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Pitbull Puppies

A Pitbull is considered one of the most loyal dog breeds. Treat them well, and they will grow to become one of the most loving, affectionate, and protective dog you can have. They are not just easy to care for, but their happy disposition makes them a perfect family dog. But you have to make sure that you are getting them from the right source or reputable breeders.

Pitbull Puppies
Where do I get a Pitbull puppy?

The American Pit Bull Terrier also referred to as the “pit bull,” is a dog breed developed between 1830 and 1900. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has registered approximately one million pit bulls to its studbook. The breed’s origin is not clear; various theories suggest that it originated either in England or in the United States – these two theories are considered more credible nowadays.

The history of pit bulls began with baiting dogs used for bear, bull, and horse-baiting until those sports were banned in 1835 (in England, Wales, and Scotland). These fights were called “pit matches” or “bull-and-terriers.” After the matches were banned, some people started to use these dogs for rat-catching. In the early 1860s, dogfighting was introduced to America, and it quickly became popular. The pit bull was used in such cases because of its strength, tenacity, and courage.

The breed was developed for hunting, catching prey, and baiting bulls. Later on, these dogs were used to help their owners in the farm work. However, because of their aggressive nature, they are often outlawed or controlled in some regions. Pit bulls are also victims of abuse, but this only makes them even more dangerous when they get to meet strangers. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with this type of dog before bringing one home either as a pet or letting it outside alone.

Where do I get a Pitbull puppy? What are the reputable breeders in the US?

There are trusted breeders of Pitbull in the US

Knowing the features of reputable pitbull breeders can also help ensure that you are getting a healthy and well-bred dog. Let’s discuss some of them below!

Dark Dynasty K9s

Located in New Hampshire and started breeding Pitbulls 17 years ago. In 2015, they became popular because of the pit bull named Hulk, who weighs over 170 pounds at 17 months old. He is rapidly growing at such a rate that news outlets made him an online sensation.

Dark Dynasty K9s specializes in training and protection services.

They currently have five active branches, have dog training equipment, collars, leads, harnesses, and apparel. Dark Dynasty K9s have a presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Bossy Pitbull Kennels

They are located in California, and they specialize in breeding wide XXL Pitbull. They have world-famous bloodlines with champion litter.

Their Pitbull pups can cost between $8K to $25K depending on the litter pick.

Bossy Pitbull Kennels is United Kennel Club registered and has a great reputation in bringing their clients with completely healthy, and dogs without medical or genetic conditions.

Monster Bully Kennels

Located in Oregon, Monster Bully Kennels is a breeder of XXL Pitbulls. They are not just popular because of the high-end breed they sell but also because of their dog’s presence in magazine covers, news articles, and more.

They sell their Pitbull pups to NFL and NBA players, politicians, and MMA fighters because they make sure that their Pitbulls are top of the line and no genetic or medical condition that ails them.

Their pups are sold for tens of thousands of dollars to famous people, and they are not disappointed with their pick of the litter.

Monster Bully Kennels is found on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Incredibullz

They have locations in Holland, Texas, Portland, and Las Vegas and produce show-quality Pitbulls. Their dogs are all well-maintained, have a great temperament, are in premium health, and are considered beautiful. They have not been around like other Pitbull breeders, but continuously showing promise with their Pitbull breeding.

Real Deal Chocolates

This breeder is based in Florida and has years of experience in breeding Pitbull. They also do testing and training in their facility.

They are popular breeders and well-known because of how they produce only top-quality Pitbull.

All phases of the breeding are completely documented, and they made sure there is a perfect set of pups every time.

XXL Designer Pitbulls

Well-known and popular Pitbull breeder located in Coventry, Rhode Island. They have been breeding Pitbull for a long time and have countless happy clients.

They also have a huge following on Instagram, and the reason the demand for their Pitbull pups is huge.

XXL Designer Pitbulls breed Pitbull and make sure that they are healthy and perfect in every way. It is the reason their clients and customers refer them to other clients as well.

Breeders of Black and White Pitbulls in the US

In reality, there are many black and white pitbull breeders in the United States, but only a few of them stand out because of their high-quality dogs and their dedication to the breed. Here are three such breeders, all of whom are based in different parts of the country.

