreo?

Everyone loves to snack on an Oreo or two. These chocolate sandwiches with cream filling are very popular with kids and adults alike. But while we take eating Oreos for granted, we might wonder if man’s best friend can also have a bite.

Feeding human food to a dog is fairly safe and even nutritious for them, But is Oreo a safe option that you can give your pooch?

Can Dogs Eat Oreos
Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

Oreo is a processed snack that has a soft cream filling sandwiched with two hard chocolate cookies. It’s an iconic snack that is affordable and easily available in grocery stores worldwide. Oreo is so popular that the company produces more than 40 billion cookies per year. Oreo also comes in different flavors and varieties, some even exclusive to a specific country (like China having an exclusive green tea flavor Oreo.)

Oreos are popular simply because of how tasty they are. They’re sweet, chewy, and handy. But while Oreos are a common snack that you can give to your kid, are they just as safe to give to dogs?

Unfortunately, unlike humans, dogs are not allowed to eat Oreos. But don’t feel so bad when your pup is begging to have that cookie in your hand. Oreos are unhealthy (and even harmful) for your dog. So not giving them that Oreo is doing them a favor.

But why is Oreo so dangerous? Many ingredients are in an Oreo that can cause problems for your dog. And while a single cookie won’t immediately cause fatality, it’s never a good idea to let them sniff around the cupboards.

Chocolate Poisoning

Let’s first start with the obvious culprit. The classic Oreo cookie has some of the harmful compounds that are found in chocolate. And while it’s not enough to upset a dog, it’s still something noteworthy.

Chocolate is poisonous for dogs because it contains a chemical called theobromine. Theobromine is a bitter compound found in cacao seeds, and it is traceable even after turning the seeds into chocolate. For humans, the compound has some health benefits, such as increased energy and healthy teeth. However, dogs are sensitive to theobromine, and it can give them some negative side effects.

Similar to theobromine, caffeine is another compound that is useful for humans but harmful for dogs. Caffeine is abundant in cacao beans along with theobromine. Both of these compounds can make dogs ill and weak.

A single Oreo doesn’t have the same amount of theobromine or caffeine that a chocolate bar has. But other things can make your dog sick, especially if they had one too many Oreos.

Fat and Sugar

No matter how good Oreos are, they are still junk food. And like most junk food, Oreos are full of fat and sugar.

Humans are a little more tolerant when it comes to those two. Dogs? Not so much. Too much fat and sugar can cause sickness and obesity in dogs, and it can happen far quicker than in humans. Too much fat and sugar can lead to adverse effects on their body, like upset stomach, tooth decay, and diabetes.

How Do I Know if My Dog Ate Too Much Oreos?

If your dog found the pantry and munched through some Oreos, chances are they might exhibit some signs and symptoms. Look out for side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, constipation, and seizure. High amounts of Oreos can be fatal, especially for smaller breeds of dogs. When your dog does exhibit one or more symptoms, make sure to take them immediately to the vet.

How Do I Keep My Dog From Eating Oreos?

Some dogs just like to sniff and find things to eat around the house. If your Oreos are in plain sight and are easy to get, chances are they can have their paws on them. To avoid your dog from getting a bite, here are some tips to minimize the risk.

Place the Oreos on a High Shelf

A shelf that is hard to reach is the perfect spot to hide your Oreos. Make sure that your shelf is not easy to jump or climb on. Dogs are notoriously flexible and agile. So try to avoid shelves that are right above a table or a counter.

Alternatively, You Can Place Them Inside the Pantry

Another place that you can put your cookies in is the pantry. It’s only appropriate to hide your sweets someplace where there are other foods. It can make searching for those Oreos a little harder. You can make it even more secure by hiding the Oreos behind other products.

Put the Oreos in a Tightly Sealed Jar

Dogs lack the same dexterity humans have, so some tasks are pretty impossible for them. That includes opening a jar of Oreos. Keep your Oreos extra safe by putting them inside a jar. Your dog will no longer be able to open the lid and grab a bite. Just make sure they don’t tip the jar over and break it.

Use a Lock to Keep Your Dogs from Opening Cupboards

If your dog is too smart and can open every single cupboard in your kitchen, then why not invest in a good lock? Having a lock can make sure that nobody, especially your dog, can dig inside the pantry. It’s like putting your Oreos in a safety deposit box! Of course, you should always have the key with you when you need to get something.

Train Your Dog to Not Search for Oreos

Finally, you can train your dog so they won’t search for your Oreos next time. Even the most stubborn dogs can understand rules and regulations around the house. Imposing a little bit of discipline can save you a lot of time and money. Plus, you can give your dog more appropriate dog biscuits instead of Oreos.

In the end, as much as we want to share the chocolatey and creamy goodness of Oreos with our furry friends, we simply can’t do that. Giving Oreos to your dog has more cons than pros. Oreos are too unhealthy for canine consumption and giving them more than one can definitely make them feel ill. So for now, your pooch needs to settle with peanut butter and beef-flavored dog snacks.

Can Dogs Eat Oreos? Risks and Safety Concerns
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