Goldendoodles breeders in the US

Goldendoodles breeders in the US

Are you looking for Goldendoodles breeders? Most people who choose to get their puppies from a breeder usually question How to get in touch with reputable breeders and what to look for to indicate that the breeder is responsible. There is also the added concern of stumbling onto puppy mills and their questionable practices involving breeding. So how will you know that the breeder you contact is a good choice for you?

This article will introduce you to a few different Goldendoodles breeders across the US and provide you with a link containing a list of reputable breeders. The article will also give tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect puppy from the litter. It will also teach you what to look for while checking if the breeder is a good choice. 

Start by learning about the breeders from trustworthy sources. Make sure to question the breeder to be sure the choice is the best possible for you. Once you contact the breeder, visit them and be on the lookout for any indication of malpractice.

Goldendoodles breeders in the US
Goldendoodles breeders in the US

List of some big Goldendoodles breeders over the US

There are reputable Goldendoodles breeders all over the US, except for a few states like New Mexico and Delaware. 

Jefferson Goldendoodles breeders

Jefferson Goldendoodles are the most famous breeders in Birmingham, Alabama. They are small, home base breeders that started their business in 2002. They specialize in F1B Goldendoodles. They socialize their puppies while in the home environment. Some of their dogs are used as therapy and service dogs.

Wild paw doodles

Wild paw doodles are located in Postville, Iowa. They specialize in in-home Goldendoodles breeders. They are full-time breeders, allowing them to devote themselves to their puppies while growing up fully. It’s a family breeding business, and the parent dogs are family pets.

Ben’s Best Buddy Goldendoodles breeders

Ben’s Best Buddy is a breeding business in Lake Chester, Louisiana. They focus on multigenerational standards and miniature Goldendoodles. All of their dogs are genetically tested to ensure the healthiest puppies.  

Doodles of NC

Doodles of NC is a Burlington-based breeder business that deals exclusively with Goldendoodles. They offer mini F-1B Goldendoodles and medium F-1B Goldendoodles. All of their puppies stay in their home with their mothers for the first five weeks, after which they can be transferred to the guardian’s home. The puppies are socialized by caring for the breeder’s dog throughout the last three weeks before puppy pick-up.

Lonestar Goldendoodles breeders

You can get your doodle companion quickly from Lonestar doodles, as it is a family-owned breeder that produces healthy and gentle puppies. Lonestar doodles are known to provide beautiful and healthy puppies of various coats and colors. They are located in Weatherford, Texas.

With hard work, dedication, and the proper knowledge, Lonestar doodles claim to produce the best well-raised dogs. The dogs they have proved to be the best companions of loving families.

Lonestar doodles constitute five breeders working together to bring doodles of various colors, sizes, and coats. You can get any size of golden doodle, from mini to standard, from Lonestar doodles. So, if you are somewhere in Texas, you can easily book and receive a snickerdoodle for your home.

Texas Doodles

Texas Doodles are known for producing high-quality doodles mainly because of their puppy culture method, which is quite efficient and focuses primarily on neurological stimulation. The breeding programs at Texas Doodles are well planned and led by responsible breeders. These cute doodles they produce are hypoallergenic as they shed less. These dogs have affectionate personalities and an adorable look that makes everyone want them.

They have several doodle breeds at Texas Doodles for sale. You will find Goldendoodles and Pyredoodles of different generations.

Texas Doodles workers responsibly perform their duties to provide their customers with safe and healthy dogs. You can rest assured of their services as they fulfill a puppy’s needs. The dogs are litter trained, Vet checked, and have received their vaccinations before they are delivered to your homes.

Teddy Bear Goldendoodles breeders

Staff at Teddy Bear Golden Doodles like to speak to a family before a puppy is handed over to them. They ensure the puppy goes in the right hands and has all the traits a family wants in their little dog companion.

They have puppies of different coats and sizes. You can easily find a doodle of any size, from minor to standard and over. They also provide their customers with a T-shirt Allergy Test in case anyone at home is allergic to the puppy. The test will help determine if the family members can tolerate the new puppy.

These breeders give a two-year health warranty for the dog. The provided puppies are always Vet checked and are in good health condition.