Joe Campo from New Jersey

Joe Campo is a well-known breeder who is based in New Jersey. He has been breeding pit bulls for over 25 years, and his dogs have won numerous awards both in the Us and abroad. Joe is particularly well-known for his champion line of American bulldogs, which he uses to produce some of the best Pitbulls in the world. He also breeds Staffordshire terriers, which are essentially the same dog, but with a different name. Joe Campo has his dogs registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC), considered one of the best kennel clubs in America.

Further, Joe is also the author of “The Original Dog Bible” which is a comprehensive guide to more than 200 breeds of dogs. The Dog Farm is home to more than 400 pit bulls, and it has been featured in many TV shows and documentaries. One thing that makes Joe Camp’s Dog Farm stand out from other breeders is that he does not sell puppies. He only gives them to people he knows and trusts.

Richard “Kudo” Couto from Florida

Richard Kudo Couto is another renowned breeder based in Florida. He mainly breeds dogs for performance and work, and he has been involved in training American pit bull terriers and Brazilian mastiffs for personal protection and police work. Richard’s kennels are widely respected by many people in the world of working dogs. He also offers consulting services to law enforcement officials when they need professional help dealing with dangerous dogs such as pit bulls.

John D. Johnson from California

John D. Johnson is a well-known breeder who is based in California. He has been breeding pit bulls for over 35 years, and his dogs have won numerous awards both in the US and internationally. John is particularly well-known for his champion line of American Staffordshire terriers, which he uses to produce some of the best Pitbulls in the world. He also breeds Bull Terriers, a different type of pitbull known for its unique appearance. John D. Johnson has his dogs registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), considered the most prestigious kennel club in America. He is also the founder of Johnson’s Kennels, one of the world’s largest Pitbull kennels. Most importantly, he has a good reputation for producing healthy, well-tempered, and sound dogs.

All three black and white pitbull breeders have received numerous requests from people who want to purchase their dogs. However, they typically only allow their dogs to go to owners who can prove that they are responsible people and take good care of them. The breeders also require potential buyers to fill out an application form before purchase. The most important qualities that a breeder should have are a love of the breed and a dedication to producing high-quality dogs. These three breeders meet these qualifications, and their dogs are some of the best in the world.

How is it having a Pitbull?

Having a Pitbull is just like having other dog breeds except that they are considered people-pleaser and a breed that has the most friendly disposition. If you let them in your life, they will melt your heart.

Once you welcome a Pitbull in your family, there is no way for you not to see how affectionate they really are and how they always want to be with their people.

They have a strong jaw cause they chew on things just like other dog breeds, and when they are bored.

Having a Pitbull in your life means you will get more exercise cause this breed requires their daily exercise, and they need to do something to keep them occupied.

Taking them on their daily walks will be a thing between you, your pup. Letting them use their energy by letting them roam and running around your backyard will be something that your Pitbull will look forward to.

If you intend to do something productive during your free time, you are assured of a furry company cause Pitbull always wants to be a part of the activity, and as long as they can see their humans, they will relax and feel comfortable.

How do I know if the Pitbull puppy is for me?

First-time dog owners will need to consider many factors before getting a Pitbull or any dog, for that matter. It is not something that you bring home, place it in your drawer and look at it when you feel like doing so.

Any dog requires time, patience, and love, so you need to be sure that you are ready to give all of that.

Ask yourself these questions if you are bringing home a pit bullpup.

Do you have time?

It may be a cliche but remember, a dog is a lifetime commitment, and time is what they need. You must have the time to train them and provide what they need, so they can grow as well-rounded dogs.

From the first time you bring your Pitbull pup home, there is potty training, exercise, feeding, playing, and grooming. Then there is finding the time to bring them to the vet for their regular check-up.

If time is what you don’t have, it may be smart to forego getting a Pitbull pup or any breed of dog for now.

Do you have the patience?

When things are not going as planned, like with their training and while living with them, you need to have patience.

Even if you have a professional to train your Pitbull pup, you will still have to continue training them at home to ensure they will comply with their training. When you have little patience to follow through with the training, it will show on their behavior later on.

When your Pitbull also shows hardheadedness and is not wanting to do what you asked them to, you must have the patience to keep on teaching them until you get the result that you are expecting.

Do you have previous exposure to any dog breed?

