Yorkie Puppies for Sale

When we think of Yorkie puppies, what do we envision? What do we see? The adorable big brown eyes against the yellow and black fur mixed coat. We might also think of short golden ears that stand straight up like a German Shepherd’s ears. We might envision their cute high pitched bark and their feisty determined personality.

What if you always wanted a cute puppy to surprise the family, friends, a close loved one, or yourself with? Now is a perfect opportunity to adopt Yorkie puppies!

Yorkie puppies for sale
Yorkie puppies for sale

What are Yorkshire terrier puppies like? Are they easy to train? Do they get along with other puppies? What is it like having a Yorkshire puppy? Are they right for me?

The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy-size version of the Terrier dog breed. They are brave dogs and can also be bossy at the same time. They have long silky black and golden fur.

Yorkshire terriers live a long time and are very loyal, lovable, funny, and playful types of dogs. They were originally bred as ratters for miners and mills before being known as Victorian lapdogs for women.

They can appear innocent and dainty at first but can show their determined and feisty personality afterward. It’s important to know if this type of dog breed is right for you and your family before adopting one.

How Do I Know If Yorkie Puppies are for Me?

Although they look cute, Yorkie puppies do require tons of training, care, and patience as they learn how to navigate this world. All puppies require lots of love and care, especially this type of dog breed.

Here are a couple of fun facts about Yorkshires. Hopefully, these few facts will help determine if Yorkies are right for you.

They will need a lot of attention. Yorkie terriers need special maintenance in terms of their coats. It’s not like most dogs’ fur and requires it to be brushed daily to avoid tangled hair.

They are one of those dog breeds that need a special kind of diet. Mixing soft and dry dog food keeps their teeth healthy and would need a type of dog food that is low in fat and high in nutrients.

Yorkie puppies can also have low blood sugar. It’s important to watch for dehydration. Most Yorkshire puppies grow out of this by 12 weeks.

Yorkie puppies don’t like the cold, and love to snuggle. These fun facts go hand-in-hand, as they naturally despise cold and wet weather, and like to be comfortable. Snow wouldn’t be a recommended environmental situation for these soft and comfy puppies.

They can be possessive over their toys and food like most dog breeds, and do require some patience. The first year can be tough, but being stern and firm in your voice and actions will help train them to be great pets.

How is it Having a Yorkie Puppy?

These small adorable 7-pound Yorkie puppies typically grow to 7-8 inches. Their fur is even hypoallergenic. Their fur is like human hair, and needs to be washed and trimmed on a regular basis or else it will grow longer than 2 feet!

These toy dogs are the type of little dogs with a big personality! They love city life and like to be watchdogs as well. Apartments and big city houses where there is a lot to view out the window is what they live for.

One important factor when training Yorkie puppies is to enforce positive reinforcement. They love to please their owners. Introduce new people slowly. When training a puppy, make a fun game out of it to pick up the trick you’re trying to teach them.

They come with tons of energy, so walking them and exercising with them including games and toys helps burn off their energy. Small puppy dates with other puppies will encourage them to socialize. They can live for 11-15 years.

What to Think About When Getting Yorkie Puppies

One thing to keep in mind when adopting a Yorkie is the correct timelines of the puppy and what they need at certain weeks of their youth. The important milestones include weeks 1-12, and weeks 12-16.

You won’t see your puppy until they are at least 12 weeks, but what things should a breeder do in order for you to adopt them?

One thing you can do before welcoming the puppy home is puppy-proofing your home. Make sure there is absolutely nothing the puppy can get into. It also isn’t a bad idea to start getting all the essential items for the puppy.

Some potential hazards include stairs, extension cords, plants, and more. A veterinarian can assist with this process. Some things to start purchasing are playpens, food bowls, baby fences, and more.

The breeder should have their shots done for parvo and distemper which is for parvovirus and other respiratory serious diseases around 8-9 weeks old.

Once the puppies are partially vaccinated, around 12 weeks they can start being adopted into their new families. They will need a second shot of both parvo and distemper around this time again, so look out for parasites in their stool and get physicals at the vet.

Where to Get Yorkie Puppies: Reputable Breeders Near You

yorkie dogs

The simplest way to adopt Yorkie puppies for sale is to first search for rescues that specialize in Yorkies near you. You can also look online such as sites like adoptapet.com.

There are also shelters and breeders that you can search for online, and many sites like adoptapet.com can help find these types of breeders.

What if it’s hard to find a purebred Yorkie? Yorkie mutts are also great dogs as well and mix well with Pomeranians and miniature poodles.

There are also various kinds of Yorkie puppies to look into including Teacup, Biewer, and Parti Yorkies if you have a difficult time finding a purebred Yorkshire terrier. These are some options.