How do you choose a breeder?

Choosing a breeder will be stressful for any potential owners, especially getting their first dog. Finding a good and responsible breeder is essential because you will get a healthy dog. Reputable breeders will usually stay in touch with people who take their puppies to ensure they are taken care of and provide help with anything the new owners may need. Remember, there are a few signs you should look out for to make sure you find a good breeder.

It may be slightly intimidating to start researching breeders because most people don’t know where to start. This step should be done in detail, which means this process will take some time. For starters, you could reach out to your local veterinarian. Any respectable breeder will have a good relationship with the veterinarian due to frequent visits. If a dog show is being held in your vicinity, it could also be a good idea to visit and talk to breeders competing there. If you reach out to the breed owners you are looking to get. They will recommend a good breeder. Most importantly, their clients will be the best advertisement for a good breeder.

When communicating with the breeder, visit them before you get a dog from them. This visit will tell what kind of breeder the particular one you are in contact with. Reputable breeders will often invite you over yourself and let you play with their dogs, so if someone refuses to meet you on their premises, they probably are not a good breeder. 

Once you get there, pay attention to the conditions the dogs live in. Make sure there is enough space for puppies to play and move around. Make sure that the dos are clean and free of any odors. This should also apply to the breeder’s premise. The dog’s behavior is also very telling of the breeder. The general dynamic between the dogs and the breeders should be familial. Once they are around the breeder, dogs should be comfortable and have no fear of interaction. They should be outgoing and not shy away from you.

You should also ensure you are not dealing with a puppy mill. The most common sign of a puppy mill is an excellent volume of different breeds of puppies. Reputable breeders rarely take on more than two breeds and won’t breed their dogs more often than the veterinarian recommends.

Reputable Goldendoodles breeders will be open to any questions you may have about the breed. Their knowledge should be extensive because most breeders only deal with one species. This includes potential size, temperament, exercise requirements, inherited health issues, and any special needs the dog may have. Even if the breeders don’t know the answer themselves, they will probably be able to point you to someone who knows.

Goldendoodles breeders will usually encourage you to meet the parents of the dog you would like to get. This is important because it introduces you to the dog your puppy will be like when it grows up. If you ask, they will probably provide you with information about their other dogs and maybe even introduce you to the families that got their dogs. A responsible breeder will question your capabilities and lifestyle to ensure you take good care of the dog.

A good breeder will also start medical care after the puppies are born. This includes the first vet appointment and the first round of vaccination. Once you get the puppy, the breeder should hand you any existing paperwork regarding the medical care. In addition, pedigree documentation and registration papers made out in your name should be exchanged with the puppy.

How do you choose a dog?

Once introduced to the litter, you should take a few steps to determine which puppy from the litter is the perfect match for you. The first step you should take is visiting the breeder once the puppies are born. Make sure this isn’t the first litter by these parents. Ideally, it would be best to aim for the third liter to prove that the parents can produce healthy puppies. Pay attention to the mother and make sure she is healthy because she will affect the puppies’ health the most.

To make sure your puppy is the best for you, personality vise, talk to the breeder. If they are experienced, they should be able to point you to the best fit depending on the lifestyle and personality of the puppies from the litter. This conversation should also touch on the potential health concerns with Goldendoodles. At this time, the breeder should tell you about any issues relating specifically to the puppy you want to get.

Interact with the puppy so you can be sure the puppy you want to get is adequately socialized. Once introduced to the puppies, they should come up to your feet, nip on your shoelaces, or climb into your lap. The traits you are looking for are playfulness, friendliness, and curiosity. Make sure all the puppies exhibit these traits in the litter. It would be best to avoid puppies that are overly dominant with littermates or too shy.

You should also check some physical traits of the puppy you want. Make sure your puppy isn’t too fat or too skinny. Check the coat to ensure it is sleek and not dried out, which can indicate malnourishment. Perform a vision and hearing test to see if your puppy reacts appropriately. After this, briefly check your eyes, ears, gums, and teeth. You should also check breathing, gait, and how the puppy controls its jaw.

Are you a golden doodle breeder and want your kennel to be listed here? Please contact me!

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Goldendoodles breeders in the US
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