If this is your first time owning a dog, you may be overwhelmed if you pick a Pitbull for your first dog. They are an intelligent breed and know when their owners are not in control.

Their size is another thing since they will not remain a cuddly, cutesy little pup for long, but you will see them developing into a muscular and big-sized dog with much strength. Walking alone will require control because they are active and energetic, and a small child cannot control them.

Their owner must be able to control them, otherwise, it is going to be difficult to have a Pitbull as your first dog.

Can you handle a stubborn dog?

Pitbull can be stubborn at times, and they may want to have their own way, particularly when not trained correctly. Their owner must have a firm, and powerful personality to handle this breed.

They can be wonderful dogs and will be the baby of the family if they are trained and socialized to behave properly early on.

Pitbull must also understand that he’s not the leader of the pack, so an owner who knows how to control them is ideal.

Do you have the energy?

If you are not someone who loves to have their walk and daily exercise and are more fond of facing the TV all day, you may not be the perfect match for a Pitbull. This breed is highly energetic and would love to play with its owners, will chase and jump or run after a ball. You may find them with their endless energy, and their owner must be able to match that energy.

A Pitbull will not benefit from being stuck inside a cage or inside the house for too long cause they will start to feel uneasy since their energy is not being used up.

They must be able to use that energy by playing, running, or walking outside. Once a Pitbull gets bored, he will start to feel anxious and frustrated. Here is where the problem starts. He can even show nervousness and aggression cause his energy is not being dealt with, and this causes his boredom.

Do you have knowledge about this breed?

Before you purchase a Pitbull pup, make sure that you know more and understand this breed. You must know what they need and what will make them live a happy and healthy life. It is not enough that you feed them and give them a comfy cushion to sleep in, they also need their socialization, training, and other crucial activities to ensure that they will develop into a well-behaved Pitbull.

They also need exposure, and this is where socialization is crucial, cause without it, they can be aggressive with other dogs and other animals.

Keeping them inside the cage or inside the house and not exposing them to their surrounding is like asking for trouble.

Ensure that you know what you are getting to in the first place when you get a Pitbull puppy so you will both live a peaceful and happy life together.

Are you ready for the negative perception of this breed?

You will find other dog owners not wanting to socialize with your dog just because of his breed. Are you ready for such a reaction from other people?

Are you ready for the side glances and stares from other people while you walk your Pitbull pup? Some may not have the correct notion about this breed and may show apprehension at the sight of your dog. Other people may also have a stronger, meaner reaction to the breed, so as long as you are willing to face all of that, you may well be ready to own one.

What to think about when getting Pitbull puppies?

Before you make the final decision, you should acknowledge the above question first, and lastly, ask yourself if you can afford a Pitbull cause the expenses will not stop from the time you purchase them. It is a lifelong expense and cost that you must consider.

From the initial investment,

Consider the cost of your Pitbull pup. We all know that they are an expensive breed. You will get them from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the breeder.

The more popular or well-known the breeder, the more expensive your pup will be.

Food and treats

You will not be feeding your pup with table food or any food scrap, and you want to make sure they are getting a healthy diet. It can cost you a few hundred dollars to feed them with high-quality food. You will also include the cost of the treats in your computation.

Toys and Chews

It is an important item in your dog’s growth and development. They need toys that will help stimulate their mind and indulge them. It will also lessen their boredom if they have toys to play with. You must also invest in healthy chew toys that are perfect for this breed and will not unravel at the first bite.


A cozy and comfortable bed is what your Pitbull requires. It will ensure that they will not feel cold and will sleep through the night. Some beds are pricier than others, and it will just depend on what you will choose for your beloved Pitbull pup.


You need this when walking your dog, and a leash plus a collar is an important item on the list of must-haves for your pup. A high-quality collar and leash are what you should look for and, of course, they must be durable. Remember, you will walk a strong and energetic dog, best to have the best brand that is reliable.


Although a Pitbull requires less grooming because they don’t have a thick coat, they still need a visit to the groomer now and then. They need toe clipping, ear cleaning, and more.

Routine veterinary care

Even if you see your dog highly energetic and not showing any sign of illness, a routine checkup with their vet is ideal. It will ensure that your dog is well, and you will prevent any illness before it even starts. It is not cheap to have a vet check-up, and you are not doing it once a year. Still, this should not be skipped on your to-do list cause you are preventing future problems by doing so.

