Can dogs eat beets?

Beta vulgaris a root vegetable packed with essential nutrients like folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. It is also a source of fiber that aids us with our digestion. We commonly call it beet, red beet, and garden beet. Beet and beetroot juice has many health benefits and is good at improving our blood.

Many beets benefit because of their high inorganic nitrates that help lower our blood pressure and increase performance during exercises. Beets have a water content of 87%, carbohydrates and 8%, fiber 2-3%. One cup of boiled beetroot has fewer calories compared to 100 grams or 3/4 cup of raw beets.

Can dogs eat beets
Can dogs eat beets?

But can dogs eat beets? Is it like sweet potatoes that dogs can ingest safely? As we know it, there are food items that both a dog and its owner can share, and are beets one of them? We will try to uncover all truths regarding the question “Can dogs eat beets” and give a conclusive and definitive answer to help us make a safe decision.

Can dogs eat beets?

We love to give our dogs vegetable and fruit treats. When our dog sees us getting a few fruits and sliding them down smoothly in our guts, Fido would come immediately at us and keep doing what he does well, which is getting cute with us until we give in to his demands give him a few treats. But is he safe with some few pieces of beets?

Dogs are perfectly fine and okay with beets. Beets are an excellent addition to our dog’s diet and can help us provide their nutrient intakes when given in moderate amounts. Beets provide our dogs with Vitamin C, fiber, manganese, folate, and potassium. These nutrients can make our dogs fit and improve their immune system.

Do you want to see your dog get that healthy and shiny skin and coat? A few serving of beets is an ideal solution for that. A few beets are great for dogs suffering from losing fur, experiencing stomach discomfort, and suffering from unhealthy skin. Beets do wonders for our dog’s health.

A moderate amount of beets in a dog’s diet is excellent for your dog’s healthy lifestyle. A few slices of beets combined with other healthy dog food items can keep your dog healthy and free from different illnesses. Dr. Karen Becker, our dog’s vegetable consumption should be 15-25% of their intake, and a couple of beets should make up for this percentage.

List of Beets nutritional facts that your dog would benefit from

An intake or consumption of beets would be lovely and make your dog enjoy a couple of these nutritional facts. These nutrients will guarantee a recommended dose of nutrients when your dog ingests 100 grams for raw beets. You’ll never go wrong adding a few slices of beets for your furry friend’s health regimen.

  • Water – 87.58g
  • Energy – 43cal
  • Protein – 1.61g
  • Fat – 17g
  • Carbohydrate – 9.56g
  • Fiber – 2.8g
  • Sugar – 6.76g
  • Calcium – 16mg
  • Iron – 8mg
  • Magnesium – 23mg
  • Phosphorus – 40mg
  • Potassium – 325mg
  • Sodium – 78mg
  • Zinc – 35 mg
  • Vitamin C – 4.9 mg

That is what your dog would get for every 100 grams of raw beets. Like what I highlighted a while ago, beets would do wonders for your dog’s health when given in moderate amounts. Beets are good for you and good for your dog. Sharing this wonderful treat is beneficial for both of you, so share this treat more often.

How do you make wonderful beets treat for your dog?

Let’s get down to business. We have covered the different health benefits that beets bring to the table. Now we will find out how we make a wonderful treat that our dog would enjoy to grab those nutrients that are beneficial to dogs. Just sit back and enjoy while we bring it to you in detail.

  • Choose organic beets – Nothing beats an organic treats. Vegetables are healthy for dogs, but we need to make sure that they do not bombard it with a heavy dose of pesticides and other chemicals. Ensuring that what we are giving our dogs is organic that would lessen our burden of how to get our dogs the best things that are safe. You can never go wrong with organic products.
  • Properly wash your veggies – Before you are going to cook your beets, it is better to wash them thoroughly under running water. A harvested vegetables go through different things. From the farm to the grocery, it can pickup dirt, dust, and other things that would make it unsafe to it. It is advisable to wash your vegetables properly so you’ll always sure that what you and your dog are consuming is clean and safe. You can soak them in a basin with water and salt solution to remove any impurities it might have before giving it a running water bath under the tap just to be sure.
  • You can choose to mash or make a puree out of it – if it is the first time that a dog tasted a beet treat, they would sometimes show little enthusiasm. Beets sometimes put a strain on your dog’s stomach because a dog can only take a handful of vegetables. They are more of a meat eater than a vegetarian. If you smash or make a beet puree, you can slide it down smoothly on the dog’s gut with less trouble. Be sure that you soften the beets before processing it. Cut it into small pieces and then you can blanch, steam, or boil the beets. Get them a nice swirl on your blender or food processor and see it get done.
  • Whatever it is you are going to do, do not put seasoning – Seasoning provide a much better taste to any food, but dogs do not find it very healthy. There are seasonings that are dangerous and toxic to dogs. What could be great for humans may not be too ideal for dogs. The beet flavor is already a great treat for them. Do not put garlic and onion powder, salt and other things that you used to make your food more flavorful. Remember, dogs are not little humans. The seasonings we used to make our food taste better are a big “no-no” for them.
  • Level it up, make it a special treat – you can combine a few pieces of vegetables that are safe for dogs to consume with your beets. Add a bit of carrots and cucumber with a few chunks of boiled chicken or turkey and your dog will going to love it instantly. Just like us, dogs also love an occasional surprise. Giving them something that they rarely eat every day can make them happy and wag their tails more vigorously.

Beet treats are good for them

Dog owners would constantly huddle to give their dogs the best they could. Some of them will spend a fortune to make their dogs feel we love them. Giving them a few amounts of beets helps them with their digestive system. You can safely add a few slices of beets if your dog is experiencing some stomach issues.

Mixing beets with other healthy alternatives like carrots, cucumber, banana, and apple is excellent for improving their overall health and get their immune system on track. Healthy dogs always have happy owners that stand beside them no matter what. These are some benefits that your dog gets when you give a healthy amount of beet treats.

  • Boost their immune system
  • Get your dog a healthier skin and coat
  • Make their fur shinier

We would always stress out that you have to keep a healthy conversation with your dog vets regularly. You need to ask many questions that can help you keep your dog healthy all the time. Your vet can always give a good recommendation on how safe is “safe” and how little is “little.”

Infusing a healthy option that gives your dog the needed nutrient is excellent for them. When your dog is not suffering from any illness, both of you are happy. It is always sad to hear that a dog suffers because of food-related issues. Please be very careful in giving your dog some treats because you might hurt them without knowing it.

Can a dog get an allergic reaction with beet consumption?

Dogs systems vary from dog to dog. When you introduce a new food to your dog, it is wise to exercise caution. Not because consuming beets is suitable for some dogs, but it could also be good for your dog. Checking if your dog would be allergic to beets or not would spare you a lot of trouble.

When your dog consumes a few slices of beets, watch out for any allergic reactions. It may be low, but still, if your dog sneezes a lot or could feel lethargic or expels a lot of gases, you need to stop feeding them with it and better consult your vet for advice.

If some people would be allergic to beets, it could also be a possibility with dogs. It is better to be safe rather than to be sorry. If you notice anything unusual with your dog’s behavior after consuming a few slices of beets, it is better to call your vet and seek immediate medical attention. Don’t wait for anything serious to happen, and call your vet right away.

Please visit us more often for more tips and advice on how to keep your dog healthy and free from serious illness all the time. It is nice of you to consider us your partner to keep your furry friend in tiptop shape. We are always on the lookout for new things and new set techniques that will make both you and your dog happy for years to come.

Can dogs eat beets?
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