It’s always recommended to rescue and save a life before thinking about adopting from a breeder, but if you would like to consider more than one option, purebred breeders can be hard to find and may require a long drive or travel.

Make sure the pure breeder does genetic testing to prove it is the dog they are selling, and also make sure the dog can be taken back if it isn’t a good match for your home, or else it goes to a shelter. Consider all factors before purchasing a pet.

How Much Does it Cost?

It will cost $600 on average to adopt it from a pure breeder. It costs more for various reasons, including the fact that it’s from a breeder and it’s a full purebred puppy which is hard to find.

The cost to adopt a Yorkshire terrier puppy is around $400, $200 less than traveling miles to find a pure breeder unless the pure breeder is near you.

It covers the expenses of taking care of the dog and preparation prior to adoption. Some dog breeders want to charge $800-$10,000 and some sites online can be scams, so be careful out on the internet and be careful where you decide to adopt any pet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yorkies

Just like any dog, Yorkie puppies for sale have lots of pros and cons. Here is a simple list of pros and cons to admire and to watch out for.

The Pros

They make excellent companion dogs. Yorkies are great for a wide range of age groups including seniors, families, and single individuals. They are also excellent for people with disabilities, medical problems, or mobility concerns.

Because of their size, apartment living and carrying your dog around makes it even easier. Apartments nowadays typically want pets that are smaller than 50-100 pounds, and these dogs barely weigh a thing! They make great lap dogs and also easy travel buddies.

This is a kind of breed that doesn’t require a lot of exercise. Walking around the cul de sac, the block, or even dog parks work perfectly for this breed. As long as they have lots of toys and hobbies at home to play with, but they still have tons of energy, and accidents are bound to happen regardless.

The Cons

Yorkies like to be around their breed only in the house and don’t like to share the attention with any other animals in the home. These little dogs with big personalities won’t be afraid to challenge a Great Dane or German Shepherd.

Yorkshires don’t like rough-housing. They like gentle touches and strokes, and prefer chase or fetch than tug-a-war or petting them too fast. Not every dog breed appreciates that. Children may not be best suited for this breed or will have to learn to be gentle or else they could get bit.

It takes a while to train this particular dog. Yorkie puppies for sale are cute and sweet but are very tough to train. They have a difficult time with potty training, but luckily can be trained with a litter box, grass mat, and more until they are fully ready to go potty outside.

What Differentiates a Yorkie Puppy from Other Dogs?

Most dogs like to chase cats, but Yorkies don’t want to chase cats as much. In fact, if you introduce a kitten and a puppy together at the same time, it could work out.

Although Yorkshire terriers like to be the only animal in the house, they can be trained to work with other animals as long as they’re young.

Most breeds work well and know how to work with younger kids, but this breed does better with older kids. Younger kids might pull on their ears or try to get them riled up, which could cause an accident.

Just like any small dog, Yorkshire terrier puppies like to bark a lot! Some training may go into that and they will eventually calm their tendency to bark down.

One fun fact about Yorkies is they like to sleep with blankets and pillows. Most dog breeds will pull the pillows and blankets right off, but Yorkies really enjoy the snuggle of a warm blanket.

They don’t shed very often and make great hypoallergenic dogs for people that are allergic to fur. It’s still good to brush their hair each day since their fur is more like human hair and requires more maintenance.

Yorkshires can develop many health problems including portosystemic shunt, Legg-calve-perthes, progressive retinal atrophy, and others like slipped kneecaps or gum disease. They are the type of breed to get check regularly and probably more frequently than some other breeds out there.


Yorkshire terrier puppies are unique and one-of-a-kind. They are usually “princess dogs” and are very pampered and well taken care of.

Their personality is like most small dogs, but also very different such as not wanting to chase cats as most dogs do.

There are many different places to adopt these dogs. It’s always advised to rescue, but whichever option suits you and your family the most is also what matters in the end.

When adopting these dogs, don’t forget about the vaccinations shots they require so they get to live a long and healthy life.

These dogs enjoy a smooth transition from the adoption process to their new home, so make sure to take some time to help them adjust, and try to be home with them as much as possible during their first week.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a few days off so your new puppy isn’t all alone in a new environment the first day in a kennel, it doesn’t suit these breeds too well that way.

Don’t overwhelm your puppy with new people outside the household during the first few weeks. Make sure they get fully comfortable in their own new environment and family before seeing other families and households.

These loyal dogs will stick by your side for up to 15 years, and may even be by your side longer than you expect. Once trained, they are one of the best dog breeds to have in your home, and will never leave your side.


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