Supplements and medications

Your dog’s vet may prescribe some supplements for your dog, and there may be some medications that your pup will require during his lifetime, and here, you must also have a budget. Preventive medication is likewise important, such as anti-tick and flea medication and heartworm meds. Some vets also recommended vitamins in case your puppy will need them.

Training and obedience class

It is the most crucial requirement that your dog undergoes and a very smart investment for you. You will have a well-behaved dog that is well-trained and socialized. Although this may cost you and some training centers are expensive, this is a necessary investment.

Emergencies and other expenses

The unexpected may happen, and, as a pup owner, there is a high possibility for this to happen. If your Pitbull pup has unplanned expenses or emergencies, you need to be ready. Have some money save up for such and be prepared at all times.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Pitbull


  • Pitbulls are goofy, and they can be a loving and affectionate companion for the entire family with early training and socialization.
  • Highly intelligent breed
  • Pitbulls are very sweet
  • They are people-pleaser
  • This breed is athletic and energetic and perfect for someone who loves to exercise.
  • Pitbull is a beautiful breed.
  • They will love their family, and they are very loyal.
  • They require less grooming.


  • They have a powerful jaw, and the reason they can have a nasty bite.
  • They are the most misunderstood and discriminated breed
  • Pitbulls are frequently stolen.
  • They can be unruly when unsupervised with other animals.
  • Pitbulls can be mischievous.
  • They require a lot of activities and exercise.

How much does it cost?

If you acquire a Pitbull puppy from a regular breeder, you can spend anywhere between $500 to $1000, but if you get them from well-known and popular breeders, expect to spend from as high as $20K to $50K.

They are the type of Pitbull that are guaranteed to have a champion line, no health defects, and a perfect temperament.

What you have to consider when looking for a Pitbull puppy

Check the breeder’s reputation.

The breeder must have a reputation for producing quality pups and not just after the quantity and the profit. You can reach out to other clients who have purchased a pup, before you. There are also clubs and networks that you can rely on for feedback or any advice on which breeder to trust.

The right breeder will also provide you with some references of his previous buyers and customers so you can check on what they have to say about the pups that the breeder is selling.

Visit the Facility

Once you have the right breeder, you must go there for a kennel visit, and from there, you will see if the pups are well-loved and in top condition.

Check the rest of the puppy and make sure that the breeder is not just showing you one puppy and hiding the rest. You need to see the rest of the litter if all are being taken care of, and the breeder is not just selling the healthiest one and hiding the rest.

Inspect the area where the pup is being kept

Make sure that the area is clean and there is enough ventilation that will ensure the health of the puppy. It should be well-lit, with toys that the pups are playing with and a clean source of drinking water.

Observe the Pitbull pups

The pups should be energetic and lively and not fearful and staying in the corner. It means you have an introverted puppy that may or may not outgrow its insecurities. They may also grow as a fearful adult, and will not be friendly.

Pick a pup that is eager and sociable, showing happiness to your presence. Do not pick a bossy or too shy pup, among the litter.

Carry the pup

See if the pup has healthy skin, and it must be clean, shiny, and smooth. You must not feel a protruding bone, which means they are not in the best of health, and if the pup is too light or frail.

Also, check if the pups are scratching as too much of it signals the presence of ticks and fleas.


Some Pitbull breeder may price their pups exorbitantly thinking that they are breeding an exotic dog but beware and ensure that the price corresponds with the pup.

You may find their pups, not of premium quality, and they are just overpricing the breed.

What differentiates a Pitbull from other dogs?

A Pitbull is considered an intelligent dog. They have a high average intelligence compared to other dog breeds.

Also, they do not have a high tolerance for other dogs, which makes them different from the rest of the dog breeds.

They are also a breed with great tenacity and somewhat have a persevering quality that if you train them to do something, they will even exceed expectations.

The Pitbull is the most misunderstood breed, and some cities and towns have banned them, and they are not allowed to be owned by anyone from someplace.

Pitbull owners may also face difficulty finding a place to rent or may be treated unfairly by their neighbors just because they own a Pitbull.

Also, the breed is being used in illegal dog-fighting operations, making them the most abused and incorrectly treated among the dog breeds.

Pitbull Puppies
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